Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Yes, that’s it, thank you.

Yes that’s it, thank you.


I need help finding a wip, it had a whole tumblr blog too (I followed it but it’s not popping up on my follows for some reason?) and I couldn’t find it on Dashingdon?

Anyways it’s basically a College wip, similar to the college tennis game, except it’s not about sports. The MC I believe comes from a more stricter family and has an older brother (Jason I think the name was? I know it starts with a J. But basically he was a dissapointment to the family, I can’t remember if he dropped out or not, and I think he was gay)-I do remember the brother loves the MC a lot.

At the beginning of the story, MC gets accepted into a very prestigious Ivy college, and their whole family starts celebrating and invites their neighbor (I think) but basically we get introduced to a rival to lovers RO who is already in that same college. MC’s mom was a big worrying person and the dad was very quiet and strict, the brother was much more friendly and jokey. The story moves on to the MC coming to the college, attending orientation, meets many new ROs, and you can also kinda get into a confrontation in the cafeteria with this music girl if you choose too. You also get introduced to your roommate with your parents slowly leaving and the demo ended there. The MC also attends the college through a scholarship which you can pick (there was four, academic, sports, music, volunteering I think). You can also pick your major (there was a ton of options). There was also customization for appearance, fashion sense, and allows you to choose what food you wanna eat in the cafeteria.

The title was like “the good” something (it was a bit long title) but basically it was kinda referencing that you either succeed or fail basically I think.

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Is it Get Good or Get Lost: University? Unfortunately it is on a permanent hiatus, and the demo on dashingdon is private.


Yes it is! Thank you for the help!

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Hey guys, i’ve been looking for 3 wips and can’t really remember their name.

  1. we were playing as a lich-like something, i remember the story starts with us waking up inside our tomb,and after leaving the catacombs we fight a paladin(?) In a castle(?), then we have the choice of sparing him (to his surprise) or just ending him

  2. in this one, we played as the clone of superhero, made by the villain and the first chapter was basically a training montage?

  3. finally, on the third one, we played as a magical girl kind-off? When the MC is a child they accept becoming a warrior for some fantasy creature wich i think was an angel, then we timeskip to the mc being pretty messed up due to years of doing the angel’s quests

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The first one is probably the Wight KIng (and the author also has a tumblr blog)


The second is The Last Laugh, it unfortunately seems like it’s abandoned.


Hello!! I’m looking for a completed game that I played way back in 2021 or so, I don’t even remember the plot, only a few key details. I think the MC is an orphan (? I’m not sure) or is otherwise unwanted, so they get recruited into this gang/band/established order of other kids around their age. They have to get a tattoo to be considered an official member or something. There are a ton of ROs that grow up alongside the MC. But I can only remember a few, and they were all named after a key characteristic. There’s this big older kid who is kinda the big brother of the group. A guy who has a card motif. A really smart kid. And a girl who’s involved in being a courtesan, I think her name was Darling? Sweetheart? Anyway, like I said I don’t even remember the plot, but there were a lot of guns, and negotiations, bombs, and the villain turned out to be a plot twist, if I remember correctly. Pls help me find this it’s been driving me crazyy

Is it, by any chance, The Lawless Ones?


It is! Omg thank you so much!

Third, i suppose - Heaven's Dog -- Eulogy To Who I Used To Be

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