Does anyone know how to add another stats page?


I want to add a button for a glossary but I’m not sure how to do that. I looked through the wiki but I didn’t find anything there.


The easiest way of doing it is to put a choice on the stat page and a label.

*label main_menu
  #My stats.
    *goto stats

    *goto glossary

*label stats
  text var1
  text var2

*goto main_menu

*label glossary

blah blah blah

*goto main_menu


I was ninjad lol


there used to be a way with having an extra button next to show stats but with the new choicescript there were some issues (it also can’t be used for hosted games/cog iirc).

My way above does work and I use it in Unnatural.


As Nocturnal said, if you’re talking about adding a third button beside Show Stats and Restart, that is deemed unadvisable, as dfabulich won’t be able integrate your game like the others on certain systems

Here’s the source for that:



Thanks! I knew there was a source. but couldn’t remember where I read it.


Oh okay…so since it doesn’t work with Kindle or iOS, should I not incorporate it at all? Or is there another more compatible way to do it?


The most acceptable way I know to do a glossary is through the choicescript_stats.txt file. It’s absolutely no big deal there, and I know I might end up reading it.

As for buttons - nope. Probably no more buttons.


Ah okay:P thanks, guys!


Set it up like i did in my above example. (check Unnatural for a working example.)


I will- thanks!


You can even use *if commands to determine what you can see.

  #My Stats.

  *if (team)
    #Team stats.


Awesome, that’s good to know. Thanks again.


You’re welcome.