[HELP]Summoning all extrovert, introvert, and ambivert

Welcome people, welcome

I’m writing on a story, although it will be an action-adventure based, I would like you to give your respond based on these situations and please answer it as what your personality are.

If you don’t know your personality, you can go to this topic (No need to post the result here tho)

However, if you feel like you know how both intro & extro will respond, feel free to write them both.
Just please include, in your answer, a label saying [Extrovert/Introvert/Ambivert]

I will consider your respond, and will try to magically weave it into my story as my story will have some extro-intro subject mixed in.

[details=Situations]1. You met a guy that knows you, but you don’t know him. At all
2. You’re sitting in a mid of a group. The group you’re at is talking at each other intensely that your presence is somewhat ignored.
3. Let’s say, you’re walking with a physically challenged person. You met a couple of colleague of yours, and then one of them mocks at your friend due to their physical condition.[/details]

If you’ve other scenarios which relate to this intro-extro thing, I’m open.
And if you would like to discuss a certain scenario, feel free to do it.

The aim of this post so I can get the big picture of the Introvert, Extrovert, and Ambivert people.

P.S.: I don’t want this topic filled with rages, accusing, and offensive comments. So please keep it cool people. I feel that this topic itself is quite sensitive, so again, keep it cool. We’re open here to all Extrovert, Introvert, and Ambivert.

[details=Definitions]Based on my understanding, and the opinion of the people down here, I’ll put the definition of intro-extro as this:

  • Introvert loses “energy” when doing social activities, and recharge them when having private time.
  • Extrovert gains “energy” when doing the activities, but having private time isn’t a must. However, they’ll happily go to any social activities whenever they can.
  • Ambivert is the “in-between”. Depends on their current mood, ambivert can be an extrovert at one time, and go introvert later.[/details]

I am more of an introvert.

Just curious as to how this will play into your action-adventure story. Is this for the MC or an NPC character? Will this determine the responses of the character in question?

I’d like it if you would expand the scenarios a bit since I had to guess on them. The questions are vague, but I think you wanted to let the person answering the question make their own conclusions of the scenario. Is that, right?

I also wonder how this is going to be used to your story.

You met a guy that knows you, but you don’t know him. At all
How did we meet?

Did he initiate the greeting? If so, then I’d politely say hello and then think of a plan to quickly extract myself away from the person. After that, I’m going to try to think where I met the guy.

Did we just pass each other and the guy just waved a greeting? If so, then I’d force a smile of greeting, but I’ll walk more briskly to get away from that person. Then wonder who was that.

You’re sitting in a mid of a group. The group you’re at is talking at each other intensely that your presence is somewhat ignored.
If I don’t know the members of the group, then I’ll feel content and relived. I’ll listen to their chatter, take note of what they are talking about and pray they forget about me.

If I know the members of the group. I’ll listen to their chatter and If they talk about something that I know of I’ll try to insert my opinion and then blend back into the darkness.

Let’s say, you’re walking with a physically challenged person. You met a couple of colleague of yours, and then one of them mocks at your friend due to their physical condition.
Is the person who mocked my physically challenged friend also my friend? If so, then I’d reprimand them making sure their actions are uncalled for and walk away. I’ll ignore them for a while as well, but depending on how they apologize will be the length of my silence.

Is the person who mocked my physically challenged friend not my friend? If so, I’d ignore the hell out of them and walk away. I’ll also file in my brain about what an a** that person is.

Did my physically challenged friend get offended, but stayed silent? If so, then I’d probably not say anything as well, but I’ll be sure to talk to my friend to make sure s/he is okay.

Did my physically challenged friend get offended and demanded an apology? If so, then I’d back him/her up, but I don’t think I’ll be the initiator of the argument. I’ll be a cheering squad for my friend and probably a boo-er to the mocker.

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I’m an introvert.

  1. I would act in a polite but reserved manner and pretend that I remember him. I’d try to leave or start ignoring him as soon as possible. I’d feel very awkward. I tend to forget people’s names and faces, so I’d assume he’s someone I’ve forgotten.

  2. I would start daydreaming and ignore the group, or maybe just listen to them. I wouldn’t care that I was being ignored. If they spoke about something that really interests me, I’d try to join the conversation.

  3. First I’d be so shocked that I wouldn’t know what to say. If the colleague said something truly offensive, I’d try to come up with a snarky response. I’d probably come up with the best reply long after the situation ended. If the joke was funny, I’d probably laugh and then feel ashamed. I tend to smile and laugh involuntarily when I’m nervous, so I might laugh even if I hated the joke, and look like a huge douche.

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Ambivert here.

  1. This scenario happens somewhat frequently with me, specially with people that my family knows but whom I personally don’t have much or any contact at all. If I’m accompanied by my family or mother then I tend to just be quiet and let them do the talking with a few small interjections of my own along the way. If I’m alone then I try to be polite and friendly but also upfront in that I don’t really recognize or remember them.

  2. If the topic is one I’m somewhat familiar with or interests me then I’d pitch in my opinion as well. I’m not really one to be quiet among friends, in fact, sometimes I’m the one who starts a conversation. If its more of an argument or a heated discussion then I’d try to calm them down but that is so rare that I can’t really say with clarity what I would do…

  3. At first I would be flustered and ashamed, then I’d put them in their place. Anyone who mocks other people for their disabilities or physical conditions doesn’t deserve much respect in my book and it will probably give me a small anxiety attack (I don’t like fights or arguments) but I’ll lash at them for their disrespect!

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I am extremely introvert

  1. I am not sure what this have to do with being introvert/extreovert, but in this situation I would be polite and try to guess from the conversation where I know this guy from. In any case I would just try to play along untill I could end the situation.

  2. I would ignore them right back. Properly just play on my computer and read a book. It would first be a trying situation if I had to actually interact with the group.

  3. I would shock my collegaues by flipping out on them. I have a strong sense of justice when it comes to people I know (but not myself) and if this was a friend of mine I would not stand for it. Most likely it would end with me quitting my job (or somehow move, because would not want to work with them). Again, this has nothing to do wiht introversion though?

Introversion does not equal bad social skills. And introvert person is more likely to not be as good at social skills as an extrovert, (because of less pratice) but it is not an 1:1 relantionship.

For my introversion means that other people drains me. Even people I love. (Again I am extremly introvert). I need to spend some time alone to recharge and be able to be with people. Even friends and family. So in both sitation 1 and 3 I would already be spending energy simply be the act of interaction with other people.

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I’m glad that you guys give me some quite good insight!

In regard to :point_up_2:quote, yes. It’s for the MC, where I laid out some choice of responses that later will determine your Extro-Intro trait. I plan to expand the story by adding hidden Extro/Intro branching which can be unlocked by either being Extrovert/Introvert, but nothing is game breaking.

But as I said, it’s mostly on action-adventure so conversation won’t be that much. However, I’d like it if people around you reacts based on your Extro-Intro trait.

And just in case… My own response!
I consider myself ambivert. That says, day as extrovert, night as introvert.

  1. I think I’ll just respond to him as you would respond to a known friend, but slapping the almighty question immediately “do I know you?”
  2. I’m not quite into a serious chatter, so I’ll just see how the debate goes on. If I’m getting bored, I might gone sleeping right away.
  3. This one, TBH, hard to answer. I think I try to look at my challenged friend and try to read their mind “Do they looking for a retaliation, or do they just I’m fine. It’s ok ?” and act accordingly as how do they feel.
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Quite the introvert here, but will break it sometimes.

1. You met a guy that knows you, but you don’t know him. At all.
I would try to remember him, while being friendly, but probably ask at some point ‘Perhaps you’ve mistake me for someone else?’ or such. Depending how things go it will either be nice to get away from him or it might be the start of actually getting to know him, but who can tell without having actually been through it. The latter is unlikely, but not impossible. :stuck_out_tongue:

2. You’re sitting in a mid of a group. The group you’re at is talking at each other intensely that your presence is somewhat ignored.
That’s fine. I often watch and observe, learn about them and what makes them tick. If the subject gets onto something I am passionate about I will interject myself, however, but I’d be happy just sitting here listening. :grin:

3. Let’s say, you’re walking with a physically challenged person. You met a couple of colleague of yours, and then one of them mocks at your friend due to their physical condition.
I’d probably just snort indignantly here and give them a month-worth-of-grime dirty look, while shaking my head slightly, regardless of whether I was better acquainted with the colleague or not and whether my friend reacts or not, then move on with my friend without further ado and make mental note of how that colleague is the one with problems. :frowning2:

If I am friend with that colleague I would in earnest re-evaluate that friendship, I fear I can take issue with inconsiderate people. :confused:

Then I would probably say ‘Sorry about that’ to my friend, indicting the colleague with a nod of my head, as in ‘sorry some people are rude and stupid’, even if I didn’t spell out exactly that. I wouldn’t mention more unless my friend brought it up, then I would listen and talk to them about it, probably making some bad puns in the process to try to make my friend laugh. :wink:

Major introvert here (possibly sliding into hikkomori at points), I can go a week without talking to anybody and be completely unbothered by that.

As for the questions:

  1. Smile and nod while trying to find an excuse to withdraw.

  2. Honestly? They clearly don’t want my input, so I’d just zone out, thinking about something else.

  3. This is probably the big exception to the whole introvert thing. I don’t like conflict and I don’t like social situations, but I dislike bullies and bigots even more. So I’d call my colleague out on it and I’d probably be rather rude about it. I’m normally polite, but frankly if you’re not prepared to extend that consideration to others, I don’t see why you should receive it in return.

Introvert. ISTP, to be exact.

  1. If the person wants to talk to me, I will most likely not refuse him and politely answer. However, it will be very embarrassing for me, and most likely I’ll end the conversation as quickly as possible.
  2. I do not see any problem. In fact, never seen. In most cases, I prefer to be a listener and not the speaker. If I’m interested in their conversation, then I most likely shall insert a few comments - if not, then i will just think about something else.
  3. I will try to calmly explain to a man of his rudeness. If this person does not listen to my words, then a) ridicule him back; b) rough answer him and will stop talking; c) I’ll take my friend and go away quietly.

More of an introvert here.

Eh, feeling lowkey like wanting to get out of that situation? Or asking: Who are you again? Where do I know you from? (…wait shit, something like that did happen once, and that guy looked/behaved very harmless so I was mostly uncomfortable because I didn’t recognise him…happend also a second time with the same guy after he got a haircut…uups)

You’re sitting in a mid of a group. The group you’re at is talking at each other intensely that your presence is somewhat ignored.

Can I just go away? Do I need to stay or are they at least talking about something interesting? If so I may try to contribute something to the discussion, if not I excuse myself when possible to talk with someone else/find another group to talk to.

Let’s say, you’re walking with a physically challenged person. You met a couple of colleague of yours, and then one of them mocks at your friend due to their physical condition.

(Woah, okay here it gets personal, my brother is physically challenged) First impuls would probably to chew them out, but I don’t want my friend to have to deal with them any longer as they themself want to, so it also depends on their own reaction. If they didn’t react/seem uncomfortable I would probably try to get them out of the situation (“Sorry we have to go, see you at work and in the meantime may think about your manners”) instead of speaking my mind. Won’t stop me from ignoring that colleague in future…maye I will get somewhat mean, can’t guarantee the opposite.

Extreme Introvert with Severe Social Anxiety.

  1. Oh no someone is looking in my direction. Quick avoid eye contact, and walk right past him. Oops did he say something because his words sounded like noise and I’ve already walked right by before I’ve processed he even spoke. I’ve been greeted by people I should know before and I’ve just blanked them and walked by. And it’s taken me hours to work out where I could have known them from. But my absolutely blank expression usually says more than words do.

  2. Yeah this happens to me a lot when I’m around people. Chances are I will have brought something with me to fidget with, or even better some sort of crafts so I’ve got something to do. I will focus on doing my thing. The speaking will be noise and I’ll have a hard time picking out the words and my focus will drift in and out. I’m really bad if this is in a public space and there’s any sort of noise also going on. If there’s music playing, or a tv, or even a conversation with other people nearby I will have huge difficulties. Sometimes I might smile. I probably won’t say anything and if directly asked chances are my brain will freeze. And I’ll realise twenty minutes have passed and I’ve not heard a word.

  3. DEATH GLARE!!! Ignore colleague. Mutter insult to the person I’m walking with about the idiot.

Introvert here! :slight_smile:

1. You met a guy that knows you, but you don’t know him. At all.
This happens a lot just because my parents know everyone in every town, it seems, but I will generally do one of two things. Did the guy approach me and greeted me like he’s known me for a while, I’ll try to figure out who he is or what my connection to him is. I am usually quite blunt, though I do restrain myself more in public, and I’ll probably just go for the old-fashioned: “Who are you again?” or “Have we met?” This is normally their cue to explain themselves. If they do, I’ll keep it short and polite, but try to be on my way as soon as I can. If it’s simply a passing greeting with a sense of familiarity, I’ll return it, but I won’t go further than that.

2. You’re sitting in a mid of a group. The group you’re at is talking at each other intensely that your presence is somewhat ignored.
How I feel about it depends on several things. First off, do I know them? If I do, I’ll listen to the topics and try to insert myself where it feels appropriate, though I will keep it short and to the point unless it’s more of a discussion that I am invited to. If I don’t know them, I’ll be happy to sit on my phone and listen to them in the background. I am quite reserved around strangers, but I do open up quickly in the right company. Secondly, has this gone on for long or is it a recent development? If I was initially part of the conversation, but later tuned out like this, I will try to find a way to get back in unless I feel like I’ve said my piece. If it has been like that since the conversation started, I’ll just do one of the things I’ve already mentioned. I don’t mind being ignored, but I don’t like being a third wheel either.

3. Let’s say, you’re walking with a physically challenged person. You met a couple of colleague of yours, and then one of them mocks at your friend due to their physical condition.
Now this is an area where things can change a lot depending on the people. If I know the physically challenged person, but not the colleague, I will ignore them and lead my friend away from their presence. If I see that s/he was offended or reacted to the taunt, I will ask if they’re okay. If I know the colleague as well, I will tell them to stop. As simple as that. The wording can change on how well I know them, from “please stop that” to the classic “shut up”, the latter mostly reserved for my family members. :stuck_out_tongue: If I know the colleague, but not the person being mocked, I’ll reprimand my friend for his or her behavior and try to make sure the other person is alright if they showed any kind of reaction to it. I’m not the best at reading people, but I understand the difference between hearing something and not be bothered by it and being bothered by it.

My reactions depend a lot on who I know of the people involved and my level of comfort in the situation. Complete strangers leave me feeling quite reserved and uncertain while people I know gives me more power to take control. I hope it helped! :slight_smile:

I’m an introvert, but I’ll try to imagine the reactions of and extrovert and an ambivert person.

[Introvert] In this case of scenario I don’t usually respond immediately. Most of the time I would let the other person talk. However, most of the time the other person notices that I don’t really recognize them and they ask me “Do you remember me?”. If the other person seems oblivious and keeps insisting, I’ll try to ask politely “Sorry, but I can’t quite recall you right now”.
[Extrovert] I think I would approach the situation directly and keep it casual “Hello Do we know each other?”. However if you don’t want the extrovert character to be nice, I guess it could also work in a “Who the f*ck are you?” sort of way.
[Ambivert] I think I would approach the situation directly but more formal. “Sorry, do I know you?”

[Introvert] This actually happens a lot. I usually stay quiet and listen. Sometimes, I try to take part on the conversation, but I find it difficult to do it, since most of the time I’m afraid of interrupting someone else.
[Extrovert] I think I could insert myself on the conversation more naturally. Maybe someone is talking about an experience and I could say something like “Oh, really I heard about something like that once…”
[Ambivert] I think I would try to indicate that I want to take a more active part in the conversation through body language, in the hope that the rest would notice.

[Introvert] I would ignore them. I would be more concerned about my friend and try to comfort him after. However, if I really hate the person and I’m familiar enough to them, I’ll might do a passive agressive comment “Well nobody is complaining about your condition” or something similar. I would need to know more details about it to think of a good comeback
[Extrovert] I would be more aggressive towards them. “Nobody asked you”.
[Ambivert] I wouldn’t be so aggressive, but I would tell them to stop. “Could you leave us alone, please?”

Hey, I’m an introvert according to the quiz, but I feel more like an ambivert.

  1. Met a guy who knows me but I don’t know him
    Would try to get to know him.
    Is he suspicious? Is he a threat?
    If not, is he a nice guy? Should I be friends with him?
    Otherwise, stay away from him. I would try to get out of contact asap.

  2. In the middle of the group, but being ignored.
    Depends on the type of group.
    For a general group of people, I wouldn’t mind. Doesn’t affect me too much. If something is said that I can respond to, then I’ll try to speak up and get attention. If I don’t have anything to say, then I won’t say it.
    For a group of friends, I’ll try really hard to get their attention if they’ve been ignoring me for a while. I get kinda mad/sad cause I’m supposed to be their friend. I want to be part of the conversation.
    I really don’t want to upset people. I don’t want to interrupt anyone.

  3. Physically challenged person insulted/mocked
    If the person is really important to me, I’ll defend them. Say that it wasn’t a good thing to say. Tell them to think about how this happened. Make them feel bad about mocking someone who lives differently from them. Even if they’re my colleague, I won’t hold back. If it’s someone more important than a colleague, then I would hold back more.
    If the person is more like a friend, I might joke about it. Tell them that it wasn’t a good thing to say, but less seriously. Try to tone it down for the person though. I’ll try to keep it in the realm of jokes, and not try to be disrespectful or mean.

My responses are probably really straight-forward and what I would do. However, I believe that I would react very differently depending on the details: ie who’s with me, who’s affected by my actions.

I assume you’ll mostly find introverts here, writing in general comes more naturally to us.

Depends on the context. If it’s just passing by on the street, I’ll smile and say “Oh, hey, how are you?” sort of pretending I remember him. If it’s in a situation where I have to actually converse with him I’ll tell him honestly “You know, I’m really sorry, my memory sucks and I’m drawing a blank, how do we know each other?” Then when he explains I’ll smile or laugh and be like “Oh yeah, of course, I’m so sorry.” even if I still don’t quite remember his name. If I know he has me confused with someone else, I’ll tell him of course.

Asked an extrovert friend of mine and he said he would react much in the same way. It seems the difference is really in the underlying sentiment (that, and the sheer number of times I apologize! It’s kind of ridiculous). My extrovert friend would react with curiosity about the guy and genuine interest in figuring out where they met before, I would just put that act on, but really, all I want to do is be on my way, no interest in getting to know this guy or speaking to him longer than I have to (I just find it inconvenient and a waste of time, but I don’t suffer from it like agoraphobes, though).

This happens a lot, even with my closest friends. I’m one to listen more than I speak, so I find this situation the most comfortable. It can be a little frustrating when I do want to say something and people talk over me, but that happens very rarely with friends who know me, pay attention, and make sure to let me speak. With strangers, I find it rare that I do want to say something, even if I strongly disagree with what they’re saying (maybe especially if I disagree… I really hate confrontation).

Depends on the conversation, too, if it’s interesting, I’ll pay attention, and sometimes take it up with the people speaking afterwards, when we’re in a calmer situation, away from the group. If it’s uninteresting, I’ll sometimes just tune out, or amuse myself analyzing their speech patterns, observing their choice of words etc.

Often when I’m in a group situation for a while I need to leave, go to the window, smoke a cigarette, recharge a bit before I can come back - my friends are well aware of my sudden disappearances and think nothing of it.

Depends who the disabled person is. I have a very extroverted disabled friend who would be pissed if anyone tried to defend him when he’s right there and can defend himself. I would let him deal with it (he’s much more biting and quick-witted than I could ever be), and shoot a glaring look as backup. We’d laugh about it as we walked away. Tbh most disabled people can defend themselves, and I think it would be just as rude and patronizing to jump in and berate the mocker on their behalf. If the disabled person was also unable to communicate, I would tell the mocker that’s not cool at all and walk away, fuming, heart pounding and thoughts of all the much better things I could have said racing through my brain.


I totally don’t believe there should be a etiquette limiting my character personality. I could be introvert and still jumping to defend my discapacited friend from some morons. I could be extrovert and just be shy because they are armed and I not or I am shy with the girl I like only. I think focus in give a character a fixed etiquette is a bad idea let player choose their action in each moment not put a fixed morality that determine their actions that os limit role-playing within reason.

I am extremely extrovert to the fault of don’t inderstand shy people.

1-It depends if I like physically the person totally use it to flirt…Hey If this is your one line to flirt we have to working on it. Like sorry I have bad memory but I don’t mind meet you again.I promise not forget this time…
2-I just jumping and talking with everyone… I just don’t notice that I just go and talking people I am all the contrary to a shy people I don’t see what There is a problem in a group talking…
3-I called them assholes and defend my friend those bullies could go eat a rock… And arent no my friends. If I have to kick their ass or call the police I will


Mega introvert.

You met a guy that knows you, but you don’t know him. At all

I’m assuming from this that he has approached me to say hi, and maybe used my name, but I don’t know him. First I assess body language - is this a friendly approach? If so, I’m polite but I try not to let the interaction go on too long. Ask where he knows me from, maybe chat a bit, then excuse myself. If he doesn’t seem friendly, I’d say I’m meeting someone nearby and I’m going to be late, and don’t engage.

IRL, I run into this from time to time. My mom is pretty active in the church where I grew up, and sometimes I’ll run into someone who knows her from there and recognizes me (I look just like her). So sometimes I’ll get a stranger starting this enthusiastic conversation and knowing my name and all these details about my life and I’m there playing catch up. Now I just roll with it.

You’re sitting in a mid of a group. The group you’re at is talking at each other intensely that your presence is somewhat ignored.

This happens to me at every family gathering. I’m used to it. I can usually get a word in edgewise (even if I have to talk over someone), if not, I really don’t mind just listening to a conversation and watching people.

Let’s say, you’re walking with a physically challenged person. You met a couple of colleague of yours, and then one of them mocks at your friend due to their physical condition.

This kind of thing pisses me off, I’d probably run my mouth in this situation. Depends what I know about the person and how respectful I have to be. At minimum I’d tell them to shut their mouth.

[details=Notes on introversion]I’m an extreme introvert. I consistently score 100% I on the MBTI. It’s a big part of my personality, but not my only driver. What it means is that I find social interaction tiring. I still do it, I’m decent at it, but it’s like going to the gym. I have to make myself. If I find a person or conversation interesting, I’ll make the effort, otherwise I don’t mind telling white lies to end an interaction and move on.

I’ve been in therapy for a long time working on social anxiety, so I’m more comfortable with social interaction than I used to be. But it’s still telling that I have nightmares about being in a social setting with tons of strangers where I can’t leave, and then my phone breaks. :expressionless: [/details]



Response to situations:

  1. Tell them the truth, no reason not to.

2: Who cares? Certainly not me,. Depending on the group, I may not even want to be involved.

3: Keep on walking.

Usually… In social settings I do one of two things, I’m hyper tense and focused on not making mistakes (as just one wrong word can have severe consequences). Yet… People usually comment afterwards to my parents on how I look so calm and/or not stressed, or as if I had a good time, yet it must be
subconscious, as I don’t try to appear that way, though I am most certainly not enjoying the situation.

The second is simply not go (as I really don’t care to go, anxiety or not), or go and not try to hide my misery. Their feelings are irrelevant, as they will quickly forget such nonsense.

It is also quite hilarious to know that you do not actually need to even talk for others to believe you were part of the conversation, simply because you listened (or were appearing to be), and, in the end, that’s all that most people want…

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Well, yea… should have thought about that before :upside_down:
Doesn’t matter though. I can go quite extrovert sometimes that the whole faculty just know me and each time I pass over them they be like “Hello Fava” and I be like “Umm… what’s your name again?” and then they respond “Seriously. This is the x times I introduced myself” :laughing:

This is quite interesting. TBH, me myself had this dilemma of how I plan this extro-intro mechanic to the game
But I think I came up to a rule of thumb: The Intro-Extro is not something you aim and reach for, but more like “oh, my PC become introverted” and then the npcs around will respond to it.

Thank you for pointing this out :thumbsup:

Aren’t this forum count towards that social interaction? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And then I never met you. I don’t know you. Yet you answered my questions. Long answer that one. And then… and then… *MIND BLOWN

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Quite ironic to see a bunch of introverts readily voicing their opinion on the matter yet only extrovert has come forth and done the same. Talk about inverted roles…