Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)

Not only that, but the author has no control over the release date.

That too.

@Xavierreed you can keep an eye on upcoming HG proposed release dates here Upcoming Hosted Games Releases — 2018 :slight_smile:


Oh man that sounds like a downer :confused: But hey, it’s all a good learning experience and I think just getting something out there is awesome!! Good luck!!! Hope the sales goes well! Are you working on anything else at the moment?

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Yeahh unfortunately, @ClaimedMinotaur @spunkycatninja are right, I don’t have much control so I’m about as much in the dark as you are. But yes, you can always keep track of it on the link @Jacic posted! I find that it’s a relatively good gauge, albeit +/- a week or two depending on your luck hahaha

Sorry, missed this in the shuffle.

-Fixed protagonists. If anyone asks “What’s in a name?” I think I will respond with “At least three-quarters of a point off your reviews on Google Play”. Not being able to name or otherwise edit the two MCs was such a big deal that I still have more negative reviews about that than all other aspects of the story put together, I think. Which likely means it was a drain on sales too. Guarantee I won’t do that again.
-Niche genre. Not that some sci-fi stories haven’t done well, but for both CoG and HG there is fantasy, there is superheroes, and there is romance. Everything else is basically Other. And being Other does leave you operating from a position of lower mass appeal.
-Comedy. Not everyone finds the same things funny. When you base your story heavily on making them chuckle, you’re more prone to failure than going straight-faced. This one didn’t teach me anything, though. I have to be comedic (or at least try) or I get too bored to continue.
-I can be honest and say I’m a stick in the kid who has long resistors any serious effort to get involved in social media beyond a few tweets and hanging around forums like this. I don’t much regret that, but more followers/friends does come in handy when you have something to shill.

However, @nauhziy is correct; it’s all a learning experience. NPT being a hit would have been cool, since I had more stories to tell with it. But its primary purpose was always as a proof to myself I could get published and do something long-form. So, mission accomplished in that regard.

My new WIP, Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator, is fairly likely to sell at least moderately better and maybe even score better reviews too. Now to actually finish the blasted thing…

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Thank you for all the information guys.

I wish we didn’t had to wait so long. But what to do.
Good luck for both of you guys


Don’t know if this has been mentioned before or not, but I came across something that I think bears mentioning.

I did a playthrough, in which I ended up at the plantation. Noticed the vilicius (am I spelling that right?) skimming shipments, knocked out the guard and told the dominus, but failed to choose the correct night. Was then sold to the mine.

Thing of it is- the very same birthday scene happened at both the plantation and the mine, with the fruits and the rope wrist-band and stars.

I really enjoy the game, though. : )


The personality stats were based on MBTI weren’t they? :smirk:


Hmm yeah I’ve definitely realized that some of those things really count against the work published here. I guess a big part of it also comes from the general structure and the strong brand loyalty that Hosted Games commands -> readers have generally come to expect the ability to customize their own names and their gender/sexuality etc. It’s also true that many of the readers/players here look out for specific types of games, and ROs are a huge part of that.

That said, I think it boils down to the age old question with this whole writing/publishing thing - do you want to create something that sells or something as a form of expression catharsis for yourself? Obviously the answer is both but then again we don’t live in an ideal world hahahahaha. Regardless, I’m glad you’re not letting the negatives get you down and I’ll def check out your parenting simulator!! (As stressful as it sounds - not ready to adult HAHAHA)

Yeahhhh it’s a painful wait :confused: but hope it’ll be worth it in the end!!!

Oh wow that’s a pretty big bug. I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks for pointing it out!!! Does it break the game though? Or is it just a repetition of the event? Eitherway, you get to celebrate your birthday twice hahahaha isn’t that a good thing? (jk I’ll go figure it out!!!)

Yes actually! Glad you caught that hahaha. I was obsessed with it in my younger days so I decided it might be fun to put it into the game just to see what players might come up with!


Hey guys!

So with the full game finally going to be up real soon, I’ve decided to give social media a go and went ahead to set up a page, instagram and twitter! If you like what you’ve played so far and you want updates on when the game’s finally coming out/what’s next, do show some love and follow on whichever platform you’re on!

Also note the subtle differences in usernames… hehehe I had to get creative hahaha. Anyway, super excited!!! Hope everyone is having a blast with the holidays and 2019 rolling around the corner!!! :smile:



I think I might’ve found a bug. During the feast at House Cato, after the incident with the wolf attacks is solved, I’m given the option to speak to Agapios even though my character was separated from him at the slave market.

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@nauhziy I got bought by Brutus, then messed up and ended up in the mines. Unfortunately, this triggered the question about how I felt about Dionysia, the gift, and the talk about stars to all appear twice.

Also, this is more a nitpick, but given that the game is called “road to the colosseum” it’s no surprise that we can’t avoid our fate, but maybe start as a colosseum slave and then go back and tell the story as a flashback? I did feel a bit forced, then realized that I should have expected it, so it wasn’t a big deal, but changing the tense to acknowledge it as just customized history as opposed to actual control over destiny might be a better fit.

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Good to see this one finally come out early next year. Hope it gets a Steam release (or I won’t be able to play it, grumble, grumble). :+1:


Hmm that’s definitely not supposed to be the case, I’ll look into it. Thanks for catching that bug and letting me know!! :smile: How was the demo?


Hello! Ah yes, @Shawn_Patrick_Reed caught that bug and I’ve fixed it on my local script! Thank you for letting me know!

Hmmm. This is a good idea actually! But the game is already in the midst of getting published, so unfortunately I won’t be able to make such a major change this late on, but I think it’s a good writing trope that I can incorporate into my future work! :smile: How was the demo for you!

Hey!! Yeahh it’s been a crazy long wait due to the insane backlog, but I’m glad it’s going to be coming out eventually!!! I hope so too, I’ve seen your many gripes with the other platforms in other posts hahahaha


I mainly enjoyed the demo, and will buy the game when it is released. And sorry I couldn’t get that feedback to you sooner, only recently started exploring the WiP, but I am glad you appreciated it.

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I liked it enough to be interested what happens after the demo ends, which means I’ll most likely buy it if it’s available on Steam :laughing: :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Hey! Thanks, that means a lot to me! And don’t worry about it, the forums are full of people/wips coming and going all the time it’s so incredibly difficult to keep track of all! Just glad that you enjoyed the demo for what it’s worth!!!

Ayee thanks for the stamp of approval!! Going to pray that it gets out on steam then! :smile:


Also! I’m going to try to experiment of socials cause well. many of my friends have been asking me “what the heck is an interactive fiction game???” or being completed confused. And I’ve decided it might be best to show instead of tell.

So I’m going to try to have a bit of a gamified community Let’s Play up on Instagram (@what.the.foong) and I would love to invite everyone to play along and join in the experiment!!!

It’s basically playing through the game, but instead of solely controlling the options, you will have to vote on the options, and the story progresses day by day. It’s super experimental, but I think it would be very cool if it works out (imagine the level of banter we could have hahahaha, or arguing… I mean discussing about the best option!)


Yep, that’s me alright. :sweat_smile: Honestly tried dragon for free on the I-crap thingy and was ready to fling the damned device at the wall after five minutes of “playing”. So, yeah, mobile gaming is not for me. :sweat: