Heart's Choice is Coming Dec 2nd

Thank you, I though there was something like this.


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Will it be possible to download the books directly from Google Play? :slight_smile:

aaaaaaa I can’t wait for the release! c:
I’ve read some the demos and I love it!


Will Heart’s Choice be an omnibus app only?
For the initial launch and foreseeable future, yes. iOS explicitly demands omnibus apps, and we have decided not to launch with individual apps on Google Play. Games will be available on Steam, iTunes, Google Play Store, Android Amazon App Store, and the website.

You can click this link for more info Heart's Choice FAQ


Had a small hope in my heart though… Oh well, thanks for answering :slight_smile:


sorry to say but the vid seems kinda misleading since not all games will have gender choice?
there is games with only female and male leads :thinking:
saying “wichever gender and orientation you want” people will think they can choose the gender of both the ones they romance and the one they play as mc, considering some of the games will be locked female straight, or male gay for example make that statement kinda misleading in my pov.


The video says, “Whichever gender or orientation you want, there will be a Heart’s Choice game for you.”

That language clearly implies that there will be something for everyone in the HC library. However, it doesn’t imply that every single release will be targeted to every possible gender or orientation.


Is hearts choice mostly for females? Or are there good hearts choice games for straight males as well?

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The only games for straight males will be Dawnfall and Jazz Age, where you can choose the gender of the protagonist and there are choices of both genders. No other games are planned, for now, that contains the possibility of playing as a straight male, with the exception of Warrior’s Shot.



Quoting Mary Duffy from Heart’s Choice Discussion thread .

Meaning if there are writers out there who will pitch a MxF story to Heart’s Choice, it will be publish if they fit Heart’s Choice criteria.


I would say Heart’s Choice is one way we hope to engage more women (btw “females” is considered a little rude, in case you aren’t a native English speaker) in our audience. I’d argue all the games we’re publishing are good :wink: and the games which are gender variable and offer an option to play as male, romancing women are good, too.


Whilst I respect the reasons why we don’t have any (specific) games yet for straight male readers I do find the fact it’s not just me asking about them encouraging. :sweat_smile: Jazz Age and Dawnfall are both great games from the demos both in terms of story and romance for a straight male character, even if the options are apparently slightly limited.


Romance stories are my favourites, I can’t believe Heart’s Choice is a thing now <3


Of course, when straight dudes aren’t the focus you can always rely on them to file a complaint :man_shrugging: There’s also no NB-locked games as of yet (I think), and I’d hope, given CoG/HC’s target demographic, that one gets pitched before an M/F story.


True, we haven’t been pitched a genderlocked nb romance. One of my games, If It Please the Court, the author describes as a lesbian romance, and in that game players can choose to play as female or nb, and I think (but would have to check) that’s with only she/her pronouns. I’ve indicated to the author that that falls outside of how we have handled nb in COG games and most nb expectations regarding “play as nb,” but we offer our authors on HC a lot of leeway, so :woman_shrugging:.


This is probably a case of where I encountered a thing previously, but didn’t know it had a proper name…

Mind explaining to me what delay-breaks are?

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A delay break is when there’s a timed delay between chapters, or between replays.

We don’t have a lot of games that include them - they’re only in free games, which are far less common in the COG and HG catalogues than paid games - so you may not have encountered them before.


Ah. Thanks for the explanation.

Will we be able to pay a certain price to really own the game? And When we pay for the delaybreak thing, will that be forever or just for a certain time? Or for each break?