Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Thank youuuuuu! It is that game,

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Yeah that is the one

I vaguely remember the details but it is a wip. The story goes like this, the MC’s sibling or friend is on trial for a crime that they claim they did not commit. So you go to a fairy village to find a way to save them. From there you can romance the person you travelled with, but they have a weird relationship with the fairy leader and is pregnant with their baby? The fairy leader’s brother / sister is also a RO that you can be intimate with. I think they have a festival going on when you arrive and you dance with them.
This is all I can remember about this story so sorry for my poor attempt :disappointed_relieved:.

Is it Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil?

This isn’t the one, but it’s another story I forgot about that I liked. Thank you for your time though :blush:

Ah, damn :sweat_smile:. I hope you can find what you’re searching for, then.

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I remember playing a game that was sort of like dooms day on demand, except that you play a demon/demoness and live under ground in like a bunker and reach the surface through a elevator.

Is it Humanity Extinction? Not sure about the demon part

No. It was like two years or so ago.

Paperpusher of the Inferno? it’s been a while since i played that, but that’s the only other i can think of

Nothing pops up when I search for it. I wonder if it got rewritten or something.

my mistake on the title:

The wip you described is indeed SoS: Mortal Coil. The scene with the fae and the archangel happens at the second half of the demo, near the end. If you remember there is a trial with Ramiel regarding the fate of his children?


I’ve seen a game similar in design like many choice of games management types. I don’t know the name just that it was viking or something theme. It was a management game as well. Please help me find it. I know this is just for choice of games stuff but i don’t know where to ask. If it bothers people im sorry.

Could you be talking about the Banner Saga?

No its context was like rebuilding or ruling your clan.

pinging @jasonstevanhill could this be your game? I forgot the name.

Fief? Maybe…but it wasn’t specifically Viking.


Was it this one, by any chance?

Hello, everyone! Do you know the name of the game where you play as one of the gods or angels. You and several others have a meeting, and figure out that there’s a problem on earth or something. So, all of you decide to descend to earth through some kind of a portal, but end up being scattered at different places. You, yourself end up in unfamiliar place, where a little girl notices you and invites you to her birthday party. At the end, her mom apologies to you and says that no one came to her birthday. That’s all I can remember.

P.s I’m not sure, but I think, before exiting the portal all of you disguise yourselves to look more like humans.