Guenevere (WIP)


Given I’m English I suppose the BBC’s Merlin versions of the characters tend to pop into my head sometimes.






Guen (Emily Rudd)

Alternate Guen (Olesya Kharitonova)

Morgana (This painting of Alysanne Blackwood)

Lance (Logan Lerman)

Arthur (William Moseley)


This is basically how I picture the cast as well. I love the idea of playing a Black Guen.


Once Upon A Time’s choice for Arthur I really liked, Liam Garrigan. All their casting for Arthurian characters was great, actually!

Morgana is Julianna Margulies to me and it kills me all the time that she only ever played Morgana in Mists of Avalon. Someone please hire her to play a middle aged Morgana in any kind of King Arthur production ever, somebody, please.

Lance for me changes too much but for the past few months, thanks to the constant Lancelot references in Hamilton, I see Daveed Diggs now.

Also I noticed when I uploaded the art I commissioned of my Guens, only one went through (which is what I get for posting with my iphone) here is my other Guenevere:

For face castings for my Guens, I like Lena Headey’s Guinevere for my ace!Guen in the Merlin miniseries.

And for canon my canon!Guen I like the Guinevere that was played in a production of Camelot near my town, WHICH I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO TO BUT DIDN’T END UP SEEING, I’M SO BITTER, Brittney Coleman.


Now to cast the last chapter, when Guen and the other three are in their forties…

Guen is Zhang Ting, someone (with a similar jawline) that I would kill to look like by the time I turn 45 (assuming I ever lose my baby fat)

Patrick Dempsey for daddy Arthur

Max Ryan as grizzled Lance

Nurgül Yeşilçay playing older Morgana in my mind all because she played a 40s-year-old version of Beren Saat after a timeskip in this drama I’ve been watching.


Google is indeed a wonderful friend in my time of need! I had to look up almost every single one of these youngsters (who apparently are all older than myself, who knew), cause I don’t really watch much television. :sweat_smile:

@sirgalahad Julianna Margulies has got to be my Morgana as well. Every stage I think I’ll only ever see her. :two_hearts:

Speaking of ages though @jeantown, I am curious if there is a set age for the rest of the cast at this current stage. I know Guen is 18 and Arthur just turned 17. Did I miss Morgana and Lance?


Ok i think i changed my mind on how i wanted my Guen to look :joy: I think she would look great as a blonde.


I’m joining in on the fancast bandwagon. :slight_smile:

For my Morgana, I wanted someone who looked both menacing and cute at the same time so I always picture Celina Sinden

I didn’t really have anyone in mind for Arthur, until I accidentally stumbled across Gaspard Ulliel and I think he is a perfect fit, for me anyways.

For Lancelot, I was seriously stuck as well and as it just so happens I was watching a old movie with Brad Pitt in it, and I think he looks pretty close to my version on Lance.

My Guens are a bit more racially diverse, however I couldn’t really find anyone similar to what I’m picturing for everyone. So unfortunately, I’ve only found someone who looks similar to my Arthur’s Guen.(Which is my Guen focusing on romancing Arthur, just in case I wasn’t being clear enough) played by Dianna Agron.

My Lancelot Guen is East Asian and my Morgana Guen is Mixed Race, but like I said, I can’t find any pictures.


In book I, Lance is 20 and Morgana is 23.


giiiirrrrrl, you have no idea just how much i replayed this game. ITS SOOOO GOOD MAN. i am sooo in love with arthur. He is just such a sweetheart :heart_eyes: he’s oblivious, and ridiculous and really annoying sometimes but ughhhhh i cannnnt. i just. cant. i really like earnest, sincere guys IRL so yeaaaa. im most definitely into arthur. lance was really charming. I also fall for guys that are funny and say witty crap like he does so i love him too buuuut, i feel REALLY shitty at the thought of hurting arthur so i broke it off with him. i swear for all the replaying i did, i could never push myself to be mean to arthur. hes just a cinnamon roll that i really want to protect and love and uglycries lol sorry about that i just HAD to fangirl about him or i will go insane flailing around my room hahaha. :joy: anyway keep it up girl, im rooting for you.


Arthur is a cinnamon roll
Lance is a sinnamon roll
Morgana is a sinnamon roll with frosting and a cherry on top :heart_eyes::cherries:


lance is a sinnamom roll? hahaha :joy: what does that mean? sorry if im an idiot but what translated to my brain was that: you think of him as mom figure hahahahaha :joy:


It’s a play on words that jokes about him being a temptation :smirk:

Edit: typo :sweat_smile:; sinnamom roll was written instead of sinnamon roll… Lmao


And now I’m picturing a synonym roll…maybe the doppelganger spell, and one is Lance, and the other is Lancelot?


ohoooo. i see. ok, that makes so much more sense. hahahaha :joy: nice play on words. you cannot be more right. he does make me wanna sin but eh, im too much of a goodie two shoes too actually do something about that itch.


@mistylavenda, I also am an Asian who lives in Sweden. The Romans met the Asians. They shared the information and good.



I base a lot of my Guen’s personality on what is one of my favorite Doctor Who companions, Nyssa of Traken, so I suppose I can often imagining her looking the same.

But like Nyssa my Guen is Aristrocratic yet kind hearted and rational and desires to helps those in need, plus happens to be very intelligent and willing to learn anything she considers beneficial. Probably doesn’t share Nyssa having her home planet blown up or an indepth knowledge of bio chemistry and being able to use a time machine fairly well of course, but if Jean gives me the option to… :stuck_out_tongue:


Shush! Stop spoiling the super-secret unlockable ending to Book 7! :stuck_out_tongue:


Merlin: “When this horse and carriage hits eighty eight miles per hour, you’re going to see some serious shit.”


So, just some random lore questions:

  1. How literate is the average peasant? How attainable is an education?

  2. What are the social views on virginity for both nobles and commoners? I’ve noticed that Arthur doesn’t really seem to mind if Guen isn’t a virgin.

  3. Building on that, are there reliable contraceptives?

  4. What are the other major religions in the world besides the British Goddess faith?

  5. Can only dark magic users be alchemists, or is it a science that anyone could learn?

  6. What’s the creation/origin story for the world and humans in this universe? Or at least how Britons view it.

  7. Is it known for commoners or peasants to be magic users?

  8. Is there a “middle class” of wealthy merchants and artisans?