Horse: Foal Throttle (WIP) (Demo Update 22-August-18)



UPDATE ON CHAPTER 2 PROGRESS: I’m going to have to stop writing for a little while (perhaps a few weeks). An old family friend passed away a few days ago.


I am so sorry to hear that. Sending good thoughts and warm wishes your way.


I’m so sorry to hear that, it always sucks to lose someone you care about. Take your time and come back when you’re ready to be silly again.


I had been observing this WIP for awhile now, but I understand. Life always comes first always say. Please take your time, and I hope for good things to come your way in the future. Stay safe, happy, and keep enjoying writing. Best of luck :wink:


Okay i have gotten annoyed at myself for having writers block and stuff, so i’ve just decided to blast britney spears and write anything that comes to mind.
i hope to put out an update later tonight (within a matter of hours) and get this over with.
after all, i can just edit out the bad parts later, right? :sunglasses::point_right:


Seems pretty hilarious! :joy: found one error


thanks for letting me know!!
it should be fixed now :+1:


Now there’s another story with a unique premise I can get behind.

Though there’s one thing about this that I don’t understand, what’s with certain characters poking fun at the MC for not dressing themself when the MC is, you know, a horse?

I’m no expert on horses, but I’m pretty sure horses can’t exactly put on saddles, or horseshoes, or bridles by themselves. Isn’t it like asking a dog to brush their own fur during shedding season?


Horses are sexy. :wink: let me date another horse if I’m a horse! Lol it’ll be fun!


@Misterian The MC is a horse. Correct. However, no one knows that Horse is, in fact, a horse. They all think that Horse is just an ordinary human.
I also didn’t specify that the clothes are saddles, horseshoes or bridles… just imagine a completely normal horse going around wearing a shirt and trousers and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how it’s meant to be :ok_hand:





That’s even weirder.

Granted, it’s the funny kind of weird, people who think a horse is a human, implying that they’ve never seen a horse before. No wonder the MC’s compatriots are adventurers, they’re starting their careers knowing that they needed to get out more


I think you misunderstood the conceit of the story. It’s not that the adventurers have never seen a horse, it’s that they think the horse MC is a human for comedy reasons.

It’s a farce, essentially.