Guardians of thunder: the flood-runner war UPDATED 09/17/2021

I think there’s a programming error on the eric route as after the classroom scene he’s never mentioned again. I tried to get screen shots but my mobile is crap. Unless there no current scenes with him then feel free to ignore this.

I did have trouble getting into this fic. It felt like you’re focussed on writting a novella rather than an interactive fic. There are lot of elements where it feels like, as a game, the player should choose the character’s actions but the only options are occasional reactions. Because of this I didn’t enjoy it like i usually do interactive fics.

It also feels like there should be more world expansion in the begining because I not only don’t understand the crital world facts that characters are reacting too, I don’t understand the characters reason for their reactions or hostility. It would also be helpful to know there personal history as they have unusal abilities/view points and its hard to understand them without expanding on this. I saw mentioned somewhere that there was a previous version? I guess some of this information would be there but as a new reader I can’t guess these things.

Yeah there is a bug that makes the story skip a major chunk and I am completely stumped on it. I have looked through the code a dozen different ways and could not find what was causing it.

Please pay close attention to screenshots number 2 and 3.

That makes sense. Unfortunately I have no understanding of choice script programming. Try for assistance in the programming forums. It might be something stupidly simple or obscure. Good luck.

Alright I believe I have finally figured out the problem. If it is still not fixed then please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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played the game and so far i cant see anything wrong with it aka no bugs in the system so far so game is progressing smoothly.

Thank you for that info. Just as a heads up this next update is going to take awhile since I need some more characters and am terrible at creating them myself

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just an idea but how about from your old version you input the queen and her bodyguards for some new characters into the story also there were acouple of other characters from your old game you can reuse into your new revamped version.


That is actually a really good idea

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hmm lets see i think there were two generals escorting the queen in the old version of the game i cant remember there gender or there names though so you just gonna have make up some names for the characters oh also in the old version the requirements to meet the queen was if i remember right is that you dont go into space like the spirit told you to but ignore his advise and go to the meeting instead ,hmm lets see what else… oh yea they only went to meet to protagonist was after they attacked his tribe which if i remember correctly was somewhere in a hazerdas dessert were the protagonist went to a meeting with the elders of his tribe

There seems to be a coding error in the middle of chapter 2 because whenever I try to press next it just shows me what you are seeing in the picture above.
And I would really like for you to fix the error because I’m really enjoying the game.

um exactly what choices did you make? Cause there is nothing in the code that should be triggering that bug.

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nah it’s cool but I think it was bcos I chose one of the choices that weren’t completed maybe that’s why it showed an error or something…

I played through the game again with slightly different choices then before and it didn’t have coding errors but thanks anyway.

um you should proble point out that to him so he can sort out the problem like mayby tell him which character you interacted with and which scene it happend at then copy and past it tos how him the location of were its at

Okay all I have some good news and some bad news. First the good news. I have been getting quiet a bit done on the other path for chapter 3, and intend to finish it by the end of next month work permitting of course. The bad news is that having writers block officially sucks. Cause I know how I want it to go, but not how to write it in that specific way. Like I said in an earlier post it will still be awhile before the next update is ready so if you come across any game breaking bugs please do inform me about them.


Hi, I noticed that in Eric’s route there are various missing passages, and I know 0 of ChoiceScript, but I took a look in the code, and maybe what it’s causing it, is that you use: if romance=“eric”, but in the moment of setting up the routes set romance “Eric” it´s used, so maybe this happens because of the capital e??

Btw english isn’t my first language so, sorry if this reads kinda weird.

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That okay thanks for catching that

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a solution for your bad news of writer block is well you could ask people for help like mayby put up a suggestion box of what people would think would improve how the game progresses and then you could sort out what each person suggests and pick out which you like out of each of them .

Can I ask why the old link I can’t play after finishing chapter 4?

what old link?. i thought he already replaced it