Horror game(WIP, As well as title)

Hey guys

Ive completely abandoned my other story since I had a dead end with it. Sorry.

Anyways, with my examination done with, I can finally focus on CoG, and will try to publish at least one game before next year.

Ok, Im planning on a new story which is still under construction, and has not yet seen the light. Im going to tell the synopsis to give you guys the idea.

The story is played in a town in the middle of nowhere called Winter’s Oak, and a fair ammount of people live there. The MC returns to his hometown(this place) after 2 years of studying in the city. When the MC finally resides there again, they start to notice that the town is no longer like it was used to be. After some digging, MC finds out that a mysterious yet dangerous group of cult has been operating from within the dark. But it was already too late for the MC to escape that time.

The objective is to escape. Sounds simple, but its not. The cult members are skilled assassins which will try their best to off the people interrupting with their cause. And since you found out about them, you’ll be on their list.

I try to make the game as realistic as possible, such as power loss, the need for food and water, relationships with strangers are hard to develop, and other things. The tone will be mostly horror and suspense, but joy and comedy will be added here and there.(not too many though)

I hope Im not giving away too much until up to the point where the story won’t be as interesting as it should be. Mind my grammar mistakes here and there. I dont know when I will be done, but know that I will try my very best. Thank you for spending your time.

All ideas, feedbacks and critics allowed. :slight_smile:


Sup bro. Your concept is interesting, but I have some few questions. :+1:

Can you explain why?

Are you going to have ROs? If so, how many?

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I like the idea of managing your power and struggling to deal with strangers’ opinions of you.

I play horror tabletop, and the last session our characters just did not like each other at all. It added a whole new element to the survival.

but joy and comedy will be added here and there

Always important for horror and darker tones. Makes the horror hit harder.

After some digging, MC finds out that a mysterious yet dangerous group of cult has been operating from within the dark

What is this cult all about? Is it going to be a Lovecraftian horror or just a freaky cult doing things sans supernatural? Did it spring up in the two years MC was gone (which seems a little short for assassins), come in from somewhere else (if so, what brought them to this town?), or was it operating in the shadows and just became more public (why?).

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I cant explain why yet because it has something to do with the story. Dont wanna spoil it! Hope you understand.

As for ROs, there will be around 5 and counting. Though you wont get (too) erotic scenes that much.

Its just a freaky cult with a freaky cause. Dont wanna spoil it yet! Hope you understand :slight_smile:

I mean Ill try to update it from time to time and make it a little clearer.

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Sounds interesting. You might want to include other factors too…like can you try to fool the cult members into thinking your with them. Also it is great that you want to escape…but I hope you include other characters that you want to take with you. Maybe make the MC make hard choices, as perhaps he can’t escape with everyone…or he can try, but it is very difficult.

I am not a huge horror fan, but I like suspense, so if you can make it have multiple endings and have your relationships with other characters change based on your actions, I think that would be a real hit. Good luck!


I swear to god, this plot is somewhat similar to a movie that I can’t seem to remember right now. I’m not the greatest at these type of demo but I’m very interested!

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