Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

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I feel like I’m using y mind, for the life of me I can’t find it, and I wonder if it was removed.

You play as a ballerina, dancer, or some kind of peformer, I remember it as being unique-you only play as a woman, you could play as a lesbian or a trans girl.

I don’t think it was WIP, as I remember being it directly on the website, not sure if hosted or the main one.

Just a guess, but are you thinking of A Player’s heart? It’s on hearts choice.

Yes, thank you OMG.

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Did you find out what happened to it? I couldn’t find the tumblr page and only the dashingdon version exists. Was it dropped?

It was unfortunately dropped, completed deleted from the forum’s :ghost::face_exhaling::sweat_smile:

There was a game where you are fused with a creature, you are accompanied by a ‘handler’. I believe you killed your original handler. I remember you stay in a hotel and someone downstairs will harass you.

I don’t remember much else, but I remember enjoying it. It’s possible it moved to twine.

You might be looking for Virtue’s End, which wasn’t moved to Twine but the original demo has been rewritten and will no longer be updated


yes! thank you, thank you.


ello idk if i just dreamt this but it felt like i read this somewhere or like something similar to this.

you live with three other people on this remote island and you all live in this kinda light house style where you are sorta separated to the other houses but not entirely since there is still a road bikes and cars can go to to get to the house. so these three other people, you can build like romance with them but there is this time skip where you are going back home for something since you moved away from there and saw ur friend’s body washed up near the house and saw that its them because of the tattoo and like the next few days i think you also see the rest of ur friend’s body on the same place.

so now you feel obligated to investigate how they end up dying and where there body came from after all these years. so the romance is done in like a flash back to the past form where you spend time with those three people and like who you romance can affect the present time in tiny or maybe big ways like some spots on the old house envoking memories and such

i had this exact dream for three times now and idk if my head is just messing with me or its because ive read this from somewhere so if it is just from a dream, so sorry for the trouble lmao


Woah sound very interisting
But you know what more interisting?
The fact that you can remember the dream meaning that you has a memory where you played the game.


Soo the start if this story where we are sort of evil being where we fighting someone? I forgot but then they kill us and there a choice where we can kiss them, after that we alive again after a few hundred year maybe? We get into some experiment thing and our lived it get connected to a child ( if the child die we die) and then we meet some mage woman? And escape.

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Is this it? Fell Star (WIP) [Updated 04/03/2022]


Yes that right! Thank you so much!
Umm i want also asking another story is there any story where we lives in fantasy world? And mediaval era? You know fantasy thing…like magic,dragon or dwarf thing is real. Uhh i know i am asking to much question because i am still new soo i dont known any good storiest :sweat_smile:

Here’s one Wayfarer by Idrelle Games

Ehhmm uhm can anyone tell me there this wip wherein people develop powers and there’s this person u can romance who also has powers but will manifest only recently just like mc and i think he’s name is Alexander? Thou im not sure but im dyin to replay the demo again :sob::pray::face_holding_back_tears:

There is a wip that you play a detective whise called the ripper and you were betrayed by one of your closest allies. You mom also killed your dad and you have hallucinations. Anyone remember what it was called?

Hollowed Minds

I can’t remember the name of this wip where we play as a fallen angel after have been expelled from paradise because of Lilith. We own a bar in the mortal world and have a bodyguard named Camus or something like that.

I believe this is what you were looking for

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