Guenevere (WIP)

Welcome :hugging: I.hope Talia is ok


Thank you, @KiNDERPiSTOL!

@Fallaner Eh, I get sick a lot, so you’ll probably get another chance soon. (Though right now I’m doing well health-wise, just dealing with a lot of craziness at work.) Welcome back!

General update: As I just said, health is good but work is taking over my life atm. I am trying to make a habit of at least writing something – even if it’s just a sentence – every night before I collapse into bed. I’m finally closing in on the end of the consequences scene. Just finished Guen’s (optional) speech informing the people of the overall situation, though it’s going to need some additions and editing.


@poison_mara Thalia (with an h) is in perfect condition, as usual.

@jeantown Well now I just feel embarrassed, haha. Also in my humble opinion, you shouldn’t push yourself unnecessarily. You’re not on a deadline to finish book 2. I think. So no need to push to your own detriment. If you can handle it, great, but you shouldn’t feel bad if you can’t. (In my opinion.)


Glad to hear your health is a little better, and I hope things improve with your work. But I think the idea of little but daily is a sound one. Now if I can adhere to that myself, lol… Good to hear the Consequences section is just about sorted. I know it;s all going to look amazing when it’s sorted, but probably a million times better for you cause it’s your baby. :slight_smile:

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@Fallaner Thanks! I don’t think I’m pushing too hard right now. I do want very badly for 2 to be finished, though, so I can move on to 3!

@derekmetaltron Thank you as well! The “little bit each day” approach does seem to be working pretty well at the moment (some days are better than others).

And now to start on the second denouement scene! Merlin’s back… :slight_smile:


I am ready for my Guen to kick some ass in the war with her brains! :joy:


But brains are so squishy how can you possibly deal damage with that :joy:


With intelligence and strategy :sunglasses:


I know i was trying to be funny the key word being trying i’m not sure how that went i swear i’m funny in real life :sweat_smile::joy:

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:joy: Don’t worry~ I got the joke hahaha

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… is aching? Arthritis must be agonizing for the old geezer… :smirk:


It is way to early in the morning because for a moment I read this as “Arthur-itis”…which would still be bad for poor old Merlin.



Yay! I, for one, could use a chunk of one of his cheese wheels after a long and dangerous adventure! :upside_down:

Though once the cheese is eaten, Merlin’s got some explaining to do. Gallivanting off to the druid’s convention right when the world’s most Obviously Evil ambassadors show up!


What else would you expect from Merlin? He’s weird, maybe senile, probably didn’t even notice ambassadors were around.


Brain Damage. Nods


Merlin probably even hasn’t born yet and he travels for a pararel dimension where cheese is the origin of magical powers and time travel Cheese and vegetables.

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Magical Cheese Powers? How much weirder can Merlin get now? Would explain the random cheese wheel.

Didn’t the story itself explain the cheese wheel? Something about how it has enough life in it to make it a perfect practice target for life magic?

Think about it a flask wine is first signal of love spell
Cheese wheel of power.

And all those ingredients like chicken and that…

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Yeah, maybe Merlin just wants to make a healthy soup and you’re just making it hard on him.