Guardians of thunder: the flood-runner war UPDATED 09/17/2021

This is the revised version of my original post Guardians of thunder book 1.

About: You can play as male, female. Romance one of your classmates, your childhood friend who has stood by you through thick and thin, or one of your comrades in arms. But no matter who you choose to romance. Remember that the safety of the world comes first.


Homeland. Your homeland is a rather unique place when compared to the rest of the world. Gravity in your homeland is equivalent to that of Jupiter’s where as the rest of the world is equal to that of the real world. It is constantly being hit by storms that are powerful enough to make an EF5 tornado look like a toddler throwing a fit. Each of the storms produces the same amount of energy as the sun does in a single day.


It has been ten years since the world witnessed the power of a kingdom only spoken of in myth and legend. With its awakening the peaceful times are coming to an end, and with it a new threat rises. One that is set on conquering the unconquerable. Now all that stands between the world and complete destruction is you, your fellow survivors and those that you recruit to your cause. Will you and those that stand by your side be fully prepared to stand against this new threat, or will you be caught off guard. The fate of the world is in your hands.


The world of Thunder. One of the few worlds in the known universe to play host to the elements themselves. It is a world of constant war. Whether it be the Ice and Death kingdom fighting over marriage rights. Or the Fire kingdom trying to conquer all. One thing is for certain it is never completely at peace. The first kingdoms to ever exist (who are known as the original kingdoms in modern times) were eventually dragged into the constant wars between rival kingdoms. After the first and only planet spanning war, followed a time of peace and prosperity for all the kingdoms. However, with an unforeseen threat on the horizon, and tensions between old rivals rising again. It is only a matter of time before the peace is broken.

Hannah Tano

She is the daughter of Countess Tano who is the sister of the current queen of the Life kingdom. Cause of this Hannah was second in line for the throne behind her cousin, before his recent passing. She has scarlet red hair that reaches down to her shoulders. Her skin is a little pale due to her parents being paranoid about something happening to her. She stands at a modest 6’ 3" and has an athletics’ body. Her eyes are a dark blue like the depths of the ocean., and seem to hold many unknowable secrets. She is one of the more popular students at the school. But most of that popularity is because she is royalty.

Eric Monroe

Eric is the captain of the schools football team and is very competitive. He has no hair. (because he choose to shave it). His eyes are a lemon yellow that stands out against his black skin. His real height is 5’ 9" but due to him slouching a lot he looks to be 5’ 6". He has a tattoo on his right arm that looks like a moving snake.

Scarlet Rose

Scarlet is one of the MCs closest childhood friends and one of the few of their kind still alive. She was standing next to the MC. When they saw the event that turn them into who they are today. . Having grown up along side you. She has a better understanding of how you do things. She stands around 9’ 2" and is just a couple inches shorter than the MC. She has Crimson red hair that falls down to her mid back. Her hair contrasts well with her peachy/tan skin. She has violet eyes that have a trace of sapphire blue in them when light hits them from a certain angle.


This update includes nearly the rest of chapter two where somethings are discovered about one of the love interests. So far only the Tano path is complete up to this point. So for those of you who have one of the other two love interests you will need to wait a little longer.


This update includes the rest of chapter three and several bugs and other annoyances that have been reported. Thank you all for sticking with me through this journey. Stay safe.

Please make sure to report any bugs/typos that you happen to notice. Have fun and stay safe everyone.


This update includes the bug fixes that were mentioned in the forum and also some new content for chapter 3 path B. In it you meet some of the MC’s fellow survivors and start to learn what really happened to the MC in the past.

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@AMER1CANN1NJA09 found this: choicescript_stats line 16: Non-existent variable ‘eyes’

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@AMER1CANN1NJA09 found this: gosub line 674: Non-existent variable ‘ro_pronounhe’


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If it does not work this time I am smashing my laptop

It should be fixed

I…bet it’s a typo?

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@AMER1CANN1NJA09 It is a better progress than your last book. Congratulations. Sorry not trying to be harsh if it seemed like it. But there are still some inconsistencies here and there. First of all, after choosing to play as female, game and characters refer to me as He/Him instead of She/Her. Second, some sentences and dialogues still seem confusing. Third, there are still some words and grammar that needs to be fixed. For example, words extreme, status and concentrate were spelled wrong if I remember correctly. Otherwise, your game and wording has improved considerably since Guardians of Thunder Book 1. And one more things, there is an error when I tried to access stats screen. Unfortunately I didn’t screenshot it.

Here is the screenshot of stats screen error-》

P.S. One more thing. Why is Hannah Tano is referred to as the heir of a countess in the game when in the RO description she is the heir of a king and a queen

I liked the original story. However, that does not mean i do not like this version too. I do have a question though. Why are the heights so big? I mean 14ft is quite large :joy:

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Also, keep up the good work :metal:t3:

Okay to answer your question ghost I recommend you check out the original thread where that is explained. But if you are unable to find it. Only the MC and his/her people are taller than eight feet.


Thanks for answering so quickly.

Exactly what part are you referencing when your characters pronouns get mixed up? If you mean the prologue that is because it is not referring to your character.

No, it’s not the prologue. It’s chapters that are after prologue - 1&2 (I don’t exactly remember how many chapters were there). I played the route with Hannah Tano. I’m not sure if there was the same problem with other routes though

Oh you mean when the principle is showing Hannah to her classroom. Right?

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From here and onwards when it’s a scene from another perspective.

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I like it can’t wait for more also when I pick a woman it said I’m a man

then that is a coding error. Which makes sense because I went through the entire demo six times and could not find it.

Hold up, MC grew up in a place with gravity equivalent to Jupiter’s? FRICK, HOW STRONG ARE THEY!?