Guenevere (WIP)


@buggygirl11 Thank you for another great backstory fic, and wow, yes, I’d say histrionic personality seems like an awfully good match for Lancelot! As with the other main NPCs, I created Lancelot in the hope of inviting many different interpretations of his personality. Interpreting him as having a personality disorder raises some interesting questions along the lines of, if we analyze him this way, can we consider him more or less of a good person? Is he doing the best someone could do if they just came wired this way (especially since his culture doesn’t have psychoanalysis as we know it)? Or should we blame him for not being self-aware enough to rein in his behavior? I’m not very well-versed in the ethics of personality disorders (like what is the appropriate way to hold people with such disorders responsible for their actions – presumably it’s not a moral get-out-of-jail free card).

@Sontra and @lovinglydull Honestly, Guenevere is so deliberately anachronistic that it probably wouldn’t be too jarring to use the term “egotistical”… just for some reason it’s one of my own over-the-line things, but there’s no great logic to that. It’s odd what disrupts one person’s suspension of disbelief vs another’s. At some point someone said that they found the characters saying “thanks” disruptive because it felt wrong for the setting. I’ve talked elsewhere about how important it is for me to have my characters speak naturally, without fake “forsooth” language or inappropriate formality, so I’m fine with them saying “thanks” but for some reason “okay” triggers me as too anachronistic. I doubt anyone else feels that way, so I do use “okay” (sparingly, though). And probably using the term “egotistical” wouldn’t be an issue for most readers, so who knows, maybe I’ll grit my teeth and throw it in there along with “okay.”

But I draw the line at “firing” arrows! In a world without guns/cannons, there’s no way anyone would use the word “fire” to refer to releasing a projectile. (Yes, obviously you could have flaming arrows, but “fire” is still not referring to actually shooting the arrow.) So if anyone catches me accidentally using “fire an arrow” to mean “shoot an arrow,” please let me know so I can change it! :slight_smile:


Actually light magic turned out to be more useful at Michaelsmount (and Camelot) than I initially expected. Dark magic may make things easier if Guen chooses the solo option for climbing the tower; leadership is more helpful (but not essential) if she chooses to rescue the knights first.

You certainly CAN achieve all of those things in one playthrough, along with sexy reunions. :slight_smile: If I balance things the way I hope to, it might take you more than one try to get everything you want; I don’t want it to be too easy.

Guenverse Excalibur is tied to the Pendragon blood, so while a non-Pendragon could maybe pick it up and try to use it like a regular sword, they wouldn’t get any of the magical benefits, and they’d probably find it somewhat awkward/heavy to use since it’s not bonded with them. If Guen has a child with Arthur, the child will be able to use Excalibur fully. Sword!Guen will have an opportunity to get a good (as opposed to Meligaunt’s evil) magical sword of her own in part 3 or 4.


Happy New Year Jean! I know you’ve had a tough year but I honestly believe you’re going to get the time and care you need to finish Book 2 this year and let us all revel in its complex aweomeness. We believe in you! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, and a very happy 2018 to you!! :smile: :confetti_ball:


Hmm, so the sword is tied to the bloodline.

Does that give anyone else the vision of a pregnant Guen fighting with Excalibur?

I’m picturing a scene like the order of the stick scene “I’m a life taking, life giving machine!’”


Actually light magic turned out to be more useful at Michaelsmount (and Camelot) than I initially expected. Dark magic may make things easier if Guen chooses the solo option for climbing the tower; leadership is more helpful (but not essential) if she chooses to rescue the knights first.

Well, that’s good news for my canon Guen. :grinning: I’m going to have her rescue the knights (there’s a safety in numbers, and besides, it’s a nice thing to do), though I’m not sure if 20 is a good enough number for Leadership.


Jeepers, my Dark Magic and Leadership Guen may not have the best time but you best believe that spooky sword is mine :smiling_imp:


Dual-wielding Guen FTW!


@jeantown It seemed right. :slight_smile: Now if only we could somehow tell Morgana and see her reaction. Sigh.

Aah, you are EVIL. :tired_face: I have so many thoughts on these…a lot of which I can’t get into on the public forum.

This was interesting, because I wasn’t really diagnosing him to condemn him or his behavior as “wrong.” He seems to process the world fundamentally differently than most people, and the phrasing of the symptoms combined with ending with the word “disorder” does kind of imply a moral judgment, but that’s just the official phrasing, that’s not me.

Does anybody really have the right to tell Lancelot that it’s not real love that he feels for Guen, his attention-seeking must stop, he must stop going on quests and settle down like a normal person, and he must not express any of his dramatic over the top emotions anymore and must hide those feelings? That because it’s not like how most people think or perceive the world, it is wrong and somehow lesser?

That his personality is a disease that we wish we could cure, but we’ll settle for stifling it since we can’t?

Unless a specific behavior is somehow seriously harmful to others (as in, more than annoying them or offending their precious sensibilities), I think not. But plenty of people would and do disagree.

The problem here is though…in the modern world, his behavior toward a not-interested Guen would probably qualify as sexual harassment. Lancelot doesn’t mean it that way, but…yeah.

Though he does say he’ll stop if Guen tells him she didn’t want the kiss and/or the victory trophies make her uncomfortable…which (assuming he keeps his word), though Lance has spent plenty of time in these past books annoying me, does him a HUGE credit given his probable disorder. Because the thing about people with personality disorders is that it’s incredibly difficult to change how they behave. If they do have the self-awareness to see that they ARE different from the norm (many unfortunately do not have this), most of these people are proud of it and will refuse to change a behavior that they either actually enjoy and prefer to do or think is necessary for their survival…unless and until they hit ROCK BOTTOM because of it.

Fictional examples: Scarlet had to land herself in the dungeons, and barely escape being executed, before she would listen to anyone’s advice to reign in the impulsive streak. Magical Guen technically did almost die, but (because of a variety of reasons) that wasn’t enough for her to even think about listening to Scarlet’s advice to change the way she approaches relationships. They’re both intelligent people, and both wildly aware that they’re different even in a world without psychological classification, but that doesn’t mean they have any intrinsic desire to change or become normal or be anything other than how they are.

I think I went off on a bit of a tangent there, but basically Lance does seem like he’s doing better to make the way he’s wired not harm people than the vast majority of people with personality disorders ever will. So…for probably the first time ever…that annoying knight has my respect. He earned it.

But that’s just my perspective. :slight_smile: There are certainly many others, and that’s why the questions are open.

I’m not exactly an expert, but from what I’ve read…

It’s a mess. An absolute mess. Nobody can seem to agree whether having a personality disorder and committing a crime because of it means they should get psychiatric help instead of or in addition to punishment, or if the fact that they are wired to be more likely to behave the same way again means that they should lock them up and throw away the key.

And of course, people with some disorders are more likely to be of a danger to themselves, others are more likely to be a danger to others, and others are more likely to be some of both and/or it depends how it manifests in the person who has it. On one extreme, you have Avoidant Personality Disorder for instance…a kind of severe social anxiety and belief that everyone dislikes you and you’re not good enough to have friends or be loved. Probably the most tragic and hard to live with of the bunch in my personal opinion, but people with it are not exactly likely to be a menace to society. On the other extreme…well, the official medical name for sociopathy is Antisocial Personality Disorder. And then there are plenty in between these extremes. But no disorder is a guarantee that someone WILL do anything illegal.



One of the best WIP on the site I have read. :+1::+1::+1::+1: Would absolutely support the Author via Patreon, lemme look it up. :grin::grin:

GuenXMorgana FTW! :wink::wink:


will it make any diference later on if you lyed about your filling to morgana


No stat is absolutely essential for any path; it’s more about the choices you make and how you use the stats you have. :slight_smile:

As awesome as that would be, I gotta be honest and say it’s unlikely that the evil sword would let Guen bond with a good sword, or that the good sword would bond with her if she’s already bonded to an evil sword. Doesn’t rule out dual-wielding per se, but probably not simultaneous good-and-evil wielding.

@buggygirl11 I figured it would be complicated. :slight_smile: It’s not completely unrelated to the issue of whether or not romanced Lancelot and Guen can be sure their love is real when they’re obviously under the effects of some kind of spell, though obviously that’s an external force and a personality disorder is internal. Either way, Lancelot will respect Guen’s wishes from now on, which is, as you say, commendable whether you see him as being affected by internal or external forces or both (though of course it would have been even more commendable if he’d been able to do that right from the beginning).

@Lymphatica Thank you; I’m glad you like it!! :smile: I don’t have a patreon or anything like that at the moment, partly because I’m lucky enough to have a good (if demanding) job with health insurance, and partly because I don’t want to get into the ethical grey area of (even indirectly) making money from my game without paying royalties to Choice of Games. That said, eventually I hope to publish some linear Guenevere prequel stories on Kindle and other e-book platforms, and last I knew Choice of Games was fine with that sort of thing. And, of course, someday in the very distant future, I’d like to publish the Guenevere game series commercially through Choice of Games (if they want it), and when that time comes I’ll be grateful to anyone willing to help raise its visibility by downloading it from the app stores.

You mean if you lied to Morgana about being involved with Lancelot? (Not sure what “filling” means here?) If Guen takes the relationship with Lancelot any further in the woods, then yes, you’d probably better invest in a magic fireball-proof bunker. :slight_smile:


All this talk of the good and evil swords bonding to their wielders has got me picturing Guen as Nightmare from the Soul series.

… I want that.


I was thinking more of the good sword and evil sword plot lines that Netflix’s Puss in Boots show has had. (Yes I watch Puss In Boots and it’s awesome.)

Given that Sword! Guen can get the awesome magic swords, will Light! Guen and Dark! Guen be able to receive some massive magic upgrades for a counterpart? And… I dunno, whatever Leader! Guen could have?


So what you’re saying is that I need to fire up Soulcalibur V again and make my Guen, right?


If that unfortunate, incomplete mess of a game is good for anything, it’s character creation.


@jeantown Ooh, evil sword talk…

Can we give the sword to Morgana to power her magic with? Because while Guen may WANT that sword, given how tired Morgana is all the time at only 26, she may actually NEED it. (And if ever there was someone overresponsible enough to handle the awesome corrupting power of a sword like that, it’s her. I almost feel sorry for the poor evil sword stuck with her. :laughing:)

:thinking: Speaking of that, what will happen to Morgana if she keeps running herself into the ground with her overuse of magic use like she does? Will she eventually get sick and die, or go crazy like Merlin?


How old is morgana?Did I miss that somewhere


Morgana is twenty-three, I think. I can vaguely remember that being said.


Merlin went crazy??? What???


During the first part or the seconde?