Guenevere (WIP)

We’ve been talking a lot about Arthur lately, but I’m sort of curious about something else - what’s your/your Guen’s impression of Lance? I kind of struggle to get a handle on him personally. I feel like I’ve really given him short shrift when adding to the TV Tropes page because I personally don’t really get much of a read on him. I tend to play my Guen’s as polite, but a bit distant towards him.

  1. My main Guen, the witch queen, is also polite but distant. But she’s disappointed, she keeps hearing how engaging and fun he is, while her interactions with him are always awkward and stiff. She hopes if she breaks the spell, they can just relax and be friendly.

  2. PalaGuen (sword/light magic) is mad for Morgana. She thinks Lance is a pest.

  3. Ruthless Guen (leadership/undecided) thinks Lance is easily manipulated and is going to play the “oh but we can’t!” card to string him along.

  4. Canon Guen is going to be nuts about him just because I do want to see how that path plays out in this version.

  5. For myself, I want to like Lance but because of my personality I’m uncomfortable with that kind of emotionalism or the idea of love at first sight. I think I just don’t get the whole courtly love, grand romance thing, so I sometimes find him a bit silly.


Haha, you’re all way more organized than I am with the gueneverse (love it!!). I first play through with a “what would I do?” mindset, and then subsequent playthroughs are random just to see what other options/endings exist.

Definitely going to have a playthrough that explores whatever’s going on with lance though. I’m curious to see how much he likes guen because of her or because of the rose tinted lens. It’s been a while, but isn’t the majority of his route you basically finding out that you two have an electric touch?
And then having the option to politely back off or be horrible like me and exploit it for his reactions :imp: I wonder if it’s the options that I chose but there’s little dialogue between the two (I kept picking the options that made him silently shiver or kissed him to shut him up hehehe) and yet the guy constantly tells you that he’d die for you.

But ofc, his character is amazingly well written!!! He’s experienced with fighting, and he’s always realistic with the options, like when he tells you to kill the guy instead of saving him like arthur wanted. And at least he’s reliable unlike arthur who knows that you’re the one beside him and yet he still wants to save the guens like!??!?!??!!? oh honey no. At least lance listens to you and actually follows your instructions.


My first Guen loved Arthur and stood loyal to him but at the same time felt sorry for Lance due to his repressed feelings. She’s not happy with the whole love-triangle situation as its quite distracting and troublesome to know her husband’s best friend just happens to be madly in love with her. It also doesn’t help that she’s one of those individuals that always wants to appease everyone… so the temptation of lying with Lance, just to make him a little happier, is always there. Would be ironic to give Arthur a taste of what its like to be too kind to everyone…

I’m still planning on what kind of character my future Guens are going to be… but I’m aiming on making one foccused on Morgana and the other one on Lance and between the two of them, one is going to be a conniving, oportunistic queen and the other is going to be salty at the fact Lance only loves her because he’s under a spell…


My Guen started out annoyed at Lance for essentially breaking into her dressing room, so she had bad feelings towards Lance even before she met Arthur. That tinted her feelings towards him for the rest of the story as the braggart kept grating on her nerves. As a result, when she found out he had feelings towards her, she was not sympathetic to him at all.

That is especially so since she really liked Arthur and honestly wanted to make the best of her situation with him. If it weren’t for him being Arthur’s best friend, she’d probably be happier that he chose to stay far far away between books.

In the end, he’s that friend your Significant Other loves but whom you kinda wish wasn’t in your life. Instead, you tolerate him for the sake of your Significant Other.


My Guen, who’s ruthless, sees Lance as an annoyance at best.

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My ‘canon’ Guen, who already hates the situation she was placed in by her father and Arthur, dislikes Lance a hell of a lot more. Even if she views Arthur as a hypocrite, and part of the reason she is in a marriage she doesn’t want to be in, she will give him credit for at least caring for his people.

However, Lancelot doesn’t really have that much going for him. He doesn’t respect her personal space, and when she even mentions it, he reacts as if it was just some big joke. Of course, Arthur sticking up for him (especially if Guen mentions it), lowers my Guen’s trust in Arthur as well (not that there was much to begin with…forced marriage would do that).

Not to mention Lance sending trophies of his ‘victories’ her way is another strike against him…she doesn’t want the attention. She definitely didn’t encourage it, and yet another instance where Lance doesn’t get a clue.

After the events with the ‘kiss’…well, I figure my Guen would despise and hate Lance at that point. Yes, I went with the ‘swinging a sword at him, punching him, emphasizing I’m his queen and want nothing to do with him’ route.

By this point, I could see my Guen allying with Mordred just out of irritation with the other two men in her life.

Heh, there is a reason that she is definitely latching onto Morgana…


I didn’t give this WIP a fair go when I first came across it. I don’t know why. But, now that I have, I fully intend to support it. It’s very interesting, and I can feel all the hard work that’s already gone into it. I… accidentally made Guen have “feelings” for Lancelot. I would just like to iterate that she doesn’t! He is just an awesome friend and knight and she does NOT actually want to see what he looks like without his armor! Call me naive, but the Guen I played want peace for Britain, and wants it to come about through Arthur’s “vision”. I’m glad this idea struck you, because I feel like it’s a worthwhile adventure.

…and I love my fae cat. I named him Tristan. Yay for Sir Tristan! :heart_decoration:


My Guen wants to try her best to make it work with Arthur because she rather spend her life being happy her Han trying to make someone else miserable. When she learned his ideals it made her glad that she married him. However, she will try to keep him in check.

She cares for Lancelot and Morgana as a friend and sister respectfully. She appreciates the effort both of them made to make her feel safe and welcome on the wedding day. She values both of their opinions in helping dealing with Arthur lol


My Guen hates the magic that is forcing her to lust after Lancelot.

She accepts, with sadness in her heart, that she was married to Arthur.

Her personality is as fun-loving as Lancelot’s but because of circumstances and current restrictions, she is not able to allow that personality to show.

She does not want a child until she can sort out her true feelings for everyone in her life, something not yet allowed.


I’m back home again! The trip was great, but it seems to have murdered my immune system, and now I’ve got the flu or something that feels a lot like it (at least I can be pretty sure it’s not malaria; I took my Malarone every day and malaria takes a few weeks to kick in anyway).

At this point there’s no way I can respond to everything, but I’ll at least try to pick out the direct questions and first-time posters…

@eliseofnohr Thank you so much for your post, and for persisting in spite of the crashes! :smile: Very glad you enjoyed the game.

Yes, it did. Morgana didn’t even know that Arthur existed at that point – hardly anyone knew that Arthur existed. (Nor did he know that Morgana existed.) Uther was still king, and was trying to keep the Pellinores in line by making an unexpected alliance with the estranged Lothians (the Pellinores’ longtime adversaries).

Yep; Guen not marrying Arthur would be a completely different story (or no story). As @Renicula so beautifully expresses:

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Exactly. Arthur’s 17. While he does have some experience of negative married relationships, he’s still operating on the assumption that any noble woman would want to be queen and make babies etc., because that’s what he’s always been told, and he’s never experienced anything to the contrary. I agree that unwilling!Guen’s dad is much more to blame.

@Vanessa_Pang Thank you for your first post, and sorry I couldn’t reply to it sooner! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the game. I do hope to release it commercially as a Hosted Game someday, though it’s going to be a looong time. :slight_smile:

@kekexterror Thank you so much for playing and for posting; I appreciate it! :smile: I hope you’ll like the update when it’s finally finished!

@kayfn Thank you for delurking and for the lovely comments! :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear you like Arthur and can see the complexity of the Lancelot situation… which will definitely get some explanation/development, starting at the end of part 2.

Arthur is fortunate enough to have loyal and intelligent people (Lancelot and Kay prominent among them) always watching his back. And, as @sirgalahad says, the internal problems don’t really get serious until the next generation.

@Thunder-Man thank you!

I try for my own mix of realistic and fantastical elements… certainly some things in the story are not very realistic (like the deliberate anachronism, or the magic), but most of all I want readers to be able to relate to the characters, so I’ve tried to include elements of realism in the way they present themselves and how they relate to each other. One thing I’ve always been very intentional about is having the characters speak in normal, conversational present-day English rather than fake old-fashioned “forsooth speech,” because I think it makes them seem more like real people. (People in the actual middle ages didn’t speak in ways that sounded old-fashioned to them; to each other, they sounded just as natural and colloquial as people sound when they talk to each other now.) In general, I like putting characters with somewhat modern sensibilities into un-modern situations and having them react accordingly – possibly a lingering influence from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :slight_smile: That is, perhaps ironically, part of why I reject historical “accuracy” so thoroughly.

I enjoyed all the different interpretations of Lancelot. :slight_smile:

@xXOtakuKonekoXx Thanks for giving it a chance and for posting! Do you know what choice might have triggered the unintended feelings for Lancelot? I definitely don’t want the reader to feel like they were forced or tricked into being attracted to him! Did you at least feel like you got a chance to clarify later on?

Okay, please let me know if I missed any direct questions! I’m going to do my best to get rid of this flu asap! :persevere:


I like what I see so far, really want to see what becomes of this.

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Sucks that you’re had a bit of a crappy January with illness - can relate there myself, though I doubt it’s has been as bad as yours. Glad you had the chance to mentally work on stuff though! :slight_smile:

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@VeeGees Thank you; I can’t wait to see what becomes of it myself! :slight_smile:

@derekmetaltron Thanks for the sympathy… feeling better now, and the time off from actively writing does seem to have cleared my head and given me new energy. I made some actual progress on the consequences scene last night! Hope you’re feeling better too.


Cheers Jean !!! We wait until you feel better you are awesome. :hugging: You need Merlin magic cheese potion lol


Now I’m having images in my head in which Guinevere and the others are speaking in forsooth speech. :joy: It would be funny to reread “Guenevere” with forsooth speech.

“I art standing in the lavish dressing-pavilion those gents did prepare f’r me, looking at myself in the biggest mirr’r i’ve ev’r seen”


Guen: “Mayhaps, dear Arthur, thy foolish if well didst pr’pared dew of idealism for to parade thine kingdom’s sheeps in foul pens twas not to be?”


See? Hard to understand, yet hilarious! Someone should make a spin-off or translation hahaha


Your immune system will always take a beating during travel, especially if you’re going to another country entirely.

It’s most important that you rest well and get better and simply understand that the fans (such as myself) love the story no matter how long it might take to update.


…Maybe I should of stopped taking a massive forum break earlier so I could of more properly sent well wishes.

Oops. Hopefully better late than never: I hope you get better (or already have if I’m really late. Oops.)