Guenevere (WIP)


So here’s a new topic for you guys. What do you think your Guen looks like? Care to share? I think my guen would have brown hair and soft brown eyes and have a very sweet looking face. :heart_eyes:


my Guen has black hair with brown eyes. her eyes are often unfocused since her head is often in the clouds. but sparkles when something interesting and fun comes up.
so she kinda looks dumb most of the time, then seldom looks like an overly excited kid.

she’s a lot like Arthur, so she loves him.
but still, she’s little bit smarter, more romantic, more of a thrill seeker than Arthur, so she ends up falling in love with Lancelot.

also, at the end of half of second book, she’s pissed at Arthur for his stupidity.

Morgana is her best friend for now since Morgana doesn’t like to have romantic relationship with Guen as long as she’s with Lancelot.


My Guen has pale skin, black hair and heterochromatic blue/green eyes. She’s easygoing but has insane focus when needed and hides her insecurities with sarcasm. Her best weapon is her brain.


This is the only Guinevere I can really picture:


Omg, wow, that is exactly how I’ve always pictured Guen and I’ve never seen that painting. Thanks for sharing it!


Yeah, I’ve pictured my Guen exactly like that too lol :joy:


When I imagine my Guen, she has pale, freckled skin with dark hair and blue/slightly greenish eyes. Like this picture of Kaya Scodelario:

Like she’s always had a more calm and collected appearance, but has the occasional playful glint in her eyes and a warrior’s stance since she was close to her father growing up. She sees Arthur as a sweet guy, but I’m uncertain about whether she would see him in a romantic light or not. For now, she’s in a relationship with Morgana. The situation with Lance frustrates her to no end, and she sees him as nothing but a friend and hopes to keep him as one when this whole debacle passes.


Oh god, Arthur’s reaction to a gay Guen is the best :joy::joy::joy:


I think my Guen would have black hair, brown eyes, light/ fair skin. She would look serious/focused/have a smile on her face. She’s very dutiful but overall happy. She is in love with Arthur and wants to be friends with Lancelot but whatever connection they have is making it hard, she’s friends with Morgana. She’s very brave, likes to be involved in things that usual queens don’t be in, and likes to help out.
Something like this;


Kind of a odd assumption in my mind but since she’s light magic and Morgana is dark magic I mentally assume that my Guen has lighter hair and Morgana has darker hair. Is that weird?


It’s not weird at all but it actually makes sense and I haven’t thought about that! That sounds awesome.


Here are a few Morgana paintings:

I can’t decide which one I like best.


I like the first one :smile:


It’s hard to think of versions of Morgana/Morgan Le Fay who aren’t evilllllllllllll outside Guenevere.


Wow you guys have such pretty looking guens :heart_eyes:


Am I the only one who doesn’t really imagine Guen’s appearance? I dunno, I never really care about the MC’s appearance in any story where I’m playing the MC—kind of like I don’t really think about my own appearance so much, I just kind of imagine the inside of Guen’s head instead of the front of it…


Given that I have been playing Guen as a stern warrior-queen who is a master swordswoman, I picture her as looking similar to Artoria Pendragon from Fate:

By extension, I picture Evil!Guen as looking similar to Saber Alter:


I commissioned my two main guens a while back:


I picture my Guen as hot on the outside, but really tough on the inside (and with pink hair for some reason). Behold my Guen :smile:


Most interesting question and I love to see other’s representations. I’m Biracial myself so I always like to imagine the heroine in stories to look a little like me since for the longest time I could get in nowhere else. Light chestnut curls, light brown eyes that change colors in the sun, soft fawn skin. My Guen is carefree with an easy smile; however, when tested is always ready to fire back with a clever (if not snarky) remark.