Hello, I'm new, trying to learn the ChoiceScript

Hello, I hope I posted this in the right category, I’m still confused about the forums.

I’ve played some Hosted Games and CoG before, and I want to create an interactive novel myself. I have a story idea in mind now, just needed to learn the ChoiceScript.

I found really helpful resources here, so I’m following that.

Now I’m not sure if this is really how it is, but I’m following this guide and using the index.html to test my game. But every time make an update and refresh it on my browser, it asks me to “Upload” my ChoiceScript folder. It’s quite a hassle to upload every time I refresh. I’ve already tried two different browsers (Edge and Firefox), but same problem.

Am I able to stop this?


Did you follow the “Trying It Out” section of the tutorial?


Thanks for the response. And I did yes, downloaded the node and opened run-server.

Though, it’s quite different from what I’m following a different tutorial right now, this one:
Basic ChoiceScript Guide (neocities.org)

Should I not be using index.html then?

Frankly I’m not sure what you have and haven’t done, but is that tutorial you’re following up to date? (Because it is my understanding that “upload” thing doesn’t happen if you have the server running properly, but admittedly I haven’t tested in a while.)

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Ah I see. I don’t know if it’s latest either, I just opened any resources I found here haha Thanks anyways. I’ll try to figure it out. If I haven’t, I guess I’ll just use that run-server thing you said.

A few years ago the browsers had a security update, so now they require you to run that local server to do testing and such. It is annoying, but there is nothing we can do, but grin and bear it.


Ah okkie. It just confused me which one to use, but that explained it. I know what I should use now. Thanks.

I recommend ChoiceScript Wiki as a reference.

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That’s a much better resource than I found. Thanks.

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CSIDE is the gold standard for writing in choice script. It’s massively helpful, contains an internal preview function, and features several tutorials within the program itself.

For the record, I found CSIDE’s tutorials more helpful than the resources on the CoG website. Hope that helps!


I couldn’t agree more. Using CSIDE makes life so much easier.


CSIDE is very very helpful. @YHGS and @Lucern are right. If you don’t know how to work or have any issues the thread is very helpful.


Very helpful, thank you. Just installed it, and it’s great.

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