[Heroes Rise/VERSUS] Protagonist Battle: Atom Hero VS Ani Hero VS Versus Protagonist (Spoilers!)

Heyia all! I’ve been re-reading the Sergiverse books and the thought occurred to me after finishing it all…in a battle between these three characters, who do you think would win?

We’re assuming, of course, that they’re all at full power! I personally reached the conclusion that the VERSUS PC would probably win? With their whole Copy ability, they could potentially harness the Powers from the other two Heroes. That is, of course, without needing to mention the abilities that they already harnessed during their trials on VERSUS and beyond.

Still, I ponder this question due to how volatile their powers are! The battle could go either way! I can see different scenarios in which each character wins…though I do believe the VERSUS PC has the edge overall!

Who do you think would win?


So, i like the concept of this question; but if we’re talking logically it would be the atom hero in the original rise series.

And the fact is this! Guy with enough effort could level the planet. :person_shrugging: That is just how nuts that power actually is; remember everything is made with atoms…including the other two characters.


Are u forgetting that the original hero in hero rise is a walking bomb that could erase anything with little effort. Heck they beat the closest thing to a god in their world.


Maybe I’m wrong, which is probably likely since i haven’t read the original trilogy in years. But i thought Black Magic was more powerful than the MC in those games??

Black Magic is more versatile, but she needs an external power source to be impressive.

The MC is so powerful that overuse of that power might even kill the MC, which seems to be common if not universal feature of Infinites.

Whether the MC chooses to embrace their full power and risk the side effects, restrain themselves to avoid the risk, or seek a happy medium of controlled risk is a plot point in the third game.


It even shows this in the first game when u found out her secret. This makes her reliant on others for power so this knocks down her down being the strongest.

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The second hero in hero rose is a wild card. Their transformation could be good or bad so it’s depends on luck every day. Sure they can train to try and control it but they will still have a hard time.

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I personally hated playing as the second hero in the series. Mind you, they had their moments but by and large, i found the redemption series lacked the magic of the original.

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Actually the three are supposed to be at full power, so the animal shifter hero would presumably at the “can transform to gain any animal ability they want when they want” like they achieved at the end of their trilogy.

So for this hypothetical fight they’d be able to fly like a peregrine falcon while giving out pistol shrimp punches.

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while i hate to disagree with Kirumotep i am going to have to, while the Prot of Versus does have the ability to copy the other 2 he would lack the knowledge & understanding of said power to utilize them effectively, and while the Redemption Protagonist was just starting their hero career the original Heroes Rise Prot was already an experienced Veteran in the Hero world, so my money is on the original Heroes Rise Protagonist.

While that would hold true for the shapeshifting powers of the Redemption Protagonist, I don’t see why the Redemption Protagonist’s powers would be a difficulty for the Versus Protagonist.

Redemption Protagonist- Energy powers (via atomic control) and gravity manipulation.

Versus Protagonist- Has a good chance of having extensive experience with energy powers already, from gods to robots, and as for gravity manipulation that’s a major part of his world’s technology, including the power suit they end up magically fused with.

If anything I’d assume the problem would be that Versus protag’s mimicry doesn’t seem to be as powerful as the originals, so the issue would be even after copying the powers he might have lower power levels.

Maybe not the ending in which one merges with the Guardian, since the Guardian seems rather god-like in power.

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This isn’t a fair fight the Versus MC stomps hard. Not only have they gotten powers from actual gods, they also have way more combat experience and much more versatile arsenal. While the Atom hero could put up a fight, they can’t go all out without risking their sanity and the Ani hero just has no chance.

Not really. If i remember correctly, in the third game of the first heroes rise trilogy, the MC gains full control of their powers. To a point where all usage of their power barely places any strain on them. Hell, i think if you used an MC that constantly went all out, their output and control seemed more insane. So the first trilogy MC could probably take out a good chunk of a planet, if not the planet itself, alone.

The Versian has military experience, true. Would definitely take out the first MC if it came to combat without powers. Otherwise, unless the versian can pull off a full absorb in their fight, which requires touch (correct me if im wrong), first MC can stay out of the reach of the versian and just toy with them. Im considering this even with all the weapons they have at their disposal.

Second MC tho. I put them on the losing side against either protagonist.

In the sequel if you load a character from the hero rise trilogy, you have to pick how you’ve been using your powers. The result of using more of those planet busting powers is lower sense of control and sanity, you of course have the ability to find a balance as well. But even giving them unless they decide to to simply drop a nuke on the Versian MC from long range, something that simply wouldn’t work, I can’t see him winning. Also staying out the reach of any MC isn’t an option, they all can fly and the Versian MC is fast enough to keep up as well.