Multiple screens on stats screen

Hello there everyone.

I’ve been through the wiki and the forum searching for a way to do this. I saw it in Sabers of Infinity, for example, and i would normally check into the code to see how it is done, but i’ve also forgotten how to do it(if someone knows, it would be appreciated).

I also saw a couple of posts about this kind of thing, but they said that it wouldnt be doable for a game that seeks to be published.

So, anyway, is there an easy way to do it?

I tried using labels but it simply won’t work right.

Does this help?

Dan’s answer there is:

I missed this thread when it first came out, but I’m finally starting to monitor the forums a little more closely now.

The standard way I’d expected people to do “multiple” stat screens is not to have multiple stat screen buttons, but to put a *choice in choicescript_stats.txt. (Life of a Wizard does this.)

When you do that, the Next button will always take you to another stat screen, so to get back to the game, you have to click on “Return to the Game” at the top of the screen. Otherwise, it should work.

If you do it with multiple stats buttons, I have no way to integrate that with the iOS or Kindle version if/when you submit your game to our Hosted program, which doesn’t really have room for multiple stats buttons.

I’ve forgot to tell that i’ve tried this.

The exact problem i was having is that the labels appeared all at the same time.

Didnt matter which option i pick, they all got the same result: all the labels were shown.

It seems i’ve managed to fix this by putting a “goto” and a empty label at the end of the choicescript_stats.txt. It is kinda weird, but it works.

Thanks for your help(you’ve been helping me for quite some time actually, as i’ve been finding your posts very helpful while lurking the forum)