Helpless Humanity (WIP) (Minor Update 7/23)



Days after a zombie plague has wiped out 50 percent of population, you and the other survivors start searching for safe home.

  • You can be a police officer, a doctor, a criminal or a mechanic.
  • You can be the leader of community or go solo.
  • You can be a leader or a soldier.
  • You can be the bad guy and make a war with the other groups.
  • You can be male or female.
  • You can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or asexual.
  • You can die.

Progress (7/23)
Chapter 1 (40%)
Stats screen (100%)
Characters (100%)
Story (100%)


This sounds like a good concept to do for a zombie story. And it almost has that The Walking Dead feel to it, not sure if that’s your intention but it has my interest now.


Well, there are a lot of games, movies, shows about zombie apocalypse and I love all of them. I will try to make a good game where your choices really do matter and has so many different endings.


It sounds interesting! I’m a sucker for apocalypse/survivor games.

Is there a set location this takes place or do we get to have a choice in regards to where we start?


You mean country/city? Game takes place in New York.


I meant more like whether it starts in a city or maybe even a small town/countryside. (Sorry if I had worded my question weirdly!)

But, New York is certainly new! I can’t deny that I’m excited to see how that plays out. Especially since it’s a real location rather than a nondescript, fictional place.


Sounds good can we be like lee as well as a criminal we killed someone


Yes. But of course some people will not like you for that


I absolutely love these zombie apocalypse games. Can’t wait to try it out.


I love everything about zombie apocalypse. That’s why I chose this content for the game.


Well I am going solo and being a soldier


Brave choice. I could never go solo :smiley: it’s dangerous and boring at the same time.


you can play solo eh?, thats cool


Well I am a hardcore guy that’s why lol


I want to take an entire city and surrounding area and create a democratic city state have a walled city and basically have a bastion of humanity and safety hopefully there will be enough farm land to get enough food


So what kind of zombies? Normal slow moving walking dead zombies, which im hoping for, 28 days later gotta go fast zombies? Or a mix like dead island?


Normal slow walking zombies.


I love zombie games so much. Looking forward to it!


Can MC give up and suicide? :smiley:


I always wanted to go solo in zombie games. I’m so glad we have option :blush: