Help with "I, Cyborg"

How do you get the play the field and bad influence achievements. Ive been trying to hook up with sphinx but i just dont know how.

I got it from having a good rel with her and encouraging a life of crime

I got it by going to bed with her

Which achievement? :confused:

Bad influence. (20 chara)

Think playing the field is if you romance them all

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“Playing field” it seems not possible to get in single playthrough. Just sleep with Marley, Quillon, Ypsilanti, Sphinx and REGN/BOGN.

To hook up with Sphinx, which gives “bad influence”, hold to one line of behavior: either encourage her to be a criminal or get a legit job and choose job offer according to that, also treating her as equal helps (giving fair cut when job done), I think.


When do you sleep with her is itc c becuase im trying but i she always just says Nah and removes my hand

If you do it all right(as I wrote above) she won’t push you, if she do, you made controversial choices.
For me saying what I never do gunrunning, asking about her name, saying I’m just a man, trying to get by, selecting Helen’s job offer, then when arriving on Onkebend’s station choosing that she’ll be all right, then distracting Marley from her with hacking, giving her fair payment cut, as professionals do, helped get me her heart so to say. :grin:

For me… first i ask her to do legal pilot job, gain “mentor” achievement , then i chose the option of she is so into me… but before that, i went to Quillon and help her settle the gambing debts , then gave her all money from the weapon shipment

There are two reasons the Sphinx will turn you down if you make a move.

  1. S/he’s hungry and broke. If s/he’s still hungry when you make a move, s/he’ll be too miserable to respond. If s/he doesn’t find dinner on his/her own (it can happen), buy him/her some.

  2. S/he just isn’t that into you - in game terms, Relationship: Sphinx is below 35. Anything that’ll impress him/her - succeeding at the tests to get him/her out of the Roost, succeeding at missions on the various branches - builds Relationship: Sphinx. (It actually doesn’t matter what you’ve advised him/her to do with his/her life.)


how to steal the ypsilanti ship😵 everytime i try i fail to do steal it

How to win the championship??? I am broke for betting all my money.

[spoiler]Be nice to kooi and her workers…

  1. Show off your Skills (pilot) when you first get there.
  2. Help the mechanic after she crashed into tools and parts.(don’t worry take your time)
  3. Let kooi keep the extra money as a bonus for finishing early.
  4. Thank kooi like you mean it

(And it helps if you are heart of gold or close to it)[/spoiler]

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How romance marley ?
Thanks you !

Need to care for others instead of yourself.
‘Heart of gold’ needs to be more than 50. The more the better.
And I always fail to do it. So she turns me down every time I make a move on her.
***Also there a relationship requirements. More than 30 maybe.

I have good stats but i also fail …
My relationship was 61
Heart of gold 58
Must choose bad choices…

Those stats should be high enough. Are you doing this?

When you’re on the run with the Sphinx, choose to take the job Frank/Helen Onbekend offers you. You’ll run into Marley on the space station. (If you choose to take contraband to the station to sell, this can annoy Marley and hurt your relationship. If you have a great relationship, you can still start a romance; if you think you might not have a high enough relationship, it’s better to pass up the chance to make extra money and prioritize your relationship with the Onbekends.)

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Just like @TracyCanfield said you could start spend a night with Marley and trigger the romance if you take the job with her uncle when accompanying Sphinx in the run , just tell her you want to settle down with her

I didn’t get the option to settle down with her. Am I still missing something???