Guenevere (WIP)


She’s good in the Magic Treehouse children’s book series . :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen magic treehouse in all of forever!


THIS IS THE SERIES THAT GOT ME INTO MY LOVE OF READING!!! For the life of me I can’t tell you what what the stories were about but I remember I loved them a lot!

I really just picture my Guen with curly/wavy blond hair with blue eyes.


My Guen is a complete self-insert. (SELFIE TIME)

Hail Queen Guenevere! Now, why is there an Asian noblewoman in pre-modern Europe?

Arthur is Shawn Mendes because they’re both young and sweet-natured brunettes who remind me of puppies. Also I like the idea of being married to Shawn Mendes.

Lancelot is generic attractive blonde guy #4532

Morgana, I picture Beren Saat


The hair is perfect, that’s my new canon Morgana hair.


Hahaha you guys are awesome :smile:


[quote=“mistylavenda, post:8550, topic:1996”]Now, why is there an Asian noblewoman in pre-modern Europe?

There is evidence of Asians in medieval Europe and Guen’s marriage is of political gain. It total works to have another race especially when you consider Europeans wanted to conquer the world by any means (marriage, war, etc).

Oh, gosh, your image of Lancelot~ That is the exact image of him in my headcannon. :heart_eyes:


Just the other day, they found a Chinese skeleton in Roman Britain ruins … so ya; totally possible to have an Asian noblewoman in the Gueneverse.


Idk why but I always picture Lance with brown hair ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I guess my mind has to subconsciously balance out all the brunettes. :stuck_out_tongue:


I picture Morgana’s physical appearance exactly like Katie McGrath. That’s what happens when you watch the BBC Merlin.


misty!Gwen taking a brief moment of respite near the royal chamberpots during a busy day of court.

(Y’all like my shower curtains?)


I, oddly enough think of Arthur looking slightly like myself (dirty blonde, blue eyes and plain looking) whereas Lancelot looks what I would rather look like. So it’s an interesting dynamic for my own personal headcanon. I’m automatically more sympathetic to Arthur and critical of him at the same time, whereas I take Lancelot at face value and tend to give him the benefit of the doubt.


My Guen looks as close to me as possible to fulfill my power fantasy of a plain Jane charming handsome, powerful men with only her wits and as a result, gaining considerable political leverage throughout the land.


omg you guys, I always love seeing and reading about so many different Guen concepts!! :smile: I’m sorry I can’t respond to every single one of them, but they make me really happy!

@Jaxx Havenstone is The Actual Best and has always been wonderfully supportive of Guenevere (just search for him in this thread). As for me, I am a CoR fan and can’t wait for it to be finished! :slight_smile:

@Vanessa_Pang Punctuation craziness! As @wonderfulcarpet says, the tiny difference of a semicolon turns “don’t you” from a tag question to a separate clause. If it were a tag question (with just a comma), then yeah, it would be better for the main sentence to start “Do you…” but as a separate clause, it’s grammatically fine. But please keep letting me know if you spot anything that seems weird – I do have plenty of typos, and even if something’s not actually wrong, it’s still good for me to know if it’s making the reader pause for a second to figure it out.

Always good advice. :slight_smile:[quote=“SoleWanderer, post:8501, topic:1996”]
I wonder if we’ll have the option to let Arthur know what’s going on or not.
You will have that option at the end of part 2 (to tell Arthur about an affair with either Morgana or Lancelot).

Same-sex affairs aren’t considered treason in the Guenverse because they don’t produce illegitimate children. That said, an affair with Morgana made public would still be a scandal that would bring Guen’s moral character into question (just not as much as an affair with Lancelot, which could theoretically be an executable offense due to possible contamination of bloodlines – opposite-sex affairs are considered WAY WORSE than same-sex). In any case, Guen will not automatically die as a result of either possible affair.

Still true. :slight_smile: Just going to be a long wait.

That’s pretty much how it works for me when I’m writing the story. :slight_smile:

@mistylavenda (and I guess also @Skagit?) I love your self-insert, and I have said many times that this is FANTASY and the beauty of a text-only game is that you can picture the characters as having any racial background, without any need for “historical” justification (cause it’s fantasy!!!) – unless the historical justification also makes you happy, which is perfectly good too. :relaxed: It’s part of why I would never make Guenevere over into a Visual Novel (even though more than one person has suggested it and I’d love to try writing a VN someday) – I really want readers to be able to picture not just Guen, but all the other characters, however they like!


Thank you for responding!

And yay for not getting burn at the stake!! :joy:


That’s my favorite topic ever. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Okay so…Guenevere as Reign cast: a post.

Guen as Mary, obviously.

Arthur as Francis.

Lance as Louis.

Morgana as Kenna.

It’s a good thing I can imagine all ships.<imgsrc="/uploads/choiceofgames/original/3X/5/1/51d579b46807504ec3a1b1f609e8e7707135dfce.gif" width=“500” height=“200”>


For the other mains, I can’t decide if I like William Moseley or Logan Lerman more as Arthur:

For Lance, I imagine someone like Jonathan Bailey, if slightly younger in appearance:

For Morgana, I tend to imagine Morrigan from Dragon Age, but realistically, I imagine someone like Samantha Barks:


Have any of you seen the Camelot musical? Its Arthur is how I always see him, even if he’s kind of old for this game’s version of him.


It’s Arthur as he will look like in the later parts…