Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)

Well, that would’ve been handy… I assumed the save system was broken because the save slots said ‘error’ instead of ‘slot 0, slot 1, etc.’ It does work, it just looks like it doesn’t!

I’m kinda torn on this, I guess. I like the idea of making death cost something, but when you have to zip through the entire chapter again it can be a little immersion-breaking, and it’s always tempting to make different decisions now that you know where the story’s going. I’d rather save exploration for a second playthrough and keep my first uninterrupted. I’ve seen a couple games here that let you get out of a death at some kind of cost, taking a blow to a stat or just keeping count of how many times you’ve died (with maybe an achievement to make it to the end with zero deaths). I remember Totem Force (WIP) does this, don’t remember what the other was…

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