Is there any way to prompt the player to check the stats screen in-game?

Hi there, this may be a simple question but searching through the forums hasn’t revealed anything. Say I have a codex or glossary within my stats screen/choicescript_stats file. If, at some point in the story, I ask if the player wants to check their codex, is there anyway to direct them to a different scene with *goto?


Would you like to check your codex now?
*goto codex
*goto restofstory

Again, the codex is in the stats screen file/scene, not the current scene, so *goto doesn’t recognize its label. Is there a solution around this, other than copy-pasting the entire codex into the current scene I’m writing?

Thank you for your help!

Hmm… it’s quite tricky.
I never tried the suggestion I’ll propose you, but might work to try it out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So, you might want to put your codex on an individual scene (let’s say it’s codex.txt)
Have a choice that leads to the codex.txt as you said before
In the stats screen, put a choice that leads to the codex.txt

You see, the codex.txt is outside of the stats screen and the primary game files. IDK whether it’ll work or not, especially if you can leave the stats screen without clicking the conventional [stats screen] button.

Sure, it’s possible. I have an in-game internet in my game that I keep on the stat screen. It’s the same as any other goto_scene; just use goto_scene choicescript_stats codex, (codex being the label above your codex section) then use a *return to get back. Be aware that going to another scene and back, including the stat screen, will reset any choices greyed out by disable_reuse, so be cautious using that at any point where a player can revisit any of those kind of choices.


@Sashira did you mean *gosub_scene?


Thank you everyone! :slight_smile: Making the codex its own scene was much simpler, thanks for all the help!!!

Either way works, I guess. Of course with different interaction for each.

Oops, yes. If you’re using a *return, that is actually the command, not goto_scene. :sweat_smile:

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