Happy Days (WIP)

Well i did spot some typos but i haven’t screenshot them sorry. Although when the Aunt was leaving and getting her keys you put his instead.

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this is very similar to Through Broken Lenses imo

but still,interesting concept


I was just about to say this too

Just the trope of “a spy getting second chances” is the only thing common , trust me the story is going in a whole new direction :laughing:.


Just read the synopsis and it reminds me of through broken lenses. Besides that, sounds interesting and now yo give it a try.


You stole my very thoughts, lol

wicked :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

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It’s an interesting start. I always enjoyed stories revolving around an artificially created being, especially if said being was created to be a weapon, so I’m curious to see more of that.
It’s a bit too short to give deeper feedback though, so I’ll refrain with that.

As for more “pressing” things, well…
As people have said before, it would be great to have 3 or 4 pronoun “sets” to pick from, AND a custom option, instead of forcing everyone to input them manually.
On a similar note, would it be possible to have a small list of suggested names in addition to the input option?

Also, during hair color selection, the last two options have a typo and say “hiar” instead of “hair”.

I think that’s all I have for now!


I love the idea can’t wait to see where this goes :grin:

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Close enough to Through Broken Lenses to make me really happy

Distinct enough to make it original and enjoyable.

Though, in TBL the guardian Mc has is named Daniel, and here we have Uncle Daniel. The one thing I’d suggest changing Haha


I swear to god that’s a coincidence :rofl:.I had read TBL long ago and it inspired to me write a WIP as that was such a cool story,( or at least part of a story), and I couldn’t stop thinking about that trope. I randomly picked a name from Top Names Over the Last 100 Years
Fate works in mysterious ways.


I’m defintly interested in seeing more lol as it stands not to much I can say for what Ive seen. :smiley: So I look forward to see what you do next.

Dr. Halsey, “Enhanced Soldier” … is this a halo reference? Because I love it!

how are things going with this, author?

Still writing. Also busy with college exams r8 now.


With as little as there is here, I’m already hooked. Can’t wait to see how my mc navigates social situations

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As in Dr. Katherine Halsey from halo?


Gotta say, love the concept of a person who was made to be a weapon learning and maneuvering through a social society

I swear if i hear her talk about an AI…


I STG every game that has a similar plot to TBL also has a foster father named Daniel and it’s starting to feel less than coincidental haha

This is true, I myself prefer different pronouns than my gender identity, I am a female and I prefer neuter gender pronouns It/Its…

This is an interesting one.