Guenevere (WIP)

IIRC, Morgause was Arthur’s half-sister and Mordred’s mother, and Morgan le Fay was her sister and an enemy of Arthur. Modern authors seem to conflate them.

The last time I played, or even thought, about this WIP was in 2014. And now I come back to COG three years later, and you’re still going. It’s really so amazing! I’m just about to hop on to the demo and back into the world, but first I just wanted to comment and saw how much awe I am in of you!


@Morwinyon Thank you!! :smile:

Agreed… I prefer plot over sandbox any day. :slight_smile:

Yeeeeeah I really need to go back over all of that stuff and do a lot of fine-tuning. Thanks for letting me know where the discontinuity popped up for you; I’ve added it to my file of things to fix.

@hapamama93 Thank you! Surgeries are no fun (well, I do kind of enjoy the 10 minutes or so of waking up afterward and being high on anesthetic, but otherwise no fun at all). I hope things are going okay for you and that you will push exactly as much as is healthy for you!

No one in particular; one of the fun things about Arthurian stuff is that you can pretty much do whatever you want with it… to be honest I’ve read more of the medieval material than contemporary retellings – like I really did read all of Malory for a class in college, along with a bunch of other stuff that all got pleasantly mushed together in my mind. Of course, anyone familiar with The Once and Future King (or Disney’s Sword in the Stone), or The Mists of Avalon, will notice some obvious derivations. But Malory is still in many ways my touchstone, whether I’m making things fit with tradition or (more often) deliberately breaking tradition.

Just depends on the version; like many before me, I’ve combined Morgause and Morgana for my version (as I will also be combining Elaines, and as I combined Maleagant and the Giant of Mont-St.-Michel). No right or wrong way to do it; this just seemed to be what worked for me.

@teddybears Thanks for revisiting! Unfortunately, the game may not actually have updated since the last time you played; I’ve been working on it ever since, more or less, off and on through illness and other life challenges, but I want to wait to post the rest of part 2 until it’s all finished. I’m getting there! You can check my progress on my blog: . (though I do need to update the word count page!)


Ah, I clearly understand where you’re coming from. It is true that the legends lend themselves to interpretation from the author which in turn makes the universe so intriguing in my opinion. However, I am still pleased (that’s not the word…), excited? Yeah, excited that a bit of Sir Malory is behind the scenes. His stories featuring the knights of the round table were the cornerstone of my childhood bedtime stories.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I mean no harm or implication that you must need a solid tale to base your own after. I am in love with your world and characters already and I look forward to all your future endeavors. :grin:


TFW I play Symmetra in Overwatch, and my team thinks I’m too powerful to need their support, and the enemy team thinks I’m so overpowered that they focus all their salty hate on me. ._.


Yay!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Only less than 70000 words left until book two is finished! I actually have a question for @jeantown. It’s about Guen’s potential child later in the series. Will they get to play a significant role in the later books when they’re a teenager? Because I think they end up being 16 by the time the series ends, I think.


@darkwolf76 Thank you! :smile: And yes, Guen’s child will be 16 in the final book and will play a significant role if they exist (but the story will be just as interesting if Guen doesn’t have a child; at least, that’s what I’m going to try for).


You’ll ace it. I can’t wait to discover if Poison queen have a child could turn him against his father.


I hope so, since I don’t get to have Morgana’s baby :sob:


Vibrating with excitement over how close it’s getting.


Daily reminder that I love and miss Morgana so much I want to die. :sob:


Just want to drop in a little thank you for getting me out of my little box of playing just male MCs seeing things from the perspective of Guen has first off, made me appreciate different perspectives more, and secondly appreciate female characters way more than I did. Looking forward to purchasing this gem :slight_smile:


Yeah, anaesthetic is the best part - just need to figure out a less painful way of obtaining it :smiley:

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jumps up and down in joy finally got Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Holy Grail in its library. An old Sierra Adventure game, it was the first one I was able to beat without a walkthrough.

Though it wasn’t a shame I couldn’t leave Lancelot trapped in a block of ice for breaking the Lady of the Lake’s heart and still win the game

As with all old Sierra Adventure games where you typed in commands, it isn’t the easiest sort of game to beat, but I still love it…and yeah, a lot of that is probably nostalgia.

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King Arthur is Dead. Long live the Queens. That is all.


Can we add Morgana’s husband to that, then I’ll take the throne and pass the law for marriage equality, formally marry Morgana and rule a new golden age :pensive:


Or Guen as the queen just either undos Morgana’s marriage or exiles/liquidates him…because standing between the Queen and her love is high treason.


I LOVED THAT SIERRA GAME. I love the flower puzzle.


Can you imagine his reaction.

Morgana: Darling I’m taking the children and divorcing you so I can marry the person I love.
L: W-what?
M: Urgh…I. Am. Leaving. You.
L:WHO IS HE? I’ll rip out his innards.
(Gwen walked into the room)
G: Morgana? The carriage is ready. Oh good morning king Loc.
(Morgana walkes over to Gwen and kisses her. Loc stands there gobsmacked)
M: You were saying you wanted to rip out the innards of my new wife.


Unrealistic, my Guen doesn’t talk to the peasant that keeps her wife away from her. Well not with words…maybe with swords or black magic…or rude gestures.