Question about social interaction preference

Do you prefer a story where there is a lot of social interaction, managing your money, going on a trip to parties or a story that follows the main plot with little social interaction?

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Thanks my character will always be an introvert in my headcanon so which option sounds better to an introvert?

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I mean social interaction is generally an important part of life. I’d find it difficult to write a story without including people and their relationships.

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Perhaps a bit of both (e.g. choice to go to a part or stay in) however for me the main thing would be 1) affects things/ paths-- e.g. meeting a new person or starting a new hobby, and 2) is commented on by others (e.g. “How come you always stay in?” or “How can you afford to go out every day?”)

All (or at least most games) need some sort of social interaction, however it would be enjoyable to be able to choose how much of this we do and this being noticed by the other characters.

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Now, maybe it’s just that I’m sort of dense, but I’m having difficulty understanding the question exactly.

If the meaning is how much dialogue should be in a story? It depends on what it is. A piece that is about political controversy in the House Of Congress is going to be a lot more conversation heavy than say…a man needing to live out his car in the forest while his legs are broken.

Too much dialogue and nobody wants to listen, not enough, then the characters come across as flat without enough expression.

If it’s a question about how social would I want to see a main character? Then personally, if I’m supposed to relate to them, I don’t suspect they would be the most party going and loud type.

I think it all depends in general, I would ideally like a mix of action and social interactions. But I personally think a main plot with little social interaction would be very bad. Other characters help develop the story and bring flavor and nuances. Being able to interact with those characters are part of the experience, and compared to regular prose a choice script game allows the player to directly influence/talk to characters that otherwise they would not be able to. I’m not saying that it’s a deal breaker to not have that interaction, but you might be limiting what you can do. But keep in mind that ideally these interactions do something or help change plot, otherwise if those interactions are just information dumps, and you are fine without them. Little interaciton might work better some games than others though, so also keep in mind of your genre, theme, and plot of your story.

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By social interaction, I assume you mean getting to know the side characters, Yeah, if there’s an opportunity to take a break from the main plot at intervals, and pursue conversations with my favorite NPCs, I’d definitely go for that. I think that’s a good model for balancing the needs of people who want all plot and action, vs, people like me, who are drawn to a story by the characters.