Gauging Interest


Im just going to throw this out their and ask…

Would anybody like to see an American Civil War cog where you can alter (or keep) the historic outcome due to your interactions? And if you do, what would you like in it?


I would like to see it! No I would love to see it!!! I would like to see history turned on its head mainly because I would love to see your MC become president


Good lord man! Altering the Civil War?! Why not alter the Vietnam or Korean wars, one that didn’t go too great? … Yes, of course I’d play it.


@Doctor I love your expressions. That and your username, you remind me of Bones on Star Trek. Couldn’t possibly be intentional?

@BraveMustang You’d have to straddle the line and make sure you’re not giving people the impression that you’re a Southern Redeemer or something. I’m from Virginia and I can tell you there’s a big difference between Northern Virginians and Southern Virginians when it comes to opinions about the Civil War…

Make sure you know the real reasons behind the war (not what they teach you in gradeschool) and probably make sure that even if the South wins, maybe making it so that continued slavery is not exclusive to the South winning.

You probably know what you’re talking about, but I just took a few American history courses at VCU and I learned a lot about the war. Not sure I would enjoy writing about it.


I probably sounded like a southern redeemer for being so excited lol I am southern but slavery isn’t my thing. Also a tidbit of information that might help, slavery itself would have ended after the cotton gin was invented so maybe if the south wins slavery is ended anyway because there’s not much of a reason for it.


@razgriz I don’t think you’re a southern redeemer for being interested in the civil war ;). But frankly it’s shocking to me how far we’ve actually made it.

There are a lot of factors that went into ending slavery, and the Civil War was actually not about slavery, so I would be open to an alternate history where the south won but several famous civil rights activists still made their impact on the world.

The most notable effect would be stronger state-governments, and possibly several separate nations and not “united states” at all. So if you’re just a general you might not be able to affect this, but as a politician you could build your platform on the issues of anti-slavery, federalism, or anti-federalism as you see fit. I don’t think there should be an option to support slavery though. You can still be plenty bad without condoning slavery…


New nations…Hmm I am all for creating Razgrizland in Virginia.


Well I mean the nations would be the states, but yeah there would probably be a North Virginia and a South Virginia. American states are bigger than most European countries xD


I’m Spanish and Im tired films etc… American media in general don’t explain a comma about it assumes all universe have a knowledge about your Civil war. So when I heard secession war I just stop caring about it due I will end lost. Please explain it well to people only have a foggy idea about what happened, I only know the law and politics behind secession, but nothing about battles and please put a map. I get so lost in vampire. The fact south can win is interesting.


“the Civil War was actually not about slavery”

Replace “actually” with “solely” and this is accurate. But slavery wasn’t just window dressing – it was the specific issue that made the pre-war system of federalism untenable. Making a Civil War story just about “states’ rights” as if slavery was incidental would be a distortion of history. Slavery was one of the things it was about.


I’m all for alternate history plots. If this goes thru, you’ll find me on the game


@Havenstone kayyy well you could say “not actually only slavery…” It’s just a semantics argument where you’re coming from. I’m not saying slavery wasn’t a part of it, I’m just saying the civil war wasn’t as simple as movies or school make it look.

It definitely wasn’t Abe Lincoln saying “Set slaves free” and the South going “No!” He didn’t even offer to set slaves free until after the war started and he needed more soldiers in his army.

Lincoln didn’t want to alienate any Northerners who still wanted slavery, so that remained off the “reasons to go to war with the south” until the middle of the war. The reason was secession. Abe lincoln’s most passionate speeches were about keeping the United States united so that other countries didn’t attack us.

Slavery was a secondary reason, but we tend to say it’s the best because it fits our American psyche and flatters our morality.


@Razgriz President of what? The Union, or the Confederates?

@Doctor Well, I was either going to post this discussion on WW2 or the Civil War, I frankly don’t know enough about the Korean war to make a successful game imo.

@Citizen Shawn I’ve studied a fair about about the civil war and the reasons behind it (election of lincoln, state rights, counterbalance of slave/free states, differing economies between the North and South…

@poison_mara I was planning on including maps, along with a “historical recap” option that allows the option to see a brief history about the event occurring in the game…


That sounds promising!


@,BravwMustang Either of them would be cool to become ruler of.


@,BravwMustang Either of them would be cool to become ruler of.


@,BravwMustang Either of them would be cool to become ruler of. Also it would be cool if we can stop Stonewall Jackson from being killed by his own men,also ignore the other posts of mine. My internet is kinda awful so it’ll happen from time to time


There are too many ways for any side with any view to go about it with a huge hammer of all side were “___” and not paying attention to history and what people at the time were saying and doing.

I mean, you can’t deny that South Carolina seceded over fears that their “state right” to have other human beings enslaved. That much is clearly evident. But not even all the states seceded for that reason; TN had popular support for secession being at I think a third or forth of the population or so, being very pro-unionist. That changed when Fort Sumter was attacked and President Lincoln tried to call up men to squash the young Confederacy, at which point TN support for the unionist cause took a big hit (except in the east) and the state joined with the others.

Now, so most early secession was about the slavery issue. Was the early war about it? … eh. The North wanted the South back in the Union, slave or no slaves-- probably preferentially without them, but they just wanted to enforce the Union. The Confederacy wished for independence, which came with slavery as a constitutional guarantee that couldn’t be revoked if you’ll look at the Confederate constitution. By the time the Emancipation Proclamation happened it definitely became a war against slavery though.

Are the actual soldiers dying for the ideals of their old leaders, were they just conscripted into things? Look at history a bit more, whatever your side is.


@CitizinShawn, Not intentional… But hold on a second…


The most important question is do we get to use AK-47’s? :wink:

But seriously this does sound like an interesting premise, my American history isn’t perfect as I’m British but the Civil War does sound like a logical bit for a game. Moreso than Paraliamentarians vs Royalists anyway.