Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I remember playing a demo for a game about a magic city. There were multiple distinct races you could choose from like elf, human and iirc some type of big insect person, and each had dialogue/mechanical differences. I think you were a bodyguard escorting somebody for the first section, and then did some crimes for a gang like stealing from a library or something. Anyone recall the name? Thanks.

There was this game where you started going out with your boy/girl/best friend and then came someone to try and kill you and you could choose to run to a maze or to a mall but only the maze was ready and the friend died. Anyone know what became of it?

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That was the intro to Children of the Gods. The author, Rohie, killed the project back in February.


I’m not entirely sure, but maybe it could be… :thinking:

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uncannily similar to mine, but what they’re describing sounds as a whole pretty different tbh

Seems interesting, but unfortunately that’s not it. The setting was I think still pre-industrial.

Hey those anyone remember an old pc game (80’ish- 90’ish) where you played with ants?? No it was not simant, I remember that you even got snorkels to the ants so they could swim.

There was this game that I played where the mc has to solve a murder. The mc funds out it was cult killing and gets killed. Then we get a new mc who has to come to this town to solve the case. I think the game takes place in Scotland

Highlands, Deep Waters, it’s been released.


Hello everyone!
There is this W.I.P where the MC is a graveyard keeper who they inherited from their parents. They also hunts monster that roam in their city at night and i think the W.I.P has blood in it’s name.
I would be very grateful to those who are able to help me.
Sincerely C.

I think you’re looking for Blood Hunter: Crimson Oath!

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Thank You very much Moon-Bun! It is indeed the right W.I.P.

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There is a wip I played a while back where you and your 2 friends apprentice to the only wizard in the village and he was teaching all the kids how to use magic, 18 years later all the kids(including your friends) can now use magic except you. I also remember at the end of the demo your village gets attacked by orcs(I think?) if anyone one can help I’ll appreciate it :heart:

So it was a weird and surreal game and nothing really made sense except I remember there being a choice of throwing a cat at some girl’s face in a library, entering a cave and someone following you and then entering a strange world. Any ideas as to what it is?

Haha, that strange scene of throwing a cat at a girl’s face :sweat_smile:. I think is…

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That’s it! Thank you!

Hey everyone! I can’t remember the name of this WIP, it’s about MC forgetting their past and there’s a lot of bounty hunters trying to kill them. They have a guardian or something like that who’s an expert assassin and shows almost no emotion and doesn’t talk. There’s also a secret agent, an assassin with a robot and MC’S significant other.

Sounds like Second Chances

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I remember playing this work in progress where you can choose one of six different backgrounds to play as. one of them you play as an assassin known as stormclaw, and you work for the “king” because they are holding your family hostage. i have played it a few times yet i still cannot remember the name of it. some help would be greatly appreciated.

is War of the Gods?