Guenivere highlighted on Kotaku

Oddly timed since I have actually been playing it again today but… awesome thing for Jean to get highlighted like this. (Since the main thread is currently locked I stuck it here.)


It’s awesome to get featured in Kotaku, but I’m concerned that it directly links to the @dashingdon website.


Oh no this will fill the forum with casuals complaining about THIS GAMES ARE NO FINISH AND ARENT EDITED THIS IS SCAM… We have several people with that message last month. Like WIP and is free so what are you talking about. They thought game was in a official market LOL


While is nice that they give the attention, I am low-key upset about them totally ignoring that you can have a romance with Morgana too.


The article makes it clear that the game is a work in progress so I’d imagine if anyone were to complain, they’d complain anyway. It’s fantastic that it’s getting attention!


Go comment!!


I’ve put a notice on the front page to hopefully curtail any confusion. But I’m very happy Guenevere is getting some attention, it really is an amazing story.


How dare they not headline feature bestboy Arthur

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Morgana is the best romance and I’m looking forward to the full release.


Heh, he’s my choice for Guen too. I suspect because he’s the traditional lover of Guen with Lancelot as the full love triangle I’m not surprised they wanted to focus more on mentioning Lance and Morgana over Arthur.

HOLY EXPLETIVEING EXPLETIVE I get snowed under at work and lose track of the rest of reality and then finally check back in with the forum and THIS happens fgkdsfjvbdfk;bdfkjb I feel so bad that I missed it! That article is so nice and I’m all blushing and happy and :blush: :blush: :blush:

Thank you @derekmetaltron for posting about it! I never would have known otherwise.

In case anyone’s been wondering or worried: No, I have absolutely not abandoned Guenevere; I’ve just been in another long stretch of crunch time at work, but my interest and motivation to work on the game have in no way waned, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will return to it as soon as I get a chance. I am SO close to the end of Book II!


Awww, thanks. I think you deserve any praise that’s coming to you, you’re definitely an inspiration to all of us, so glad you got to hear about it! I can totally understand you being busy so no worries… it’ll make the glorious day Book 2 finally arrives and my bad ass Light/Leader! Guen rises once more!

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It’s nice to see one the best WIPs getting the attention it has earned.

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I’m just peeved that the writer didn’t even acknowledge that you could romance Morgana.