Guenevere (WIP)

He would know because the Pendragon blood EVERYONE WILL KNOW @jeantown has said that with years the fact of being Pendragon blood or not would be evident as hell. Morgana is not Pendragon bloodline. so 1+1 =BASTARD So is far better starting to say him as child the situation little by little than find all his life is a lie. And the Kingdom THEY WILL KNOW ANYWAY so a responsible monarch would say the truth about it in a manner propaganda present him as a victim that with his big heart has accepted Mordred. Or just kill the damn baby to avoid future civil war all together. He does neither, he just hides Mordred under a carpet


The magical blood stuff… I keep forgetting about that. Damn it, that makes everything even more tricky than I thought it was (although it does handle how Mordred finds out in this work).


Man I still can’t get over Mordred’s conception :fearful::fearful:


What I always find interesting, even considering how many of the old stories went, I view Mordred as definitely more of a hero than Arthur or Lancelot.

I mean, he isn’t responsible for his birth, but is blamed for it. And in some stories, cursed for it. Not to mention the whole royal bloodline anyways. I mean, if Pendragon blood is supposed to be so great…well, Arthur’s father was a royal asshole.

Heck, in some stories, Arthur couldn’t even beat Lancelot without magical help…and yet, Mordred is able to match dear old daddy on the battlefield.

Then again, picking a king on who could pull a sword out of a stone did seem to be a very poor selection process…


Well, he does (depending on the specific mythology) try to forcibly marry Guinevere/Gwenevere and try to usurp the throne while Arthur is away. In older stories, he isn’t Arthur’s son at all, just his nephew, but he got folded together with an illegitimate son character at some point. But what really makes he a villain from the story’s perspective is that he’s a usurper - not a lot of love for those in European mythology.



grins I agree on the mythology also playing a large role in it and how he is perceived. And of course, I realize I also am looking on the story from a different perspective than someone from 400 years ago.

Jeez, I can’t believe I never realized that there are actually direct parallels between Joffrey and Mordred.

@Lys Yeah, it’s weird how much our society’s shifts in morals colors what we see as a hero. Mordred’s unnatural birth was (I assume) used as further evidence of his depravity at the time, but it’s easy for us to empathize with being villainized for something beyond your control.


Behavior wise or how they were born?

Couldn’t stop myself from thinking about this scene: :slight_smile:


Born - although I guess behavior-wise, we’re generally not as riled up about the hot-button issue of usurpers nowadays.

In the mythology his successor was Constantine if I’m not mistaken. Regardless the situation with their magic bloodline is going to be very tricky with or without an legitimate heir.

Little bit of off topic question what is your ladies gents favorite interpretation of the mythology?

@Rogar what!? I didn’t know about that…because that’s what I named my fae cat lol because I know he’s going to be a constant by my side lol


So he kill some kids or he a Saint, you make compelling story for him being both. Christianity was really weird in the six century. Breton Celtic Christian. would hardly recognizable. Alot celtic and Breton culture was infused into along with some roman culture they pick up as well. The reason he not well known is because the French cut out his major deed and replace him with Lancelot. Which was Killing Mordred sons. Some version of old mythos done by the french have Lancelot placing him on the throne. He could be snuck into the game in how he was related to Arthur in many different weird way depending on who telling, he could his son in law to his nephew or great nephew.

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For real. I like Arthur and I was still like “Bro, when you came up with this plan you didn’t maybe think all these farm animals could stay in the courtyard at least? BTW, if any of those sheep peed in my room I will smother you with a pillow. Just FYI.”


I don’t usually play stories like yours but when I decided to try it I was glad. I really love your story now and can’t wait for the next update! I love the characters especially Guenevere, Anthony, and Lancelot. The sudden sparks between Guen and Lance is so mind boggling in a good way, my reaction was completely shocked but I was wondering the whole time if its because of the friendship level or something else. I couldn’t stop reading the story! I love you story and thank you for taking the time to make it. :grinning:


The worst thing for me is he 100% meant well. He probably thought it would nicer than the courtyard or a nearby pasture because who wants to sleep outside anyway? (sheep, Arthur, sheep want to sleep outside :neutral_face:) Arthur’s my boy but if I had been one of the servants having to clean up after that I would have had to fight him, king or not.


Also, it is much better advertising for the sheep if they are right there instead of outside where the ambassadors can’t see them.

Regardless, since much of the BEG’s plan relies on the sheep being in the corridors, I have to assume the BEG (or his minions or whatever) put the idea into Arthur’s head. After all, if the sheep weren’t there, what would provide the distraction for stealing Guen’s hair or allow the recovery of the decoder amulet?

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Too bad we can’t keep one of the sheep as a pet /reminder :joy:


Anything probably not needed they would use a normal spy or a doopelanger guard they just found the sheeps and used them