What kind of appearance options or abilities would you want if you were playing a choice game in which you... say... create a kaiju?

As the title says I’m working on a side project and when it comes to monster making I have tons of ideas but I need to narrow the field and so I want to see what you would feel excited to see or cheated if you didn’t.

This is not a serious topic! Just have fun with it! You want a primate kaiju with two tails and super strength lemme know.

You want a Salamander with six eyes that can turn invisible lemme know. There are no wrong answers!


I just want to be a giant version of a regular dude. Like, up against these radioactive reptiles and three-headed robots you just have a guy in slacks and a T-shirt (probably with something anime on it) who happens to be 100 feet tall. Or maybe wearing a robe and slippers large enough to serve as parking garages.

But I think I might be in the minority on that request.


Lol well I admit I hadn’t thought of that

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I think letting the player decide the number of limbs and how many of them are prehensile (or are wings) goes a long way. That alone can be very influential in the imagining of a creature’s body plan.

Slug kaiju, snake kaiju, one-legged hopping kaiju, bipedal kaiju, snake kaiju but with arms, quadrupedal kaiju, centaur-like kaiju, insect kaiju, spider kaiju, scorpion kaiju, centipede kaiju… new possibilities with every change of the limb count.


Its general abilities like how it stays alive whilst being so massive and most definitely not eating enough food to realistically stay alive, its overall intelligence/sapience like if its on par with humans or just a raging monster, how it came to be.

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In a more serious response, I think with something like this you would be best off creating a few preset kaiju with actual backstories, detailed descriptions and very different looks and powers to choose from ether than trying to actually incorporate everything people might want. If you can pull it off, custom is great, but I fear that way lies madness. Either it would be done in such a shallow and surface way that people will be irritated, or you’ll go so far into the weeds on the million variables at play all the time that you’ll be overwhelmed and bail on the project.


Imma do this idk why I didn’t think of that

  1. Include REALLY tall vampire lady.
  2. Profit.

That is a pretty interesting idea. A Mega Dimetrescu sort would be very unique as kaiju go, since vampires don’t tend to be anywhere near that large.


The Dude from the Great Lebowski, but like really tall

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I mean, kaiju just means monster. The big part is more of a lost in translation thing. (Though, if we go back to the Chinese guaishou, vampire probably still wouldn’t apply unless it’s a very specific and unusual vampire.)

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It would be like those fetish videos of women walking around in miniature landscapes (so they appear big) while trampling figurines of people and cars. I’m not even into this whole tall lady thing, I just find the thought of a giant vampire looking through a child’s bedroom window, sticking their hand inside, grabbing the kid and sucking it dry in one go like a small juice pack, only to throw it away, really creepy.
But if we’re talking kaiju, they should probably be able to handle themselves in an epic fight, and I’m not sure if tall vampires are the best choice there.

If we’re talking strictly monsters in a more classic sense, I’d go for something ant-inspired. Some ant soldiers look incredibly cool and they could easily snap limbs off with their mandibles. They could also have acid as a weapon. There’s also the irony factor of having a really big ant.


The classic aesthetic of monsters is that they will all look menacing or downright fluffy for the NPC. Most examples would have all kinds of horns, tails, spikes, bone plates on the back, wings, etc. the list goes on but managing to put the reader in the shoes of both the fear/relief and the victim/rescued would downright give the expression along with the story which is also an important topic too.

As much as I love tall vampire ladies… you do have to explain what happened to make them that tall. ancient secret vampire blood arts?

I loved Ultraman as a kid and so did many others in the late 90s
For me, kaiju would only be defending themselves and Ultraman would defend the people in the crossfire which is noble. there would be many meanings a kaiju would have and so does Ultraman.

You as the author have a world to build and for that, I wish you godspeed and wealth for the amount of searching you NORMALLY would do. (as an inspired frustrated would-be writer kudos for the thoughts that you would make an interactive novel that is the first step forward!)

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I want to be a gigantic cute and lazy psychic cat kaiju, or alternatively a large fiery purple-blue sea dragon inspired kaiju! It varies wildly, according to my own mood!


If it’s just Kaiju than the Titans from the monsterverse would be a good place to get ideas, if not then the giant monsters from power rangers might bring ideas.


What this buddy said, you might want to narrow a bit on the ideia of Kaiju (literally strange monster) or just “monster”, albeit a giant one… u can get good ideias in tokusatsu series or movies

Honestly 1st thing that comes to mind is i want some kind of mega beam of death and destruction and no not like godzilla’s nerfed one .


For me, depends on the amount of fantasy you integrate.
I would personally prefer a low fantasy setting so that the kaiju doesn’t speak or suddenly break out some wicked dance moves and peacock itself before us and let us know whatsup.

I would definitely advocate for a dinosaur-esque kaiju with obvious elements drawn in from the reptile category, it can be good if some other primate/amphibian elements are introduced here and there just to add flavour.
As for names, I’d suggest keep it short and simple, but with an eerie edge to it.
Like “Yamarashi” or “Delta 5” . Sounds way clean and scarier than “the Black Death!” Or “Bonecracker!”.

I would personaly make a kaiju drawing inspiration from the indominus rex. And then, increase the size to that of a kaiju, as added flair, perhaps retractable claws and enhanced camouflage. But no wings or breath of fire. That will be increasing the fantasy element way more and I’d simply prefer to keep it as it is. Afterall, simplicity has its own appeal.

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I want a smell option. I want to be able to smell like brimstone or ozone or rotting seawater.


i would like the possibility for something like this to trigger accidentally. like something (or more like several incompatible or volatile things) are not sitting well in your tummy so you burp and take out a city block. fuckin dope