Grand Medieval Adventure WIP

I’ve begun work on my new game Grand Medieval Adventure in which you play as a man just coming of age and leaving his house for fortune and glory.

Currently I have about one chapter done, and I plan on updating every few days or possibly more frequently.

Feedback is heavily appreciated. :slight_smile:

Due to problems with sites I am changing to a closed beta and only request an email pertaining to testing the game. As it is very early in development I hope for people to be involved in every step in the process. I’ll be taking the first ten.

My email address:


You should host your game on dashingdon. It is not possible to play it on Dropbox anymore.


Hey, the link is broken!

Yep! Here’s the link to that for us lazy people:

Tried but still had problems with it for some reason so I gave up on it.

Could you provide us with a more direct link to the game, instead of just to the dashingdon site?

Also, I tried to open your game when I found it and got a 404 Error message.

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I don’t suggest posting your email publicly unless you live for email spam :slight_smile:


@dashingdon is a member of these forums - I’m sure he can help out and be interested in issues with his platform.


I try to trust this forum as much as possible

The forum isn’t the issue - it’s google, bing, yahoo, malicious web crawlers looking for email address to send spam to :slight_smile:

Meh I guess I’ll live with it for the sake of this game

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