Guardians of thunder: the flood-runner war UPDATED 09/17/2021

You do not want to know

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Are you gonna add a save system soon?



Oi @AMER1CANN1NJA09 can I post every single thing even a tiniest mistake, error or a bug like last time or is it gonna be an inconvenience?

I want more, love it so far

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Ms. Tano

spell error



[the 's]… Something’s missing here…

mistakes/errors that repeats everywhere

her not Hher and She doesn’t need to be capital everywhere.


instantly drawn to what?…missing,I thinkit should be MC’s gender…

And again, no need to use a capital letter here, her not Her.

same Hher instead of her





that it is who?


I think MC’s name [in my case it’s Akhlys or Rhamnusia] should be blocked letters too, liks the rest when the teach is shouting…


I think there’s a HUGE chunk of text missing here…

Do you have a romance in the last picture?

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MC changed into gym clothes slowly and entered the gym, felt someone behind them and turned to punch…then again they quickly changed and went the last class of the day, Natural Monsters… What happened when MC turned around? Who’s there? And what happened in the gym class?

Lol if I recall correctly in last version, MC broke their gym teacher with a single punch…


Even through the gym teacher was supposed be an expert lol. It’s still cracks me up reading that in the old one

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this revamp version looks good so far :ok_hand: and so far i not found any glitches when i played it :ok_hand:

Error right at the beginning of chapter 2. gosub line 1039: Non-existent variable ‘namero’

Found this


yep same here alot of people found that error but he get to figuring out whats wrong with it when he has the time to do so he still has work to do so my guess he get it sorted out on his time of


not shour if this one has been checked out by you yet but found another page error heres the script and what the error says next after you press the button to try to go to the next page
‘So that boy is interested in learning more about Cenfin Osgelayo. It could be useful to have someone with such a desire to learn in my ranks.’ I silently contemplate whether to approach this boy or not.

“Alright class. Since most of you are probably asleep or just pretending to be. I believe it would do us good to take a trip into the forest that surrounds this school.” Mr. Phate says and I see several ears instantly perk up at the mention of leaving the classroom for the great outdoors.

“Excuse me Mr. Phate?” A girl next to me says while raising her hand.

“Yes Ms. Earlson?” Mr. Phate replies, granting the girl permission to continue her inquiry.

“Is it really safe for one teacher to take a bunch of students into the forest like this?” Earlson asks.

“Of course it is safe. There have been no accidents or deaths in the school’s forest since the school first opened over six hundred years ago. I promise there is nothing to worry about.” Mr. Phate says

‘He just had to say that’ I think to myself as we start making our way to the forest.
next is were i press the button to try go to the next part of the story and this popt up
gosub line 1039: Non-existent variable ‘namero’
{o.o oops already posted this one my bad i didn’t see it there i undo the old one.}

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Hey everyone I know it has been awhile but I have gotten a decent amount done for one of the two paths in chapter 3. I have just updated the link please tell me if there are any bugs that I missed during my random/personal testing.

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Hello @AMER1CANN1NJA09 !

Those in bold font are for your notice.
Those in italic font are important to read carefully.

There’s an inconsistency with a scene. When I was walking in the forest, my character notices the Tano girl and thinks of unburying her from all the rocks. At the same moment a tentacled monster snaps a diamond tree. The text indicates that the next scene would be a fighting scene, however the narration suddenly changes to my MC observing the Tano girl in classroom. And after replying to Ms. Steele (history teacher), the game goes back to “playing as MC” text. That brings the monster attack scene.

Another issue is the labelloop3 when choosing where to dodge. I think it was not supposed to be seen in the gameplay. (? Not sure though)

Also, I have a question. What do the calm and aggressive stats do? And how do they change? Because in all my interactions with other characters, my MC’s actions are already chosen. For example, fighting bullies or twisting Tano’s arm in the classroom. All of these choices make for an aggressive stat automatically. If we can’t choose how to react to certain things, then what is the use of Aggressive/Calm stats in the menu?

By the way, here are the screenshots:

P.S. Does the game end when our MC says that they can heal the wounds easily?

I hope that my comments and also my previous comments help you improve. Even though I didn’t get answers for my questions in my previous comments, I see that you have fixed the bugs I mentioned the last time. Always remember that all these criticisms and comments are made purely to help you out, not to discourage! I would like to see you grow and gain a bigger audience. Alas, you need to know that there’s still a lot to improve. If you need any help with how your game is written grammatically, the pace or how you should describe things feel free to ask. Even if I don’t create my own IFs, I am glad to help out fellow COG member. Good luck!

Could you show me what is located above the scene that is supposed to be a fight scene?

welcome back

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