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I wanna create an elaborate world that will fit into my story but I’m not sure on the best way to do that and if I use a glossary to do it how do I cod e that into the game.


You can add a section dedicated entirely to lore in your Stats Screen.


The infodumps are best handled with choices in choicescript_stats. Something like:

*label stats
  # Check Game Info
    *goto info
  # Check Glossary
    *goto glossary
*label info
  # Check Stats
    *goto stats
  # Check Glossary
    *goto glossary
*label glossary
  # Check Stats
    *goto stats
  # Check Game Info
    *goto info

Of course, you can divide it up into as many sections as you need since that makes reading it easier.


I did something similar in my game:

If you want to see the code for the choicescript_stats file, it’s:


Havenstone has some of the best lore.

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