Goblin-MC Fantasy WiP (Interest Gauge)

Do we have to evolve to become stronger? I kinda want to be a little denial goblin.

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You should sacrifice him again when his guard is down.


I see you’ve made an appearance.


This is an awesome idea siros! I really can’t wait to see what you do with it!


In the name of the CoG Gods, I smite thee, Daemon.


Sounds interesting, I’ve always been a fan of books, manga, or games where a basic fantasy monster race evolves and becomes stronger. I looked at the chart and it seems there is going to be spell casting(hopefully plz)

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Magic would make this game to die for I agree.

Yeah, looking at the chart, some of these monster types seem naturally inclined to wield magic. That’d be pretty cool.


I would love to play this

Sounds like a brilliant idea for a story are we going to be able to work with humans and befriend them?

You got me at monsters ro, we just have to be looking out for the goblin slayer, if we spot him, we better run.

Hmm I was just reading the premise of this game and was wondering if we could potentially become a sort of ally for the so called “good” races. If anyone if familiar with the Drizzt Do’Urden series the character of Drizzt is a Drow elf who is accepted by the “Good” races despite his heritage. It might be a cool idea if you could have a goblin character who could fight alongside the enemy races agaist his own kind


Wow this sounds interesting, count me in :smirk:

gasp yes please. :heart:

OH the manga were a girl becomes a spider?

Yeah, that one.

In regards to the CoG idea, i’m currently distracted by life at the moment. If i ever get around to it, it probably won’t be for a while, so try not to get your hopes up guys.

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I like the idea of being a monster but maybe early in the game as a goblin you could go into human, elf, and dwarf settlements/villages.

Reminds me of the manga Re: Monster where the main character is a goblin that evolves into a hobgoblin and et cetera.

Where’s the demo or is it not ready?

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