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Now I can’t get the picture of a wild Merlin driving (riding?) a horse carriage out of my head. Attempting to guide the horses down a rocky path, shaky wooden wheels and all, people jumping out of the way for dear life.


^^^I’m picturing that scene in Willy Wonka where they go through the tunnel. None of this can be unseen now, lol.

[quote=“mistylavenda, post:8587, topic:1996”] Can only dark magic users be alchemists, or is it a science that anyone could learn?
I believe Merlin had a lab as well? I think it’s safe to say all magic comes with a bit of alchemy (at least in medieval times).


@Elsee :grin: :grin: yaaaaay I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the game and the characters! It’s always great to see Arthur and Lance get some love. Thank you for all the encouragement, and I hope you’ll like the next part when it’s ready!

@mistylavenda Those are all FANTASTIC questions!! Let me see what I can do…

Overall, the Guenverse is a much more benign place than the historical Middle Ages, because I don’t think it’s naive or stupid to imagine better worlds rather than worse ones.

Most peasants don’t bother learning to read or write because it’s not very useful to them, but there’s no cultural injunction against them learning, and opportunities exist, either through priestesses at Goddess-shrines or through middle-class secular schools in the larger towns. A bright peasant child who really wants an education will most likely be able to get one, unless they’re extremely isolated or their family is strongly against it (not common). I should also mention that peasants/farmers are generally treated with respect in the Guenverse. They’re neither starving nor filthy.[quote=“mistylavenda, post:8587, topic:1996”]
What are the social views on virginity for both nobles and commoners? I’ve noticed that Arthur doesn’t really seem to mind if Guen isn’t a virgin.
This is… complicated. There’s absolutely no mindset that sex is sinful or dirty, or that virginity = moral purity, or anything like that. The cult of the Goddess teaches that sex is healthy and good as long as it’s under appropriate circumstances (consenting adults, no lying about intentions, etc.) – and does not specify marriage as necessarily being one of those circumstances. However, the noble and royal families are obsessed with their bloodlines, because magic powers are inherited genetically (more explanation in book 3), and there’s a massive terror of those powers being inherited by someone who shouldn’t have them. For that reason, heterosexual intercourse among noble and royal families is closely monitored and discouraged before marriage because it’s considered a betrayal of the bloodline.

As for Arthur: He’s a bit clueless about sex in general, having been forced to focus on other things since just about the age when he would otherwise have probably devoted more attention to learning about sex. He missed out on some of the basic sex ed that most people get (see below), and because he was brought up as an apparent orphan with somewhat unusual foster-parents, he missed out on a lot of the cultural indoctrination re: noble bloodlines. He does know that things were a political mess when Uther died without naming an heir, and he knows that sex makes babies, but that’s about it. Hence his combination of ignorance and open-mindedness.

Not reliable – that’s part of the problem. There are infertility curses in the Guenverse, but those are not widely known and not used for contraception, nor is any other magic. So people are stuck with medicinal or physical contraception, both of which have a failure rate. There is a much better culture of sex education than exists even in many western countries today (because sex isn’t viewed as a bad thing in itself), which means that most people do understand how pregnancy happens and the best ways to avoid it.

In Britain and on much of the continent, the “other” major religious practice is druidism, which focuses on nature. (The Goddess cult is more human-focused than the druids.) The druids and the Goddess-worshipers are not usually at odds with each other. They see the world in different ways, but don’t consider those ways to be in conflict most of the time. Druidism is older and waning; Goddess-worship, with its more human focus, has gained popularity. Aside from those, there are various pantheistic religions, mainly practiced by the Romans, who have their traditional historical pantheon, and some continental groups (e.g. Saxons, probably) who worship a version of the historical Germanic/Scandinavian pantheon.

Alchemy is science and can be studied by anyone, but it can certainly work in tandem with dark magic, since they involve similar principles and techniques. (This is prob going to be part of Morgana’s father’s backstory, if I ever get around to writing it.)

Haha good question… :sweat_smile: I do have an origin story for the three royal families, but tbh I haven’t come up with a full creation story. I will definitely have to think about that, so thank you for bringing it up! :slight_smile:

Sure; magical aptitude is not exclusive to nobles. Of course, dark magic requires some training and/or access to books and materials, so a peasant with dark magic ability might never realize it, and dark magic is relatively rare anyway. Light magic, on the other hand, is fairly common. Without training, it probably won’t ever be able to do a whole lot – just simple healing, maybe – but anyone who shows light magic ability would probably be invited to come to Avalon for training, regardless of birth status. The priestesses of the Goddess come from all walks of life (though not many are from noble families).[quote=“mistylavenda, post:8587, topic:1996”]
Is there a “middle class” of wealthy merchants and artisans?
Yes, absolutely, much more than in the historical Middle Ages. Priestesses of the Goddess, artisans, and merchants (and druids, in their own way) have a great deal of freedom. They can get a good education, marry whomever they want, and travel as much as they want / can afford.

Merlin – very unusually – practices both dark and light magic, though he does not teach dark magic (reasons in his backstory). He does study alchemy and science as complementary to dark magic. Light magic doesn’t involve any alchemy or require any materials, just spiritual strength and practice/training.


I’m playing through Guenevere again, and I got to the part where Guen’s just been healed by the lady of the lake after being attacked by the assassin @ her wedding and she remarks tht she feels calmer as a result of the light magic. I found tht curious, so I had a question, has light magic ever been used to help sufferers of trauma deal with its psychological impacts? I don’t know whether I want to use the word mental illness here, because I don’t know whether it’d be applicable in an Arthurian context (just because of language).
I had another question! Will Arthur’s relationship with Morgana be impacted if you choose to have an affair with her? Conversely, how will a Guen tht has feelings for both of them be handled?


I haven’t looked at the thread for a while… What have I missed!?


@jeantown, I found some of your answers to @mistylavenda 's questions interesting, particularly about magic. So are the abilities to perform light and dark magic from one inherited “magic” trait that allows you to do either, or do you inherit the abilities of the two different magic separately? Ex: Would Morgana be able to perform light magic if she wanted to, because she inherited the magic trait, or did she only inherit dark magic ability?

I ask, because Guen obviously demonstrates the ability to preform both types of magic easily. We are told her mom did light magic, but we don’t know of family members with dark magic abilities. it almost seems Guen always assumed shed be able to learn dark magic because she had a magical parent. So does the magic trait let you go either way or is Guen just descended from a mixed magical heritage?

Also, would you be willing to tell us a little more about the three royal families again and share a little backstory for them? I know there’s Arthur’s line, the Pendragons. Lot and Pellinore are the leaders of the two other royal lines I think, but I’m not sure of their names or how that whole succession works between the three families.


Have formal universities been founded in Britain yet? If not, could an intelligent Guen become a benefactor for the first one?

Actually, come to think of it, there could be a lot of different causes that Guens with different personalities and interests could invest in with her personal funds! An intelligent Guen could not only support universities, but also alchemical laboratories and libraries. A warrior Guen, guard training and blacksmithing guilds. A fashionista Guen, cloth merchants and tailors throughout the realm. A kind-hearted Guen, public hospitals, soup kitchens, orphanages, and almshouses. Maybe even an option to pursue several causes.

Just a thought. :smiley: The options could work either towards or against Arthur’s vision.


Not to mention a Guen who makes investments in gambling dens, brothels, and bars…


Or antisocial Guen who shuns the public and spends her free time locked in her room brooding over her expensive bedsheets.


Do we dare? Do we get the Egyptian cotton?


They would make rather excellent rope to rappel down the side of our bedroom window and leave the castle :wink:


Yes! Ninja-Guen! Can we do this as an actual thing?
Honestly I just want my Warrior-Guen to conquer the isles in the name of…hmmm I actually don’t know yet. The cause will come at some point I’ll just tell the soldiers “loot that way!”


makes plans for a future Guen who was committed to Arthur or Morgana

Let’s see, wounds caused by Meligaunt’s sword doesn’t heal.

And given it is part of the Arthurian cycle…well, after his little…affair…with Morgana…I can see my furious making sure Arthur won’t be able to sire children ever again.

The best thing? Merlin’s magic will be ineffective in…restoring…Arthur to his old self.

I won’t clog this thread with any big fanfic, but I admit I was thinking if Guen faces the situation with Arthur. Obviously this isn’t canon.

[spoiler]Guen sighed, running a hand through her hair. She was finally done with the last supplicants after she held court, and as usual Arthur was nowhere to be seen.

Because he has better things to do, she grumbled to herself. However, her frown lifted now that she could spend a little time to talk with Morgana who had arrived earlier that morning. Ever since her wedding day, Morgana had been her most steadfast friend in Camelot.

Guenevere moved down the hall, briefly pondering where her sister-in-law could be, when she heard the pitter patter of little feet. Unconsciously, she bent her knees slightly to give her fae cat a scritch behind his ears. Her smile widened as Sir Fluffy’s purrs echoed in the hall.

“I’m glad I could brighten someone’s day,” Guen said teasingly.

As if remembering something, Fluffy leapt forward, and turned his head, looking at Guen questioningly, “Rowr?”

“Something the matter?” she asked.

“Merowr!” Fluffy replied. With one paw, he snagged the hem of Guen’s dress, and started to pull it forward.

“Something you want to shw me?” Guen asked, wishing she had taken Merlin’s offer to learn how to brew a speak to animals potion.

“Meow!” answered Fluffy positively, and he started to pad toward her bedrooms.

Guen’s eyes narrowed as she remembered the last person to enter her room uninvited: Sir Meligaunt. Her hand dropped down to Widowmaker, the name she gave to the sword which formerly belonged to Meligaunt. One cut from it, and the wound would never heal.

She quickly chased after her cat, making only one stop with a passing servant, telling him to find Lancelot, and rouse some of the palace guards. Satisfied with her plans, Guen closed the distance and saw her bedroom door was closed. Quietly, she put her hand on the handle…only to find it locked. Then she heard some high-pitched cries from in there, one of which sounded like Morgana.

“Fluffy, break it down!” Guen ordered.

MEROWR!” roared her fae cat, growing until it was larger than the biggest lion, and smashed through the door. Guenevere quickly followed behind…only to come to a halt as she saw Arthur and Morgana in the same bed, blankets wrapped up tight and covering their nakedness.

“What is the meaning of this?” Guen yelled, her voice matching Fluffy’s from just a moment before.

Arthur raised up a placating hand, stammering “I can explain…” while Morgana blushed, and pulled the blankets over her head.

“Explain? There is no explanation for defiling our marital bed!” Guen growled in rising fury. She pulled out Widowmaker, it’s edge glowing red, its malevolence matching her mood.

Arthur rolled out of the bed, his hand reaching out for his scabbarded sword…only to meet with air as Fluffy darted faster than any human could, and batted the blade aside…and out the nearby window.

“Guen, please…stop…please,” cried Morgana from the right side of the bed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll attend to you next,” Guenevere said, keeping her eyes focused on Arthur. Guenevere circled her husband, calculating his most likely defensive move when shouts filled the hallway. Suddenly Lancelot entered the room with several guards, and assorted castle stuff on his heels.

“I’m here,” Lancelot then shutting up as he took in Arthur and Morgana’s nakedness. Then his eyes saw Guenevere’s sword raised high and the fury on the queen’s face.

“Put down the sword,” Lancelot taking a tentative step forward, but stopping when Fluffy hissed at him.

“Why should I?” Guenever said, her eyes still focused on Arthur.

“Because I don’t want you to die for regicide,” Lancelot said quietly. He glanced at his best friend and the step-sister, “I…I can see they have dishonored you, and they will pay for it…but not this way.”

To Arthur’s relief, Guen lowered her sword. Sighing, she sheathed her sword, though she could feel a wave of disapproval from Widowmaker, disappointment that its thirst for blood won’t be filled this night.

“Throw them both in the dungeon,” Guenever said.

“You…you can’t do that,” uttered Arthur.

“Oh yes I can,” Guenevere smiled bitterly, “You might be king, but you are still bound by the laws of the Goddess. And this, my dear husband, counts as adultery. There are more than enough witnesses to attest to that.”

Character relationships in game

Your whole post nearly made me cry. Lol my Guen loves Morgana and if that actually happened between Arthur and Morgana, she’d be heartbroken :cry:


Yes, definitely. Light magic can’t cure mental trauma, mental illness, or mental disability, but it can help a lot. Both Morgana’s mom (Ygraine) and Lancelot’s mom went to Avalon after traumatic experiences and found comfort there.[quote=“gia, post:8591, topic:1996”]
Will Arthur’s relationship with Morgana be impacted if you choose to have an affair with her?
Depends on how you handle it, but less so than an affair with Lancelot. The Mordred issue has a lot more potential to drive Arthur and Morgana apart, depending on how Guen handles it.[quote=“gia, post:8591, topic:1996”]
Conversely, how will a Guen tht has feelings for both of them be handled?
This can be tough, as Guen will sometimes be forced to choose between the two in small ways, but in the long run her influence will be able to keep Arthur and Morgana on good terms, even if she has feelings for, or is romantically or sexually involved with, both of them.

No updates to the game (I’ll change the thread title when that happens.)[quote=“darkwolf76, post:8593, topic:1996”]
So are the abilities to perform light and dark magic from one inherited “magic” trait that allows you to do either, or do you inherit the abilities of the two different magic separately?
They’re separate but related, and they’re also not necessarily genetic. The best analogy I can think of right now is singing and playing the piano (where singing is like light magic and piano is like dark magic). Both could fall under “musical aptitude,” and plenty of people who can do one might also have aptitude for the other, whether they train in it or not. But there are plenty of singers who can’t play piano, and piano players who aren’t the greatest singers. A child of musical/magical parents has a good chance of inheriting those aptitudes, but might not; conversely, a child of non-musical parents might unexpectedly have a great deal of musical aptitude. (Magic ability is not the same as the bloodline-powers passed down in the noble families.) Hope that helps!

I’m keeping that to myself for now, because I’m evil :smiling_imp:, but I do have it all written out and you will get the full story toward the beginning of book 3. The three lines are the Pendragons, the Lothians, and the Arimitheans aka Pellinores.

Rome has universities in the Guenverse, but I don’t think Britain has them as such (unless I change my mind later). Education after childhood is more of an apprenticeship system. There ARE large libraries at Avalon and in Londinion, with communities of “loremasters” surrounding them, so those are sort of proto-universities, but people just go there for knowledge rather than anything like a degree. So theoretically maybe a Guen could help turn one of the libraries into something more like an institution of higher education?

And sure, Guen supporting favored programs/causes makes a ton of sense! If it seems appropriate and not too plot-stopping to incorporate that somewhere, I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:

Guen sneaking out of the castle on bedsheets does seem like the kind of thing that happens in this story. Right now I’m not sure where it would fit in specifically in future installments, but you never know. And there’s some sneaking options in the Frankmarch branch if you choose to do it.

Don’t worry, Arthur and Morgana will absolutely not choose to have sex with each other; they’re both repulsed at the thought, and the revulsion will only get worse after it happens.


Oh thank god! I only know a little part of that story from the description of this song:

And I was kinda scared this of would actually happen. Incest creeps me the f*ck out!


Oh thank the goddess for small blessings!! jumps happily


Same here same here ugh


Wait, when exactly Mordred born by the way?