Ghosties (Post-Apocalyptic, Alternate History WIP, updated 3/7/21)

You are the first medium, bonded to Indigo, an incorporeal entity from another dimension, and your birth punched a hole in the world, during the First Great War. Now, as the Atlantic Alliance and the New Republic vie for control of the ruins of Old Europe, you and your companion find yourselves wanted as a weapon. You must piece together the fracturing fragments of your life, and decide your fate.

Will you fight for one side or the other? Or will you rise above the mud, grime, and diesel of war? Will you find human companionship? Or only that of spirits? You may very well determine the fate of the world, or simply doom it.

Ghosties is a Post-Apocalyptic, Alternate History, Dieselpunk, Supernatural story. More details listed below:


-Satvika: A British-Indian soldier, and fellow ghostie, charged with keeping you safe. She seems very nice.
-Jackie: A French engineer, and another ghostie, tasked with keeping walkers moving. They tend to be sarcastic.
-Seulki: An American refugee and Historiographer. Him and Indigo do not at first get along.
-Five minor or hidden romances, two male, two female, and one nonbinary.


First updated on 3/7/21, I hopefully will have two more, and then the final, big update. The next update will include a few added details, and corrections, add a glossary and a timeline in the stats page, and will add a chapter for all of the three options on how you want to spend your summer, with another chapter coming after that.

Trigger Warnings

This game heavily features war, and scenes of violence in warfare. This game mentions or briefly touches upon intense interpersonal violence, famine, and other topics that might be emotionally intense. If you want more details please reach out to me.


Thank you so much for playing, and let me know what you think!


Please can you install the save system on the game

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Not sure how to, is it just checking the box on dashingdon? But will be happy to :slight_smile:

You have to both check the box and put this code:
*sm_init mygame | numslots
(ex: *sm_init ghosties | 5)
at the end of the creation aspect of startup but before any text. Hope this helps!


Wow! Love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: your writing is so nice and I didn’t think that you Wrote ~4 chapters, I though this WIP would have just the prologue and chapter 1, but I was wrong. I really Enjoyed the WIP :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: the characters look interesting

I have some questions:

  1. There are some choices who u can’t select, r disable because it aren’t finished or because depending my stats the choice is disabled?

  2. For the stats will we have skill and relationship bars? :thinking::upside_down_face:

  3. Idk, just curious, all of this human with an entity connected with them, and use it as a object to kill. You were inspired by Beyond: Two Souls ???

I will keep an eye for future updates (:heart::lips::heart:) (bookmarked)


This an interesting and amazing WiP…


okay think I have, thank you @Goddess, let me know if the saves don’t work!

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The saves work :ok_hand:t2:


Oi @TheMorrigan

turning to him.
This should be outside the quotation marks…



  1. Unless I did something wrong all choices should be able to be reached in the current update, with the right stats. But I need to balance it so I may have accidentally locked people out of some by accident.
  2. I’m not actually having skill stats between the ones displays, beyond/human, Indigo, and health.
  3. yeahhhhhhhhhh

@Empress_Nightmare Fixed and thank you so much!

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The choice to aim the gun at oursel9is greyed out becouse of previous choice or is still a WIP route and still empty?


It’s greyed out because Indigo won’t let you. That one is just completely greyed out, not sure if I will add an option to do it.


It would be cool, like the surrounding soldier jump on you to take away the gun since you are their special weapon and don’t want you dead or Inky twist your hand to let it drop it depending on your relationship with them.


Oi @TheMorrigan I think it’d be a good idea to put what the terminology of few words in stats under a tab like, Ghost Sun, fabula, Doggerland, Zee, who the importants like Kaiser, those military vehicles and weapons…


better than theirs

like a caged animal

have can pass through (or penetrate the armor)

I swear to god, please don’t

around you

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Bit of writing criticism; you overuse commas a lot and there’s a lot of “, as the…” that is largely unnecessary. I’m certain my reply reads very rude and blunt like always, please don’t take it badly (hopefully emoticons ease my tone…). It’s something I struggle with a lot even in informal writing like this, as this very reply shows, so I’m painfully aware of it every time it happens :c

The story itself I’m really liking :D. Inky’s really cute to me (so far, I’m not very far into the demo, really).

I was thinking it seemed like it was set in actual WWII (well, some variation of it; Great War II?). There is not enough dieselpunk in the world, especially given how common a setting the era is. Literally all the technology/machines from the '30s is just hella cool. The unease Inky feels towards a certain someone, the flashbacks and memory stuff, it’s very interesting. I love it :smiley:


Oi @TheMorrigan




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What’s a SAB Gene…
Tbh we (most likely no one knows) don’t know a lot of the terminology in this story, even with it being in story, a not more detailed info would be good…

Oi @TheMorrigan

too hard to

run you through




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Sound interesting. I’ll give it a look, when I’m home from work :slight_smile:

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Oi @TheMorrigan


no need of the quotation marks

Lucky of Australia

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Loving the story look forward to more and did notice some minor grammer issues that’s already been pointed out. Keep up the good work

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