A Main Character's Personality

So I’ve been contemplating making a game for a while. I finally got around to starting it, and I reached a point where I’m concerned. On one hand, You could choose your personality early on. Like: “I was mostly the funny guy”. So through the story, regardless of choices, you make jokes and stuff. Or on the other hand, I could try and make some stats. Whichever stat was the highest would be the acting personality stat. I think this would require more coding, but it would work better for the flow of the story.

Any comments? Or if you have a certain personality type you prefer, suggest it in the comments. I think I’m going to have no more than five or six, to keep the branches in just dialogue down to a manageable amount.


I prefer stats or an option on how to react in a given situation. I feel like personality is dependent on the situation, somewhat. A generally funny person may think that when their best friend tells them about their miscarriage, that may not be the best time to tell a dead baby joke. On the other hand, laughter may be the best medicine.

I hate when I’ve only made two decisions and then an entirely different situation comes up and I can’t choose how to react.

I might want to be really nice and funny with my friends, but be a jerk to everyone else. Your personality system should account for how MC treats their friends vs. how MC treats enemies.

Possible personalities could be a people pleaser who would say anything just to get others to like them (or for manipulation) while they might not actually believe in what they say.

I generally play stealthy characters who like to avoid conflict by sneaking around or listen in to people’s conversations so I can black mail them later, if necessary. I like goodness, but would only follow the law if I agreed with it and not because it is there because I’m a true neutral character. I believe in speaking my mind if I see something wrong and if doing so won’t endanger me. I can’t stand dishonor, thievery, heights, or enclosed places. I believe it’s ok to bend the rules for your friends. I don’t like stupidity or needlessly endangering my self ( which again is why I use stealthy sneak attacks to avoid conflict). In stats, this would be high stealth, high self preservation, True neutral alignment.


I shall consider this. I by no means meant that they would be stuck on that personality type, only that in casual conversation OUTSIDE of choices they would be that way. Like let’s say you were in the midst of conversation, your general fall-back would be X. No dead-baby jokes, promise.

Major points (Such as miscarriages, if there was one to occur) would allow you to pick the response.

As for the people-pleaser idea, that is interesting. Very interesting idea, one I would of not thought of. I will likely incorporate that.

Thank you for your time.

This is similar to what @Eric_Moser did in Community College Hero. You display one of four hero archetypes. Though I’m waiting on the next installment to see how the choices you made in Part I start playing out in part II, you did have a choice about what kind of personality to have: silent and brooding, a joker, a charmer, or a stand-up hero type.

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