[HELP]Summoning all extrovert, introvert, and ambivert

Yeah, it does. Idk about @bobsmyuncle, but I find that forums are easier to communicate in than face to face, but they still take energy… Same with social media. I often need time off the internet to recharge.

The thing about introversion/extroversion is that it’s all about energy. Introverts loose energy when we interact socially and need to rest and be alone for a while before we can deal with more social interaction, otherwise we burn out and become very tired and deflated. Extroverts are the opposite, they feed off the energy of being social and can’t stand being alone too long, whereas I would be very happy for weeks on end with no one to talk to.

It seems as @poison_mara pointed out, that this might be hard to portray in a game. Extroverts can be shy, and introverts can be very outgoing, energetic, social people (and later need time alone with a good book or something to recharge). So I think a better metric for a game might be “Shy vs Outgoing” instead…


I think introvert people found internet easy to directly physical relationship because they could stop and go away freely. I mean that’s what intro people tell me all time. I am the typical person that start automatically talking with peoples in queues or try helping people lost even if is not my city and I lost myself. I ask people for going out without thinking… I could be without talk and don’t mean being alone but if there is people I would end talking within thinking about it. I just act actually I am very similar to how interact in forum

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I’m mostly a lone wolf by nature who loves her personal space and lone time - I’m actually one of those people that tend to “disappear” from time to time and then come back acting like nothing has ever happened. I do this both on the internet as well as real life but its always a bummer when I return because that’s when I get bombarded with “what happened” questions. I end up feeling like I own them or something and that is why, sometimes, I choose to distance myself from them… just so that I don’t have to explain myself.

On the other hand I have no qualms on starting a conversation with a complete stranger or even ask for directions or help when the need arises. I’m quite social when I want to be, just not all the time. The less intrusive question asked the more I trust that person and the longer I stick around.


If I follow the definitions of the OP’s post, then I’m introvert and not ambivert, since I only recharge my energy when I’m alone. I am however, a bit of a weird introvert (at least according to online personality tests and so on). Since, besides the whole “recharging energy” thing, I tend to fulfill a lot (if not most) of the traits assigned to “extroverts”.

Regarding your scenarios:

(Now this has actually happened far more than I would’ve liked to, in my life ^^’ ). It depends a little on the situation, but in general, I’ve gotten to a point in my life (26y.o.) that I’ll just own up to the fact that I can’t remember him, suffer from embarrasment and then figure out who he is. If it had happened while I was a teenager I would more likely try to play along, while desperately trying to figure out who he is.

If I know the people: I would probably feel a little left out, or like a third (or whatever uneven numbered) wheel, especially if we’re out together. I’ll either try to get involved in the conversation, find some other people I know to talk with (If there are other people I know at the event/place) or leave and do my own thing for a little while.
If I don’t know the people but they know each other: I would feel a little weird, since I would literally be a stranger in the middle of a group. But not really caring, and keep doing my own thing.
If none of us know each other: I would probably feel a little awkward and out of place, either trying to engage in conversation (with more difficulty than if I know the people), or do my own thing.
tl;dr: Depends a lot on my mood and the interpersonal relations between myself and the other people in the group.

(I image I haven’t experienced the colleague behaving like this before) I would firstly be shocked by how much of a ahole the person is, and then getting f*ing pissed at them on behalf of my friend…I can’t really say how I would react. I would probably confront them by asking them why they think they are being funny.
If i knew the colleague normally behaves in this way I would at best begrudgingly interact with them, at worst looking for another job if it was possible. I wouldn’t want to work with a person like that.

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I don’t like when people assume I have to talk about my private life and insist about it… Like neighbors or so I don’t like gossip either I am a upfront sincere person that’s probably the reason I like rp sneaky persuasive characters.I am pretty charismatic but in a energetic straightforward way. You don’t owe them shit and if they bother you you tell them to the face at least is what I do.

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I kinda understand why some people would be nosy, its their way of checking up on you and make sure you still breathe… and when you’re an elderly person who lives alone (not my case but I know some people who are), it can be quite flattering to have people worrying about you. Its just not something for everyone. It also doesn’t help that society has a whole tends to view that whole lone attitude as some kind of negative condition.

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Yes it does. Social media, texting, forum posts, all take a bit of energy from me. I still like it, I’ll just recharge later today by reading a book and ignoring everyone I know :wink:

Also @Sithwist is right, writing is easier for me than speaking. When I talk to people, I frequently mess up words, or my brain races ahead of my mouth, or I thought of something relating to an older topic of conversation so now I want to return to it, etc. All of which don’t really disrupt online conversations.

Preach. Also, extroverts with bad social skills exist.


Not sure what an ambivert is, but on personality tests and the like I usually score as a bit of both, though I’d say I’m more introverted.

  1. I’m visually impared and have a fair few aquaintances, this has happened… a lot :stuck_out_tongue: . Just don’t say anything, answer all their questions(usually how are you, you been up to much etc) and don’t try and lengthen the conversation unnecessarily.

  2. Depends on the group, only skimmed a couple of posts above talking about the scenarios, but I’ll answer for what I’m imagining :slight_smile: . If I’m out with people I’ve just met, stick to the edge of the room, scratch my arms and bite my lip nervously and awquardly distract myself by constantly drinking(doesn’t have to be alcoholic, usually isn’t) , daydreaming, playing with my phone etc.

If I’m with friends. Depends what mood I’m in, either sit quietly daydreaming, do the same as above(distracting myself and the like) or if the talking isn’t too intense(hope you get that :stuck_out_tongue: ) try to jump in somewhere, though that can be harder with my soft quiet voice :stuck_out_tongue: .

  1. either, walk away with my physically disabled friend saying nothing and then say to them, “don’t worry about them, who cares about the opinions of insects like that.” or try to leave, if my colleagues tried to stop me for any reason(they don’t exactly seem nice :stuck_out_tongue: ) push past them, defending me and my friend if need be(did taekwondo for a few years, been in loads of fights). If the first two aren’t possible(if the colleagues are in a group of three or more, quite tough etc) say something like “shut the f**k up you pathetic little disease, at least he doesn’t have to compensate for being a little bitch like you do.” I think my responses to number 3 might have more to do with my misanthropy though tbh :stuck_out_tongue: .

You met a guy that knows you, but you don’t know him. At all


You’re sitting in a mid of a group. The group you’re at is talking at each other intensely that your presence is somewhat ignored.


Let’s say, you’re walking with a physically challenged person. You met a couple of colleague of yours, and then one of them mocks at your friend due to their physical condition.


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I’ve a question, this time is more about my WIP.
If you’re new to this thread, feel free to read the previous post. Otherwise…

As most of you said, as @Sithwist said:

I have reconsidered of how I will implement this extro-intro mechanic, and the question is:

How if the game asks about your personality preference first?
A question asking whether are you an introvert? Or extrovert? Or ambivert?

This will be used to “establish” your character personality, changing the way of how the extro-intro stat works, but your PC will still be able going around the personality spectrum.

What do you think?

Problem could be that there are floating various understandings of that words around. …and some people don’t even know the word ambivert.

I think that idea’s a more straight-forward way of forming the character’s initial personality. But it loses the opportunity for flavor text and the PC responding to those situations you had in the first post, unless of course you keep those in for later. This makes character creation really easy. And the PC knows what’s affected. The offside is that it sounds pretty mechanical and standard, but that depends on how you actually word and implement it.

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Ummm… Ambivert is the “gray” between the “black and white”.

They can go Introvert, and then Extrovert, and back to Introvert again. And gone Extrovert again.
These guys is just quite adaptable to their environment, or gone unstable to their environment :confused:

I think you can count me as one of the ambivert :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Edit: I’ve edited the 1st post in case you’re wondering what are extro-intro-ambi

Well, TBH it only adjusts the way how the extrovert stat increases/decreases.
The idea is, if you’re extrovert, the bar will increases easily but decreases less.
This works with being introvert. Otherwise, ambivert will have a normal fairmath operator.

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Ah. Alright. That’s actually pretty interesting. If that’s the idea, I’d say go for it.

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I know. I wasn’t talking about myself. I meddled enough in topics concerning introvert/extrovert traits to know rather well what’s the actual meaning of the word. But many people don’t and still interpret it with things like shy/reversed = introvert etc opposed to introvert = gets energised through alone time and what not.

Oh, silly me.
You can ignore my preaching, then.

But yeah, being shy =/= introvert as well as extrovert.
I think shyness, energetic, and such is outside of this personality spectrum. :confused:

That’s what I mean with different understandings of the words. It will not be enough to just give the option intro-/extro-/ambivert but you should also clarify how you use that words otherwise people may don’t know what consequences they xan expect from their choice.


What do you plan to use the introvert/extrovert thing for? Do you have a secret energy meter which gets drained and when empty the MC becomes stressed and irritable? If so can you balance it? Or is either extrovert or introvert essentially going to be playing hard mode.

If I remember correctly you wanted NPCs to react to it, but I am not sure that made sense. Again, how would the NPC know what the MC are, are they magically empaths capable of reading feelings? Are we playing a social game here, with lots or lots of NPC interactions, or are we playing an action-adventure in which case I am not sure this is a question which needs to be asked.

Based on your questions, I think it is much more logically to have an withdrawn/outgoing meter. This is also something which is logically for NPCs to react to.

I’m introvert.

  1. Politely say hello, but make my way away from the person, unless he truly piques my interest.

  2. If they’re talking intensely about something I am passionate about, jump in. Otherwise walk away from the group quietly.

  3. Defend the physically challenged person.