Link to a glossary for my "made-up" words

I was wondering if there was a way that I could create a link separate from my stats screen for a glossary of sorts. I’ve seen it done in other choicescript novels, but I don’t know how to do it.

I have a fantasy language that I sometimes refer to in my story, and just wanted to put some of the most common “Yidian” words into something like a dictionary that readers could refer to, if they’re confused about what a word means.

Sorry if a question like this was already posted. I couldn’t find one, so I made this a new topic.

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I’ve seen stats screens with more than one section in them (Personality, Physical Stats, Codex, etc). You might be able to have a Yidian Dictionary section in your stats screen, but you’d need to ask someone who’s done multisection stats screens how to do that.

I’m okay with having the link inside the stats screen, just not actually a part of it, if that makes sense.

Let me check the Works In Progress section. I know at least one of them had a branching stat screen that you can ask the author how they made. Be right back.

“The Nebula” has one of the things I mentioned. There are a bunch of bullet points at the bottom that let you navigate to other screens.

Hello sid,
on the choice of games website under “make your own game” there is a section for customizing your stat screen including multiple screens :

Basic you use the *choice command for them to select other screens eg:

    #other screen
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Link, as in a URL? If you want a URL in CS you’d be looking at the *link command, which you’d use like so:


If you just want another screen, then you can create a *choice like Sinj showed above.

How long is the glossary you’re planning to include? You might not need to use an external link at all; ChoiceScript can handle huge pages without much difficulty. It might also be inconvenient for players who have slow or nonexistent Internet connections, or just don’t want to keep referring to the site to look up new words when they could have the glossary within the game itself.

If you do want to use a website, you could create a page for your game on the ChoiceScriptDev Wikia and add it there, or perhaps on your game’s main thread. However, if you want to use multiple pages for the stats screen, it’s pretty easy. This is how I did it:

*label stats Blah blah blah *line_break *line_break *label screen Which page would you like to see? *choice #Stats. *goto stats #Glossary. *goto glossary *label glossary Blah blah blah, but in Yidian *line_break *line_break *goto screen

I recommend labeling the options screen, so you don’t have to copy and paste it at the end of each page, and using a couple of *line_breaks before it to make it look neater. And if you want the choice for a page hidden until a certain point or achievement, you can do it the same way as in the main game:

*if did_something #Yet another page. *goto another_page *label another_page Another blah blah blah *line_break *line_break *goto screen

And good luck with your game!


Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for! :smile:

You can get even in more depth with the code hiding some entries from view until they are unlocked.


*label Additional_Info
 #Additional information
  *goto ADD_I

*label ADD_I

  *goto animal
 *if ((ismu) and (job = "Mage"))
  #Known Mage Spells
   *goto mage
 *if (job = "Ranger")
  #Known Ranger Blessings
   *goto ranger
 *if (job = "Shadow")
  #Known Shadow Blessings
   *goto shadow
 *selectable_if (map) #World Map
  *image map.png center
  *goto ADD_I
 #World Lore
  *goto Lore

I don’t know if I want to go that in-depth with it, but I do appreciative the heads up. I might play around with it a little, if for no other reason than to get better with choicescript.