Guenevere (WIP)

By getting rid of ingredients instead of saving them? Wow Merlin, how’d you know we’d come across chicken?

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He is the Cheese lover Time traveler From the planet Hollywood lol

In some stories the dude ages backwards and has knowledge of the future the way most people have knowledge of the past.

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Not to mention I know of a few stories where Merlin was the son of the Devil, but rebelled against the designs of his father. I mean, you know few nobles would antagonize a wizard/druid named Merlin Satanspawn


I’m coming off a Dragon Age binge so all this talk of cheese wheels has me thinking about Alistair. Which brings me to the realization that Alistair basically is Arthur. Unknown bastard son of a king, quirky, playful, and boyish…the tendency to frustratingly naive but you can’t really blame them cause their heart is in the right place. Weird.

Video game nerd rambling aside I feel like Merlin’s return is going to be the embodiment of that gif of the guy with the pizza walking back into the burning room. You guys know the one.


“I should have given them more carrots!”


That Donald Glover gif never gets old. :joy:

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woww this is amazing – plz tell me iy is still active

The author posted just 5 days ago. It’s active, but this is a huge, huge project.

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He noticed that the cellerar had brought out the good wine. And he gave Guen a carrot. :slight_smile:

Indeed. Most Merlin things do actually have an explanation, though you don’t always get the explanation. He’s not nearly as random as he seems.

My Merlin is half fae, which is almost unheard-of in the Guenverse, but it’s meant to be a nod to the old demon/devil-son background. He doesn’t live backwards, but he does experience time a bit weirdly.

The cheese wheels are an intentional tribute to Bioware, and I suppose Arthur and Alistair do have a lot in common… though I try to make Arthur less awkward; unlike Alistair, Arthur doesn’t doubt himself, and he’s perfectly happy to throw himself headfirst into the kingship. But yeah, both rather innocent and childlike for sure. :slight_smile:

Depends on how well Guen did her job. She had a magic carrot, after all. :relaxed:

@juviolsnow Thank you!! Yep, still active; it’s just (as @295Phoenix says) a huge project, and I have a demanding day job. You can follow my progress, or lack thereof, on my blog: This month’s progress report will be better than last month’s, in spite of my job currently being out of control.


Hehehe… curse my overactive imagination!

At the Battle of Camlann:

Arthur: Guen… I still… love you…

Guen: [wearing black armour and wielding Meligaunt’s sword] I’ve been wanting to do this ever since that stupid wedding, and now you go and spoil the moment? Idiot! [decapitates him]

Merlin: [suddenly appears] Hey, Arthur, I found Excalibur’s scabbard and you’ll never guess where it… [drops it with a horrified expression]

Guen: [looks up from chopping Arthur’s body into bite-sized pieces for her fae beast] Ugh… what do you want?

Merlin: Guenevere, what have you done?! England is in ruins!

Guen: Where you see ruins, I see the birthplace of a mighty empire that will conquer the world! Mwahahaha!

Merlin: How could this have come to pass? I gave you the carrot!

Guen: Wha… what are you talking about, you senile old fool?

Merlin: The carrot! What happened to the carrot?!

Guen: Oh, that thing… [nonchalantly picks up Excalibur] I ate it.

Merlin: You ate it?! Nooooooooooo- [is decapitated Count Dooku-style]


@jeantown Yay for progress! :grinning: There’s hope that Book II may be finished before I hit middle age (which will not be for another 20 years, BTW)! :joy: :wink:

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I know you’re working as fast as you can. I’m just really excited, especially for Book III. So much drama, so much controversy.

Yeah, it will be interesting to write those Guencaps, and maybe cathartic in a way…definitely some real-life inspiration to draw from. Not the non-consensual sex, I don’t mean that!

Like…Ruthless Guen genuinely likes Morgana and yet is still going to manipulate her into hating Arthur forever. Part of it is for her own goals which are to Ruthless Guen more important than any person, and part of it is that she thinks she’s helping Morgana in the long-run, fixing a problem she lacks the perception to see. I’ve been on the receiving end of that before. And what do you make of something like that? Like when you look at it it from a certain angle maybe she was being a good friend, but from another it’s seriously messed up. And only in a Choice game do you actually get the privilege of finding out whether you’re better off because of what they did or not.

Wow, that got more rambly and personal than I intended when I started. Ah, whatever. :slight_smile:


@Asura :laughing: I hope it will be exactly like that.

@buggygirl11 Thank you! I suppose there are worse things than my players aging along with Guen… though I do very much hope Guen will turn 40 before you do. :slight_smile: I really can’t wait to see how each of your Guens deals with the events in part 3. And yes, I think/hope it will be possible for Guen to genuinely care about Morgana but also try to drive Morgana and Arthur apart. Argh, I want to be writing 3 already soooooo much!!!


I think by the time part 3 comes out Guen will be about my age, I think? Assuming the best of course. It’s a cool idea to grow along with the character.

(And off-topic but I recently played the Princess Arthur game and let me tell you I will never cheat on Guenevere again. That was…an interesting experience.)


I played Dragon Age Origins recently, too, and couldn’t stop thinking about the parallels, all the way down to the infamous “Excuse me, may I break your heart and borrow Alistair for a little bit to make a demon baby?” by the witchy witchy Morrigan.

Bioware, u so original :blush: :kissing_heart:


Just wanted to point out that I’ve never seen this thread quiet this long…

Jean’s likely had a busy couple of weeks, I’m sure things are fine. :slight_smile:

Yep, things are fine; I’ve just been even more overwhelmed than usual with work stuff. But I had a couple of really good writing days earlier in the month, and I finished denouement scene #2! In significantly fewer words than expected! (I ended up combining two planned conversations into one, with no loss of content, and I think it works a lot better this way.)

So now I just have the Michaelsmount solo version and denouement scene #3 – which will be MUCH longer and take more time, since it’s the final conversations (including maybe more possible sex scenes) with the Main Three, and there will be a lot of different things that they and Guen might want to talk about. But still, having only two scenes left – even two long, complicated scenes – is exciting. :grin:

If only I didn’t have so very much to do for work right now… like I am pretty much doing work stuff every evening and weekend at the moment, but it should let up in a few weeks. I hope.


Arthur: “Guen! I’m so glad you’re safe…”
Me: “Not now Arthur, I’ll be in my room…with your sister…for the next week…”
Arthur turns to Lance “I’m glad they’re such good friends”
Lance: sigh “Oh Arthur…”

I can’t even express how excited I am at the idea of this book being finished :joy:


I don’t recall if you were asked or answered this question in the past, but… would Arthur having deathproof armour up until the final chapter have something to do with Excalibur’s scabbard and it being stolen before the Battle of Camlann?

Also, if Cat Sìdhe, Cŵn Annwn, and giants exist in this world, what other supernatural creatures do?

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