Guenevere (WIP)


I’m here to say that i love the game! Honestly, i’ve been playing and re-playing it for a few years now, but i only made this account today so here i am hahaha honestly, my MC is not a big fan of cheating (even if she didn’t actually have a say on the whole wedding, she is a very strict lawful good type of person) but she simply can’t resist Lance (actually, i can’t resist Lance). She also really dislikes the idea of breaking Arthur’s poor heart, but it can’t be helped. sighs I acquired a whole new level of respect for you when the option of admiting their love but never getting physical appeared, btw! Not many authors allow that chance to exist (even though i seriously don’t think i’ll be able to resist haha). Anyway, i’m really excited for whatever this game will bring! Congratulations on being so focused and comitted to this one project! (my ENFP self could NEVER)


@wolfmarelalala @vin Somebody asked Jean about Morgana’s age a while back. It’s not in the actual game. Unless I’m off, Morgana is 23 in Book I and 26 in Book II.

@Fluffy_Buffy Confusion of time/space/where he is and when, the disorganized speech…even as a half-fae, Merlin seems to be experiencing mental issues. I’m pretty sure Jean mentioned he used to be much more with it.


@wolfmarelalala @buggygirl11 Found it! Yeah, Morgana’s twenty-three.


Yeah, I’m trying to come up with some sort of cool item that other Guens could get… I’m pretty sure about what it will be for a Guen who specializes in both magics, and DM+sword = Meligaunt’s sword while LM+sword = the good sword, BUT still trying to figure out what it would be for leader!Guen. It may not be an item, maybe something like a cool henchperson, I don’t know. :slight_smile:

Absolutely, already wrote that part. :slight_smile:

The more exhausted and unappreciated she feels, the more likely she is to choose Mordred’s side in the final conflict. That said, giving her an evil sword also poses some risk of nudging her toward Mordred’s side, though as you say, she stands a better chance than anyone of resisting such nudging – but a better chance isn’t no chance.

@vin has got it! Those ages haven’t changed.

As @buggygirl11 says, Merlin has some mental issues, mostly coming from difficulty getting a half-fae brain to interface with the human world.

@raydown Yaaaaay, welcome to the forum and thank you for posting!!! Sounds like you are playing a pretty classic conflicted-feeling Guenevere. :slight_smile: I’m happy that you like the asexual romance option and I hope you’ll try the Lancelot romance both ways.


My ideas for an item would be a scrying mirror to beltter spy on her enemies or something to project her voice to her commanders so she has an easier time issuing commands mid battle. Lastly you could give her magic resistant armor, so none magical guens won’t be dependent on morgana or merlin to handle magical problems.

As for henchmen, It’s makes perfect sense to find and save someone reasonably competent at michaelmont or franksmarch. However, I feel the leadership heavy Camelot should have a greater reward in regards to followers, such as the formation of a secret order of knights who believe in following guen before arthur, complete with the secret passphrase “God save the Queen” and answered with “So the Queen can save the kingdom”. The creation of such an order would fit in greatly with your descriptions of the rewards for successfully defending Camelot.


Can Guen only get a special sword if one of her focuses is in magic? If so, is this because the swords are magic and need a magic user to use them? Just curious :slight_smile:


I feel like this song is very Leader!Guen-esque. Mercedes Lackey- The Cost of the Crown


Mercedes Lackey is great if you like Arthurian legend. I recommend the Shadow Grail series if you haven’t read it.


Just had a quick play through and wanted to congratulate you on an amazing WIP. I’m really enjoying it so far and just wanted to give a quick thumbs up :slight_smile: it’ll be really interesting to see how you craft the rest of the story from here :slight_smile: Random question but have you seen the film ‘First Knight’?


Cool! Thank you for the recommendation, I’ll definitely try it out.


@Disciple Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

I don’t have time to check the exact numbers right now, but if I remember correctly, I think I wrote it so that Guen can master Meligaunt’s sword with a high DM, high Sword (and no DM), combination of medium DM and medium Sword, or a history of several ruthless choices (tracked invisibly). So even a LM/Leadership Guen could get the sword if she’s made enough ruthless choices (unless I’m remembering wrong).

For the “good” sword, it would be all the same stat checks except LM instead of DM, and a history of peaceful choices.

@Mattm99 Thanks for playing and for posting!! :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it! I did see First Knight a long time ago when it came out, but I don’t remember much about it.


After two long years…

I return…!

Hello, beautiful queens of Camelot! :smile:


What have I missed? Has the series wrapped up yet? Are we still at the first half of Book 2?


Now you made want me to play a really dumb Gwen so I can get a ‘special’ sword. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Guen: Watches Arthur hold excalibur
Guen: Not fair! I want one too!
Arthur: Sorry?
Guen: Duh silly, a sword! I want a cool sword thingy!
Morgana: horror stricken at the thought of dumb Guen being let loose with sharp objects, grabs a nearby stick
Morgana: Here! Behold the mighty Stickscalibur! It’s for you, but be careful, it’s very special.
Guen: :smiley:


– I’ll stick you with my sticky stick Stickscalibur! :crazy_face:
– …Stickscal… Wait, sticky? Why is it sticky? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
– I slew a pot of honey earlier! ‘Honey, I’m home!’ I called afore I ran it through, ha! :grin:
– … :neutral_face:
– Stickystickysticky! * repeated pokes with the stick * :crazy_face:


Ooo maybe leader Guen could get a new personal knight that they pick themselves. And then a Guen that likes fashion could get like a magic tiara or ring maybe a cool cloak!

Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

But we already have Lance who’s pretty much our knight in shining armor and I feel focusing on just knights are a bit drab. I’d rather have an assassin of some sort for ‘political intrigue’.

The assassin could then help form the spy network along with leader Guen, allowing her to either help Arthur’s rule by being a force from the shadows by doing the wetwork required or Guen could later use them against Arthur. The spy network itself doesn’t need to be fill with nobles, in fact servants and commoners are better fitted for being spies so that’ll be the reason why they aren’t neccessarily loyal to Arthur. Servants and commoners are more easily paid off after all and if one actually tries to tell the truth, Guen could just deny everything. The word of the Queen would always hold more weight than a mere commoner.

Gameplay-wise other than the extra choices presented, @jeantown could also slip in a report from the network on occassion (for example learning of an ambush beforehand or getting an early tip about supply prices going up so the Guen can stock up on supplies before that). I think it provides a different type of gameplay that better suits the leader Guens out there.


I believe this will work better for @jeantown if such a character was your batman or batwoman (as in personal bodyguard/right hand person) then some lower base retainer, as a person in your personal household, it would be easier to establish the type of relationship between the MC and the character that is being discussed.

They can still be an assassin/political schemer/whatever as you talk about eloquently but it would be more feasible and within the worldverse as shown so far to place them within the MC’s household.


[misreads the first part of your post and pictures Guen dressed as an Assassin, parkouring around Camelot and jumping into piles of hay to hide from guards] … I want that.


I could see a problem (it is just me nitpicking)

Following your line of thought means there is an established relationship there between Guen and the person even before Guen married Arthur. If so some might question “Why aren’t this person introduced earlier?”

But other than that I don’t mind them being from anywhere and I trust in @jeantown when it comes to building a believable origin regardless. I just like the idea of supporting Arthur without him knowing by doing the wetwork that he would never do due to his honor. It’s an interesting dynamic: the light and shadow of Camelot ruling together.