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Originally published at: Get a coupon for 15% off purchases on - Choice of Games LLC

For a limited time, when you buy a “Choice of Games” game on our website at, we’ll send you a webstore coupon code for 15% off your next purchase!

  • You’ll get an additional webstore coupon each time you purchase. That means that you can use a coupon to get 15% off, which, in turn, will give you another coupon for 15% off. You can keep using those coupons to buy every game we make for 15% off!
  • Each coupon expires in seven days. If you purchase Bread Must Rise today, you’ll need to use your coupon before October 5th to get the discount.
  • This offer only applies to “Choice of Games” games. “Hosted Games” games and “Heart’s Choice” games won’t generate a coupon, and the coupon you get for buying a “Choice of Games” game won’t allow buy an HG or HC game. (If that changes, we’ll let you know!)
  • This offer is only available on our website. When you buy games in our apps for iOS or Android, Apple and Google take 15% of our revenue. When you buy on Steam, Valve takes 30% of our revenue. On our website, we pay Stripe 2.9% + $0.30.
  • Feel free to share your coupon with a friend! Anybody can use the coupon, not just you.

We need coupons that don’t expire. You may remember me because I have a lot of your books, but I don’t buy all of them. I don’t see how I would buy one and find another that’s worth buying in seven days, unless you have all your writers making books at the same time.

I bought most of your books, so I hope you understand my reasoning.

I wouldn’t buy any of your recent books, but I look forward to some that I know are being released soon. I wouldn’t see any value in your current offer.


Thanks so much for buying most of our books! :heart:

If you’ve bought all of the games that you want to buy, then, yeah, our new webstore coupons probably won’t help you much.

I will say, if you haven’t bought any of our “recent” books, then you might have overlooked some of our bestselling games in the last year, including Royal Affairs, Stars Arisen, Professor of Magical Studies, and A Crown of Sorcery and Steel.

Plus, we just released a new game today, The Bread Must Rise. It’s 40% off until October 5th, so it’s worth buying now, even if you don’t intend to use the coupon.


This is great! Maybe I can finally get my friends to play if I bribe them with 15% off lol if not Ik a couple games I’d use it on.

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Is the coupon good for IAPs, or just games?

Games only, at least for now.

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Too bad - I’ve already bought all the games, but there are a couple of IAP hint guides and the like that I don’t have. Before the last Steam sale I would have been all over this, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So thats a no…? Limited time vouchers only? That seems only useful for people trying to complete a collection shrug

I would think it would be useful for anyone who wants at least two CoG games they don’t have yet.


Yeah so…uh…do this same coupon sometime in mid of dec and im all over it :wink:


I play CoG and HG books quite alot, I’ve even started doing beta testing, main issue with this offer is similar to the guy up top, I have bought most, if not all, of the worth while and personally interesting books, and most if not all of the older ones too. This coupon would’ve been great if it was earlier in the year.

We appreciate the generosity none the less.

Keep up the great work.