Guenevere (WIP)

Poor Arthur. My Guen will be likely jumping on the guy the moment she’s saved him from Evil Sword stuff… hopefully.

Hey uh perhaps I’m missing something rather obvious, but how would you be able to see the game code for this?

Oh and I’m sorta ‘back’
I’m not entirely sure if I’ve been gone but something something good old days of Dropbox hosting?

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Firefox: select “Web Console” from the Web Developer submenu in the Firefox Menu


Ah thank you, and just a smol follow- up I probably should’a included originally, is it possible to see the game code on a mobile device?

Unfortunately, to my knowledge, it’s not possible to see the compiled game’s code through the phone :disappointed:

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An cool don’t worry haha, I can just see it later! I just sorta wanted to see if much had been updates since I last saw it ages ago, and even skipping to chapter 2 is kinda long.

Does if currently end right after you make the decisions with Lancelot to go to the castle, rescue Morgana etc.?

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Yeah, it’s still ending right after this scene, but the author told us that there are only two huge scenes left to write for book II


Ahh I played this a while back (glad to see it’s still being actively updated! :smiley:) aaand here is my review!

Firstly, historical lore/mythology has always been fascinating to me, so works like this are always a treat :yum: I’ll admit the gender locked MC threw me off at first, since the usual trend in (recent) COGs seem to be more liberal w character personalization, but I understand that making this particular MC gender flexible might be too much a pull away from its mythological background. Besides, Guen being able to restrict/extend her abilities beyond ‘traditional’ roles of a Queen is good enough for me :sweat_smile:

The main characters are well characterized. Arthur is a sweetheart, but really very idealistic and naive for a 17 - 20 in Book 3? - King, which I assume is intentional. I was planning to play Guen as a calculating, manipulative Queen, but Arthur is just too nice for me to not feel guilty doing that… :’) I chose to kill the enemy king in Book 1 but not lie to Arthur, which really damaged the relationship stat(?) Realistically, Arthur would be the only choice for me since it’s unlikely Guen would ever stop being his wife and Queen, and any other relationship she chooses to persue would come secondary… And Arthur really hasn’t done anything to deserve that either… :sweat_smile: But oh well, this is a game, isn’t it?

Lancelot is the classic charming, handsome and shining knight who is just a little too obsessed w his Queen (wait, but did the trope actually originate from him lmao? I’ll admit my Arthurian lore is rusty…). The attraction between him and Guen feels rail-roaded but certainly enhances the plot (conspiracy theories anyone?) Aaand his guilt is delicious (wait, what?) Also, I’m probably not the first one to notice this, but Lance seems to have a history w Arthur?? From wedding ‘advice’ to the depth of his guilt regarding his attraction… Honestly, I’d love the idea of playing Guen to either end up w Morgana or rule alone as a powerful Queen, while Lance and Arthur get together :’) Maybe I’m just too weak for the childhood friends trope…

Morgana is great, but for me, I feel her character isn’t as fleshed out as Arthur and Lance’s? She seems more of a guiding mentor NPC, from her wedding advice to dark magic advisor (since I went for leadership + dark magic stats). Other than the fact that she’s a mother to two children, married to King Lot, dark magic sorceress and Arthur’s sister, I don’t really feel a concrete personality for her (other than her cynicism countering her brother’s idealism)… However, I hope we get to learn more about her backstory, including the nature of her marriage to King Lot and maybe even interaction w her sons! Meanwhile I’ll be continuing shamelessly trying to romance all 3 ROs

Other characters such as Merlin, Lady Vivian, Duchess Tilda, the villains(?) serve their purpose, even if they are not particularly interesting themselves. But that may be because we’ve been mostly focusing on Guen + 3 ROs and action sequences, and we’re only 2 out of 7(?) books in, right? That should be plenty of time for fleshing out of (more) minor characters and even potential new ROs? Hehe.

All in all, this is an enjoyable demo with remarkable potential! Good luck and keep up the good word, author!! :blush:


meeeeee too :slight_smile:

Oh, gosh, “plot armor” is just a meta-term meaning that the character is required in order for the plot to work, and therefore can’t be killed. Arthur doesn’t literally have death-proof armor. :slight_smile: That said, the magic scabbard will appear in some worldstates and not in others, depending on Guen’s choices.

Just wait for the enchanted forest in part 3. :grimacing: Soooo looking forward to that!

@ohmyvalar Thank you for the detailed review! :smiley: I’m glad you enjoyed the game, and I hope you’ll like the next part when it’s ready!


Ah… I figured that’s what you meant, I just wondered if you were going to use the scabbard since it would provide a handy in-universe explanation for said plot armour.

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I’ve been following this story for a while now, but I am going make an actual post to show another form of my love :kissing_heart:

Arthurian legends have always been at the height of my fantasies but I did not succumb to its deviously seductive ways until my brother came home with a copy of The Mists of Avalon, one day. This little masterpiece you are penning has allowed me to experience the tales in an entirely new light (not to mention a chance to court the enchantress of me dreams~). The three loves routes are written with such immaculate care and flow so fluidly within the story that I can see you have really dedicated your time to making each route it’s own little oasis. Awesome job so far, my friend! :+1:

P.s. Every time I get to the part of Guen noticing that Morgana cut her nails shorter I giggle madly. My brain is all like, “She knows”. Which makes me curious how exactly she knows. :laughing:


This is the first WIP that I’ve ever played and I have to say that I love it!!!
I love the first half of book II, especially the sheep and doppelganger part. I laughed a lot at those parts, it’s hilarious and heartwarming at the same time :joy:

Thank you and good luck for this project :slight_smile:


So I’ve heard about this epic Guenevere WIP a fair amount of times on the forums now, so I decided I might as well give it a try. I’ve by no means tried out every route or even reached what’s available of the second book, but this is excellent.

It may be a long time from now, but I am excited to play through this epic saga of seven books. Hopefully I’ll have more informed opinions once I get a better grasp on the story (and ideally not suggest things that have already been considered in this massive thread).


Please forgive me if these questions have already been asked, I’m only somewhere around 4000 with this thread.


  1. How… aware, I think the word is, is Arthur of the fact that his sister is basically trading her good name/reputation away to help him? (For example when the Mordred conception happens does someone have to explain that it’d be frightfully easy (at least comparably) for people to be convinced that Morgana is responsible/meant for it to happen)

  2. How aware is Lancelot of the fact that the better/more visible of a sorceress Morgana gets the more of a backlash she’ll get if anything ever goes wrong/someone decides to put the blame on the kingdom’s “evil sorceress”

  3. How aware are both/either of them that the… older (more senile) … Merlin gets the more pressure is placed on Morgana to take his role in dark magic at least because someone needs to know something about it? Because yeah- if given a choice between Morgana or Merlin for an explanation or support Merlin may have reputation but Morgana is more reliable of an option right now.

  4. Bridging off the above how aware are those two in regards to the fact that they kind of use Morgana a lot? Just something that struck me that frequently the rest of the cast with the exception of Guen if she chooses don’t seem to remember that dark magic takes from energy from the user. Like at the council meeting when Morgana has to outright speak up to get Merlin to do the spellcrafting despite her apparently being dead on her feet given that she’ll go sleep most of the day after. And given what she says in book II if you talk to her after the sheep incident that appears to be normal


I can’t wait for this game to be finished. Just because I want to see Guen’s baby, I also want to go through the Guinivere infedilty accusation because that gonna be dramtic.
Speaking of Guen’s baby, if it’s hers with Lanclelot will Arthur be able to tell?
Anyhow, I understand how much work is being put into this game and playing the demo every few works hasn’t gotten old yet. So great game, can’t wait till you update.


@jeantown I’m doing a playthrough as myself, and…I selected that I’m asexual and “never felt any romantic attraction but can still have deep and meaningful relationships.” Still, I caved into the massive social pressure and have been having sex with Arthur to produce an heir. But in the intro to Book II, the only option to say that we’ve still been trying (“He visits my bedroom whenever he can, and, scandalous as it is, I’ve also sneaked into his from time to time.”) strongly implies that I’ve been enjoying it. I may love Arthur, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I love having sex with him.

Maybe the game missed something because I didn’t tell Arthur I’m not interested in sex?

Just a continuity error I thought I’d point out. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! I’m still dealing with extreme crunch time at work, so I apologize for not being able to reply to stuff very quickly. Things should calm down in 2-3 weeks.

@Skagit Thank you so much for all of your kind words! :smile: I’m happy you liked the fingernails part; it was fun to write. And happy you’re enjoying the Morgana path and the game overall. I hope you’ll like the next part when it’s finally ready!

@Vee Thank you to you as well! The sheep and the doppelgangers were also a lot of fun to write; it’s good to know they’re appreciated. :relaxed:

@Shawnheatherly I’m so glad you decided to play it; thank you! :relaxed: Suggestions are always welcome, and I don’t mind hearing the same suggestion more than once – in fact, that usually means I take it more seriously.

@Grundpfeiler Ok, let me see what I can do…

A little, but he doesn’t see the full scale of it. Arthur admires Morgana so much that he doesn’t see how potentially vulnerable she is. In his mind, she’s so powerful that she shouldn’t have to be afraid of anything. And yes, in the long run, people may very well begin to see her in a more negative light, perhaps even to the point of blaming her for Mordred.

Lancelot is more attuned to this than Arthur, though he, too, suffers from excessive confidence. He’s capable of imagining a torches-and-pitchforks uprising against Morgana, but he’s not too worried about it at the moment. After Mordred comes along, we should see him being more protective of Morgana and her family.

Arthur knows that dark magic takes a toll on Morgana, but he doesn’t see just how much of a toll it takes. Arthur’s primary exposure to dark magic is through Merlin, and Merlin doesn’t pay the same price because he’s half-fae. I doubt that Arthur thinks much about Merlin’s possible decline; Merlin’s always been there for him and has always been somewhat crazy. (Arthur could be in for a shock eventually, depending on choices.) Arthur certainly recognizes that Morgana is more useful than Merlin in a battle. Lancelot is much more attuned to how tiring dark magic is for Morgana, but he doesn’t want to make her decisions for her. If she wants to use her magic, he’s not going to try to stop her – but you’ll notice that he does little things to try to help her, when he can.

@WishingforDragons thank you!! :smile: I also very much want to see Guen’s baby, and all the drama of the accusation (there are going to be SO many variables I will have to take into account by then; it’s going to be insane).

Arthur will not be able to tell unless Guen hasn’t had sex with him, in which case even Arthur isn’t naive enough to think that a stork brought the baby. If Guen has had sex with Arthur (within the appropriate time frame), she will be able to tell him or not. She’ll know immediately whether the baby is Arthur’s or Lancelot’s.

@buggygirl Yikes, that definitely needs to be fixed. I need to overhaul the tent conversation with Arthur yet again, because I want to make it possible for any Guen (allosexual, hetero, whatever) who DID have sex with Arthur to tell him she doesn’t want to have sex with him again (for whatever reason), or that she only wants to do it for babies. At that point, I will make an “only for babies” flag (which I think doesn’t currently exist, unless I made it and forgot?), and then I can use that to change the language you’re talking about. Thanks for pointing that out; I doubt I would have caught it!


@jeantown I’ll write a more detailed review the next time I have time for a new playthrough, but suffice to say that the second part of Book 2 is my most anticipated game of 2017/2018. :smiley: Non-open world RPGs are too rare these days.

buggygirl11’s post reminded me: out of curiosity, sometime last year I played until the beginning of Book 2 with a Guen who didn’t sleep with Arthur in the first chapter. I’d chosen dialogue options that indicated that she was apprehensive about marriage and wasn’t attracted to him, and that if she was ever going to have sex with him, it’d be in order to produce an heir. Yet when they slept together after the lamb incident, they were “overwhelmed” (?) by finally being so close and it was implied (or outright said; I can’t remember the exact wording) that Guen had been looking forward to it.

As I said, my memory’s fuzzy on the details, and it wasn’t a big deal, but I remember that the scene gave me momentary pause when I encountered it.


The fact that ur still going w the story despite being sick makes me inspired to keep pushing through surgeries ur awesome!


This has most likely been mentioned before; so forgive me for my ignorance, but I’m rather curious now with all the talk about babies and such. There are many different doctrines to the Arthurian Legends, which one are you basing the bulk of this story off of? Or are there many you find influence from?

I ask this question for just a bit of clarity on my part. There are so many different tales that my mind swirls at just the thought. For example, most tell of Guinevere failing to produce an heir during her marriage to King Arthur. Then there is the whole Morgause/Morgana le Fay debate on whether they are the same person or not and which one produced Modred with Arthur.

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