Getting the Elimination Badge in Hero Project

So I’ve been trying multiple times to get the badge and every time it seems to fail.

I know you are supposed to get eliminated 5 times.
In my playthroughs I have gotten:

  1. The wild card save getting getting beat by Surgee
  2. The Judges save after not making it into the top 14
  3. Getting eliminated because of a low score in the tunnel mission
  4. Getting eliminated because of a low score for the heroes vs heroes mission
  5. Getting eliminated instead of Null

But I haven’t even gotten the badge.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

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I’m having trouble getting this badge too. Any suggestions?

It’s the Steam version btw.

I can’t figure out how to edit my previous post :blush: so I’ll just double post. Someone on Steam figured out you have to avoid getting any of the other badges on the same run or you won’t get the elimination badge. So basically just play as a chameleon instead of a hero, villain etc whilst getting the 5 eliminations and you should get it :smile:

Ha whoops I actually forgot I started this thread on here, and never came back but thanks for the response!

Anyways I also realized that was the issue myself and was finally able to earn the stupid badge vv which my character then proudly displayed to get into the maze in hero fall. I’m so proud of that stupid badge I feature it on my steam profile now XD