Horse: Foal Throttle (WIP) (Demo Update 22-August-18)

Yooo I loveee this theme for a story!! Sounds super fun! The demo was pretty funny as well :joy::joy: please continue this magnificent story!

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I’m wheezing. This is the best thing I’ve come across in this forum today. :rofl:


A horse is a tall creature with four legs and a very long head, typically used for transport. I hope this has been an educational experience for you! :racehorse::two_hearts:


I’ll give the horse a swordfighting scene, just for you :+1:


Do we get to meet unicorns?


(Laughing hysterically) bite me.

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my darling @Hamza_Ali, that would be spoiler-ific :wink: but stick with me through to the end and who knows what could happen?

@matt_smith Horses don’t typically bite, but I’m sure they’ll make an exception just for you, my friend! You know, if you’re into that :grimacing:


Not to be the pessimist here but isn’t this technically zoophilia? I mean, horse MC… Human RO’s

But still, if we actually do meet unicorns THEN IM ALL IN

And I’m sincerely praying that we can become an unicorn :sparkles:


What if there’s a unicorn RO OMGGGGGGG??? sparkles! sparkles everywhere!!!


Well I plan to really have the RO’s just in love with MC and there won’t be anything that actually happens. It’ll just be apparent that they have a crush on you. If it really makes everyone uncomfortable I suppose I can just get rid of the romances.


Maybe provide an option?

Like, yeah zoophilia is…ew. The less said, the better.

But for some reason, the conceit of them not being able to tell you’re a horse? That’s just freakin’ hilarious to me for some reason???

It’s a bit like in BoJack Horseman when Princess Caroline is dating Vincent Adultman, who is very obviously three kids stacked on top of each other under a trench coat. I don’t know what it is about it, but I think it’s so hilarious when characters are completely blind to something so freaking obvious. It gets me! It gets my funny bone every time!

So maybe…like…just put in an option where the horse gets to actively rebuff all romances?

Personally, I’m still gonna play where the horse is pined after even though they’re completely emotionally unavailable (and also a horse), but I think it’d be a happy middleground.

All you’d have to do is a simple *if (romancerebuff = "yes") and you just cut out any of parts where people pine after the horse and voila!

For those who do not know the amazingness that is Vincent Adultman



I second this option

Should I incude romances in this game?

  • Yes
  • No

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I completely agree! But most games have a romance and I thought it might be a good opportunity for more ridiculous jokes.

I made a poll to see if people want the presence of a romance in the story at all. If the majority is “yes” then I’ll include it (with the option to opt out)

But still, nothing explicit happens and MC doesn’t actively pursue the RO


HORSES!! OH MAN I LOVE PLAYING DIFFERENT [GENDERLOCKED] MC! Tbh, this remind me very similar to that app, “My Horse Prince”. xD

I’m not sure if you mean literal or as a metaphor.


Unless RO is carrying a bucket of oats, then the race begins lol


Will you… be my owner?

Why not both? :wink:


Peter approaches Horse. He noticed how much Sophia had upset them with her earlier comment.

“Horse, are you okay?”

Horse continues grazing the grass (haha 420 #blazeit), too focused on the delicious taste to pay attention to Peter.

Peter, the gentle soul, says gently, “I can tell you’re heartbroken. I got you a gift to cheer you up, you don’t deserve that kind of treatment…”

He pulls out an apple from his pocket. Horse’s ears immediately perk up as their eyes zero in on the Holy Grail of all food. Immediately bursting into a gallop, Horse shows no signs of stopping as they barrel towards Peter, who is suddenly regretting his gesture.

“Uh, Horse… what are you- AAAAARGH!”

Peter turns and runs away, terrified beyond all reason.

The pursuit lasts until sundown, by which time the rest of the group has settled down to watchthe spectacle on the edge of the meadow in which Horse chases poor Peter around in circles still.


I think I died choking on my chips!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this WIP. Honestly, that app has traumatized me in so many ways that shouldnt even be possible.

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