Heart versus friendly versus expressive

So I’m looking through my stats in my books, and just trying to figure out the exact definitions of each one so I can use them better. However, I’m having a bit of difficulty with three in particular, those being hard, friendly, and expressive. I just like to get everyone’s opinion on what those three stand forward to them, to get a better idea of which one I want to use where, and En White choices.

What those words would mean to me, as stats?

Well, you can just add a short description under each, so as to make them mean whatever you want. Kind of like “Strength: It measures your physical prowess.” or something like that.

But since you asked…

To me, Hard would be like how difficult you act towards people, how sharp your answers are, how bad you interact with people.

Friendly would be the opposite. Someone easy to talk to, who doesnt say rude things to you and is pleasant to talk to, in general.

Expresive however… Thats more of a quality both of them can have. Like how much emotion your face shows, how much or how little you can hide your emotions from others, or even how bad you can lie, in a way.

Hmm… so, if I were to describe what they mean to me:

  • Hard: both how strong-willed and how cold MC is. Basically, how hard it would be to frighten or hurt them emotionnaly speaking, how cold and aloof would they be when interracting, things like that. Also how “crude” and “uncensored” would they be in revealing painful truths. Like for example, would they be careful and sensitive and show empathy when telling someone a relative of theirs died, or would they bluntly say “(X) is dead.”
  • Friendly: well, that one is pretty obvious. How much would MC approach other people, how much would they seek their company, act nice towards them, be helpful to them… And well, probably the general tone of their answers to other people - how warm and smiling would they be, etc.
  • Expressive: I guess it would be about just how much they show their emotions, would they smile when they’re happy or cry when they’re sad, or would they rein it in or show it only when they want to show it? I don’t see it as equivalent of them being emotional or not per se, but about showing these emotions or not, and about controlling just how much they show of these emotions.
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I just realized that I meant to say heart, instead of hard. So, sorry about that. :slight_smile:

Heart… maybe kind, a goody two shoes, a family first kind of person xD

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