Helpless Humanity (WIP) (Minor Update 7/23)



Well, you can shoot yourself but of course it would be end of game.


Game over, man! Game over! :fearful:

Hope to see some undead shuffle the deck soon. :grin:


From someone who lives in New York State its fricken cold and you better hope you have a large food cache that won’t go bad during months of winter of course people who live around hear can wear a sweat shirt and jean and be outside in like below 20 and be fine. Should be an option to be from a redneck area that would be great


Or just be a canadian.


explain why Canadian would be an advantage I am just curious because even if I live 1 hour from there I have never met a Canadian for an extended period of time


Have you ever heard of a canadian winter?


I live 1 hour from the area in Canada where everyone live which is close to the border because the rest is tundra so the temp is usually very similar and people around here walk around in sweatshirts and jeans in temps that are freezing


Well I live in northern canada and I can confirm it is much colder up here than in america. In winter, -10 is a good day.


You are made for survival.


Why is that region populated how high does the snow go when.i was born (this is an extreme but not uncommon) the snow made it to my upper chest I mean fully grown me at 6.5


It is pretty common to see high snow piles, in the later months id say some places go up to at least 5 and a half feet.


This I like, I’m going to watch out for this. Dang I can already imagine my character’s background. MC is a solo flight soldier/criminal, although it is kinda lonely, there are a lot of advantages.


Seriously why do people live there


I live in Florida and I can say, 120*F is a good day. :tongue:

This sounds like fun, can't wait! :smiley:


I like the little progress list helps with my impatience towards pretty much everything


Any chance of character previews?

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