Heaven's Dog -- Eulogy To Who I Used To Be

> You’re a magical knight who serves the collection of angels known as Heaven’s Manor, fighting against the Kingdom of Fear. There is anger in your heart, but there might also be love. There is fear under your skin, but there might also be courage.

Welcome to my first WIP in a very, very long time! Heaven’s Dog is a “Magical Girl” style story focused heavily on a protagonist who grew up as a magical knight, serving an organization known as Heaven’s Manor as they try to fight off the advancements of the Kingdom of Fear – a shadowy enemy they’ve come to understand, but never really to know.

Things change with the sudden death of one of their regular opponents, and the arrival of a mysterious figure . . . now there is nothing standing between the protagonist and the monumental task of facing their own fears, and healing their own heart.

Features a customizable magical knight protagonist, complicated relationships with two romance options, complicated relationships with three team members and hopefully not too much drama, but just the right amount of drama?

The prologue and act one are both up! I hope you can enjoy!

Link to the demo here: https://dashingdon.com/go/3364
Link to the associated development blog here: heavensdog.tumblr.com


startup line 89: Invalid create instruction, no value specified: iriman

cant start demo…

. . .D: Thank you for letting me know . . . . I’ll fix that really quick!

Okay, it should be good now! I’m really sorry about that!

act_one line 30: Non-existent variable ‘iri’

I’m sorry, I rushed more than I thought I had to post it – fixed! Thank you!

nah…its ok , finding these errors help you .

Thank you for your kind words! (I caught another so it’s really fixed now! @_@)

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keep getting this error : act_one line 30: Non-existent variable ‘iri’

Okay, fixed again – that should be the last one. There are only so many pronouns in that paragraph. Next chapter I’ll definitely do pronouns as I go instead of using placeholders. Thank you for your patience!

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nope…the error is still showing …

I wanna know what happen next! this is better then Netflixxxxxxxxx LOL

its uh…when you get the choice during the ‘now time’ …between ‘wanna be better’ or ‘‘stew on it’’ .

oh wait…here the error: act_one line 30: Non-existent variable ‘xir’

Okay! I got it for sure this time (I think)

And thank you, that’s really nice ;a; I’m glad the story is engaging!

I,m sucker for these WIP…I’m still hoping one day someone will create a device…where author just chill out and dream their stories and peoples can watch it on a screen…and I finally get forever locked in a computer :sweat_smile:

and yes…its working now! Woot! :grin:


Haha, that sounds like a dangerous device. . . . but I know what you mean!! I love seeing all the things people come up with, and am anxiously awaiting when certain projects are published completely so I can throw my money at them. . . like a responsible adult. . . .

we are responsible adulte…we can still dream…we can still imagine…wonder…enjoy stuff…

we are feeding our inner child…

could be worse .

And I mean, we’re patronizing the arts! That’s important for the flourishing of society, right? :smiley:

the day we stop dreaming is the day you die…

and now…I got this error : act_one line 40: Non-existent variable ‘coat’

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kicks myself Fixed that one!

And wise words . . .dreams are really what keep us going. . . . !

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A little error that happens if you hit restart

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